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Game NameCodesUpdated
Albert Odyssey25404/10/2005
Alien Trilogy1604/10/2005
All Star Baseball '97304/10/2005
Alone in The Dark304/10/2005
Andretti Racing1904/10/2005
Arcades Greatest Hits2104/10/2005
Area 511004/10/2005
Bases Loaded '96204/10/2005
Batman Forever: The Arcade Game3504/10/2005
Battle Arena Toshinden Remix904/10/2005
Battle Arena Toshinden: Ultimate Revenge Attack3904/10/2005
Battle Monsters (PAL)204/10/2005
Battle Monsters204/10/2005
Battle Stations304/10/2005
Big Hurt Baseball204/10/2005
Black Dawn404/10/2005
Bottom of the 9th304/10/2005
Bubble Bobble404/10/2005
Bug Too704/10/2005
Burning Rangers404/10/2005
Bust A Move 3904/10/2005
Center Ring Boxing304/10/2005
Christmas Nights Into Dreams504/10/2005
Clockwork Knight 2504/10/2005
Clockwork Knight304/10/2005
College Slam204/10/2005
Command & Conquer13304/10/2005
Congo: The Movie1304/10/2005
Contra: Legacy Of War2804/10/2005
Corpse Killer504/10/2005
Creature Shock: Special Edition304/10/2005
Crime Wave1304/10/2005
Crow, The204/10/2005
Crusader: No Remorse3604/10/2005
Crypt Killer304/10/2005
Cyber Speedway204/10/2005
Darius Gaiden1304/10/2005
Dark Legend204/10/2005
Dark Savior4904/10/2005
Darklight Conflict404/10/2005
Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Edition1704/10/2005
Daytona USA1404/10/2005
Defcon 53104/10/2005
Die Hard Arcade404/10/2005
Diehard Trilogy1304/10/2005
Double Switch604/10/2005
Dragon Force252404/10/2005
Dragon Heart: Fire & Steel2304/10/2005
Earthworm Jim 29404/10/2005
Enemy Zero504/10/2005
F1 Challenge2104/10/2005
FIFA '97604/10/2005
FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98204/10/2005
Fighters Megamix704/10/2005
Fighting Vipers3204/10/2005
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball304/10/2005
Galactic Attack804/10/2005
Galaxy Fight304/10/2005
Ghen War604/10/2005
Golden Axe304/10/2005
Grid Runner704/10/2005
Guardian Heroes304/10/2005
Hang-On Grand Prix304/10/2005
Heir of Zendor204/10/2005
Horde, The204/10/2005
House of The Dead1404/10/2005
Hyper 3D Pinball204/10/2005
Impact Racing1304/10/2005
In The Hunt404/10/2005
Incredible Hulk304/10/2005
Iron Storm204/10/2005
Ironman/X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal504/10/2005
Johnny Bazookatone204/10/2005
Last Bronx1604/10/2005
Last Gladiators304/10/2005
Legend of Oasis2804/10/2005
Lost World Jurassic Park304/10/2005
Machine Head804/10/2005
Madden '971504/10/2005
Madden '98904/10/2005
Magic Carpet204/10/2005
Magic Knight Rayearth804/10/2005
Man XTT Superbike304/10/2005
Marvel Super Heroes1404/10/2005
Mass Destruction1504/10/2005
Maximum Force1304/10/2005
Mechwarrior 2404/10/2005
Mega Man 82204/10/2005
Mega Man X4304/10/2005
Minnesota Fats Pool204/10/2005
Mortal Kombat III304/10/2005
Mortal Kombat II1504/10/2005
Mortal Kombat Trilogy1604/10/2005
Mr. Bones204/10/2005
NBA Action804/10/2005
NBA Jam Extreme2004/10/2005
NBA Jam Tournament Edition304/10/2005
NBA Live '972504/10/2005
NBA Live '98504/10/2005
NFL '971104/10/2005
NFL Quarterback Club '96204/10/2005
NHL '972304/10/2005
NHL All-Star Hockey3004/10/2005
NHL Power Play '961804/10/2005
Nascar Racing '98204/10/2005
Need For Speed, The604/10/2005
Night Warriors1704/10/2005
Nights: Into Dreams604/10/2005
Norse By Norsewest404/10/2005
Off-World Interceptor704/10/2005
PGA Tour '973704/10/2005
Panzer Dragoon Demo CD504/10/2005
Panzer Dragoon II1004/10/2005
Panzer Dragoon304/10/2005
Primal Rage404/10/2005
Resident Evil7504/10/2005
Revolution X204/10/2005
Rise 2: The Resurrection1404/10/2005
Road Rash304/10/2005
Robo Pit304/10/2005
Romance of The 3 Kingdoms IV204/10/2005
Sega Rally604/10/2005
Sega Touring Car304/10/2005
Shining Force III87304/10/2005
Shining The Holy Ark9004/10/2005
Shining Wisdom5004/10/2005
Shinobi Legends804/10/2005
Simcity 20001304/10/2005
Skeleton Warriors304/10/2005
Solar Eclipse304/10/2005
Sonic 3D Blast904/10/2005
Sonic Jam104/10/2005
Sonic R504/10/2005
Soviet Strike4404/10/2005
Spot Goes To Hollywood404/10/2005
Star Fighter1304/10/2005
Steep Slope Sliders304/10/2005
Street Fighter Alpha 22404/10/2005
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors Dreams3904/10/2005
Street Fighter Collection7004/10/2005
Street Fighter: The Movie1404/10/2005
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo2404/10/2005
Tempest 2000904/10/2005
Tetris Plus304/10/2005
Theme Park204/10/2005
Three Dirty Dwarves204/10/2005
Tomb Raider2304/10/2005
Tunnel B12404/10/2005
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 33104/10/2005
VR Soccer204/10/2005
Virtua Cop 22404/10/2005
Virtua Cop1504/10/2005
Virtua Fighter 21604/10/2005
Virtua Fighter Kids1304/10/2005
Virtua Fighter Remix804/10/2005
Virtua Fighter704/10/2005
Virtua Racing304/10/2005
Virtual Hydlide304/10/2005
Virtual On-Cyber Troopers2504/10/2005
WWF In Your House7804/10/2005
Warcraft II704/10/2005
Wing Arms504/10/2005
World Series Baseball '981304/10/2005
World Series Baseball 2304/10/2005
World Series Baseball504/10/2005
Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game1704/10/2005
X-Men: Children of The Atom2204/10/2005
ardian Heroessaturn18
Total Codes6496