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Game NameCodesUpdated
A Boy And His Blob: Rescue Of Princess Blobette3404/10/2005
Adventure Island 2804/10/2005
Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, The1304/10/2005
Adventures of Star Saver804/10/2005
Alien 31104/10/2005
All-Star Challenge 2604/10/2005
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The1104/10/2005
Avenging Spirit804/10/2005
Barbie Game Girl804/10/2005
Bases Loaded1604/10/2005
Batman: Return of The Joker904/10/2005
Batman: The Animated Series1104/10/2005
Bill Elliot's NASCAR Fast Tracks704/10/2005
Bionic Commando1004/10/2005
Blades of Steel804/10/2005
Blues Brothers, The804/10/2005
Bo Jackson: Two Games In One1404/10/2005
Boggle Plus1004/10/2005
Bonk's Adventure604/10/2005
Bubble Bobble: Part 21004/10/2005
Captain America & The Avengers3704/10/2005
Castlevania 2: Belmont's Revenge104/10/2005
Castlevania Adventure1104/10/2005
Contra: The Alien Wars1004/10/2005
Daedalian Opus304/10/2005
Days of Thunder404/10/2005
Dead Heat Scramble1004/10/2005
Dig Dug904/10/2005
Disney's Darkwing Duck1104/10/2005
Donkey Kong Land1004/10/2005
Donkey Kong504/10/2005
Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game1204/10/2005
Double Dribble 5 On 5404/10/2005
Extra Bases1004/10/2005
F-15 Strike Eagle1804/10/2005
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge304/10/2005
Fighting Simulator 2 In 1 Flying Warriors504/10/2005
Final Fantasy Adventure904/10/2005
Final Fantasy Legend 233804/10/2005
Final Fantasy Legend 32404/10/2005
Final Fantasy Legend7504/10/2005
Fish Dude604/10/2005
Fist of The North Star, The704/10/2005
Flash, The704/10/2005
George Foreman's KO Boxing304/10/2005
Heavyweight Championship Boxing1304/10/2005
High Stakes504/10/2005
Hit The Ice1304/10/2005
Home Alone 2504/10/2005
Home Alone604/10/2005
Humans, The504/10/2005
In Your Face504/10/2005
Incredible Crash Dummies, The704/10/2005
Itchy & Scratchy In Miniature Golf Madness704/10/2005
Jeep Jamboree504/10/2005
Jetsons, The804/10/2005
Joe & Mac1004/10/2005
Jordan Vs. Bird: One On One1104/10/2005
Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues1504/10/2005
Jurassic Park104/10/2005
Kid Dracula904/10/2005
Killer Instinct2004/10/2005
Kirby's Dream Land 21804/10/2005
Kirby's Dream Land904/10/2005
Kirby's Pinball Land904/10/2005
Krusty's Fun House804/10/2005
Lamborghini's American Challenge804/10/2005
Legend of Zelda, The: Link's Awakening1204/10/2005
Lethal Weapon504/10/2005
Little Mermaid, The1404/10/2005
Madden '95604/10/2005
Malibu Beach Volleyball304/10/2005
Maru's Mission104/10/2005
Mega Man 3704/10/2005
Mega Man 41004/10/2005
Mega Man 51804/10/2005
Metroid 2: Return of Samus804/10/2005
Milon's Secret Castle704/10/2005
Miner 2049er604/10/2005
Missile Command804/10/2005
Mortal Kombat II4704/10/2005
Mortal Kombat3104/10/2005
Motocross Maniacs604/10/2005
Mousetrap Hotel504/10/2005
Mr. Do!604/10/2005
NFL Football504/10/2005
Nail 'N' Scale304/10/2005
Nintendo Golf104/10/2005
Nintendo World Cup604/10/2005
Nobunaga's Ambition1604/10/2005
Out of Gas504/10/2005
Pagemaster, The1704/10/2005
Paper Boy 2704/10/2005
Pinball Dreams804/10/2005
Play Action Football504/10/2005
Pokemon Crystal (U.S. Version)504/10/2005
Pokemon Gold/Silver8004/10/2005
Pokémon (Red/Blue)3204/10/2005
Pokémon Yellow704/10/2005
Pokémon: Yellow Edition (Japanese Version)104/10/2005
Popeye 21104/10/2005
Prophecy Viking Child804/10/2005
Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt804/10/2005
Pyramids of Ra504/10/2005
Q Billion304/10/2005
Radar Mission504/10/2005
Raging Fighter804/10/2005
Ren & Stimpy Show, The: Space Cadet Adventures1104/10/2005
Robocop 21604/10/2005
Robocop Vs. The Terminator1104/10/2005
Roger Clemen's MVP Baseball504/10/2005
Rolan's Curse 2504/10/2005
Rolan's Curse304/10/2005
Samurai Shodown2604/10/2005
Seaquest DSV1104/10/2005
Simpsons, The: Bart & The Beanstalk1004/10/2005
Simpsons, The: Bart Vs. The Juggernauts1504/10/2005
Snoopy's Magic Show604/10/2005
Solar Striker1404/10/2005
Spanky's Quest804/10/2005
Speedball 2404/10/2005
Speedy Gonzales1404/10/2005
Spider-Man 3: Invasion of The Spider Slayers704/10/2005
Spot: The Cool Adventure1304/10/2005
Spud's Adventure804/10/2005
Spy Vs. Spy1004/10/2005
Square Deal704/10/2005
Star Gate1704/10/2005
Star Hawk704/10/2005
Star Trek Generations: Beyond The Nexus604/10/2005
Star Trek: The Next Generation2704/10/2005
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back204/10/2005
Star Wars1004/10/2005
Street Fighter 25204/10/2005
Sumo Fighter804/10/2005
Super Battletank1204/10/2005
Super Chase H.Q.1004/10/2005
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins2504/10/2005
Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land2504/10/2005
Super Mario Land1604/10/2005
Super Off-Road504/10/2005
Super R.C. Pro. AM204/10/2005
Swamp Thing504/10/2005
Sword of Hope504/10/2005
T2: The Arcade Game704/10/2005
Tecmo Bowl604/10/2005
Terminator 2: Judgment Day604/10/2005
Tetris 2604/10/2005
Tiny Toon Adventures 21604/10/2005
Tiny Toon Adventures: Montana's Movie Madness1104/10/2005
Titus The Fox1304/10/2005
Tom & Jerry: Frantic Antics1104/10/2005
Tom & Jerry704/10/2005
Top Gun: Guts & Glory604/10/2005
Total Carnage1104/10/2005
Track & Field404/10/2005
Tumble Pop1004/10/2005
Turn & Burn404/10/2005
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil404/10/2005
Ultima: Runes of Virtue2404/10/2005
Universal Soldier1004/10/2005
WCW: The Main Event Wrestling504/10/2005
WWF: King Of The Ring104/10/2005
Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman4204/10/2005
Wave Race504/10/2005
Wild Snake2104/10/2005
World Bowling204/10/2005
World Circuit Series304/10/2005
Xenon 21104/10/2005
Zen: Intergalactic Ninja1004/10/2005
Total Codes2331