Sony Playstation (Japanese) » Action ReplayTM Codes

Game NameCodesUpdated
3D Bouncing Ball Puzzle404/10/2005
70's Robot Anime Geppy: X Codes604/10/2005
A-Train 5104/10/2005
A-Train Z104/10/2005
Ace Combat 21604/10/2005
Ace Combat 3904/10/2005
Ace Combat404/10/2005
Actua Ice Hockey104/10/2005
Advan Racing504/10/2005
Advanced VG 2404/10/2005
Advanced VG204/10/2005
Adventure Of Monkey God304/10/2005
Adventures Of Little Ralph404/10/2005
Afraid Gear304/10/2005
Agent Armstrong804/10/2005
Agile Warrior404/10/2005
Air Grave104/10/2005
Air Land Battle104/10/2005
Alien Trilogy804/10/2005
All Japan Grand Touring Car Championship104/10/2005
All Japan Pro Wrestling-King's Soul304/10/2005
All Japan Womens Pro Wrestling1204/10/2005
All Stars Tennis204/10/2005
Alone In The Dark: The New Nightmare (European)504/10/2005
Alundra 2704/10/2005
Anami 2000104/10/2005
Ancient Roman-Power of Dark Side704/10/2005
Angel Alliance6404/10/2005
Angel Blade Neo Tokyo Guardians604/10/2005
Angel Eyes604/10/2005
Animetic Story Game-Card Captor Sakura104/10/2005
Another Memories104/10/2005
Ape Escape704/10/2005
Arc The Lad 29404/10/2005
Arc The Lad 32204/10/2005
Arc The Lad304/10/2005
Arkanoid Returns304/10/2005
Armed Fighter (Banpresto)704/10/2005
Armed Fighter304/10/2005
Armored Core-Master of Arena804/10/2005
Armored Core: Project Phantasma604/10/2005
Armored Core604/10/2005
Army Men-Air Attack204/10/2005
Army Men-World War104/10/2005
Astro Trooper Vanark104/10/2005
Asuka 120% Special Burning Fest404/10/2005
Atelier Marie Plus904/10/2005
Athena-The Awakening From Ordinary Life804/10/2005
Atlanta Olympic Game204/10/2005
Aura Battler Dunbine204/10/2005
Auto Destruct304/10/2005
Ayrton Senna Kart Duel 2104/10/2005
Azito 3104/10/2005
Azure Dreams304/10/2005
Backguiner Act 21904/10/2005
Bakusou Dekotora204/10/2005
Bass Landing404/10/2005
Bass Rise504/10/2005
Batman & Robin1204/10/2005
Battle Arena Kids104/10/2005
Battle Arena Toshinden 1604/10/2005
Battle Arena Toshinden 21504/10/2005
Battle Arena Toshinden 31504/10/2005
Battle Formation204/10/2005
Battle Sabers504/10/2005
Battle Station104/10/2005
Beatmania Append 3rd304/10/2005
Beatmania Append 4th Mix304/10/2005
Beatmania Append 5th Mix104/10/2005
Beatmania Append Club Mix104/10/2005
Beatmania Append Gottamix1404/10/2005
Beavis & Butthead: Virtual Aho-Shoukougun604/10/2005
Beltlogger 91704/10/2005
Beretta 9304/10/2005
Beyond The Beyond204/10/2005
Big Air204/10/2005
Bio Hazard 2-Beta804/10/2005
Bio Hazard 3-Last Escape18804/10/2005
Bio Hazard-Director's Cut & Bio Hazard-Director's Cut Dual Shock1904/10/2005
Bio Hazard-Gun Survivor1204/10/2005
Bio Hazard6404/10/2005
Bishi Bashi Special 2104/10/2005
Blackjack vs. Matsuda Jun204/10/2005
Blade Maker304/10/2005
Blade of the Darkness204/10/2005
Blaze & Blade 22204/10/2005
Blaze & Blade404/10/2005
Block Buster, The104/10/2005
Blood Factory704/10/2005
Bloody Roar 2-Bringer of The New Age (Beta)304/10/2005
Bloody Roar 2-Bringer of The New Age1004/10/2005
Bloody Roar: Hyper Beast Duel1404/10/2005
Blue Breaker Bursti404/10/2005
Blue Knight Saber304/10/2005
Blue Legend of Water404/10/2005
Body Hazard104/10/2005
Bokanto Ippatsu Doronbo404/10/2005
Bomberman Fantasy Race504/10/2005
Bomberman Wars204/10/2005
Bomberman World1604/10/2005
Bombing Islands, The204/10/2005
Bounty First Sword504/10/2005
Bounty Sword-Double Edge904/10/2005
Brave Fencer Musashiden2004/10/2005
Brave Prove904/10/2005
Brave Saga504/10/2005
Breath Of Fire 36504/10/2005
Breath Of Fire 4404/10/2005
Breeding Stud '99104/10/2005
Breeding Stud 2104/10/2005
Burger Burger 2104/10/2005
Burning Fest 120% Final704/10/2005
Burning Road204/10/2005
Bushido Blade 21504/10/2005
Bushido Blade404/10/2005
Bushido Hertsuden204/10/2005
Bust A Move 2-Dance Tengoku Mix4604/10/2005
Bust A Move-Dance And Rhythm804/10/2005
C1 Circuit Racing204/10/2005
C3 Racing104/10/2005
CTR-Crash Team Racing104/10/2005
Caesar's Palace604/10/2005
Capcom Generations 11004/10/2005
Capcom Generations 21504/10/2005
Capcom Generations 3704/10/2005
Capcom Generations 41404/10/2005
Capcom Generations 5704/10/2005
Captain Commando504/10/2005
Captain Tsubasa J-Get in The Tomorrow204/10/2005
Carmageddon (Beta)204/10/2005
Carnage Heart EZ104/10/2005
Carom Shot204/10/2005
Chaos Heat304/10/2005
Chase The Express (Demo)504/10/2005
Chase The Express704/10/2005
Choboco's Mysterious Dungeon404/10/2005
Chocobo Collection204/10/2005
Chocobo Stallion304/10/2005
Chocobo's Dungeon 2804/10/2005
Chocobo's Racing1404/10/2005
Choro Q Jet Rainbow WinCheat Device904/10/2005
Choro Q Marine Q104/10/2005
Choro Q Wonderful904/10/2005
Choro Q2404/10/2005
Choro Q3804/10/2005
Choro Q104/10/2005
Chrono Cross2104/10/2005
Chrono Trigger704/10/2005
Cielgris Fantasm504/10/2005
Circuit Beat204/10/2005
City Bravol104/10/2005
Classic Road 2104/10/2005
Clock Tower 2104/10/2005
Clock Tower: Ghost Head2304/10/2005
Cobra: Space Adventure104/10/2005
Combat Choro Q304/10/2005
Command & Conquer404/10/2005
Complete Onside Soccer204/10/2005
Contra Adventure, The704/10/2005
Convenience Store Simulation Game 2104/10/2005
Convenience Store Special, The104/10/2005
Convenience Store304/10/2005
Cooking Fighter304/10/2005
Cool Boarders2404/10/2005
Cotton Original404/10/2005
Countdown Vampires704/10/2005
Cowboy Bebop204/10/2005
Crazy Chase 2204/10/2005
Crazy Climber204/10/2005
Crime Crackers 2204/10/2005
Crime Crackers504/10/2005
Crisis City904/10/2005
Critical Blow904/10/2005
Cyber Egg204/10/2005
Cyber Org2104/10/2005
Cyber Speed304/10/2005
Cyber Therad604/10/2005
Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness704/10/2005
Cybernetic Empire1304/10/2005
D no Shokutaku: Complete Graphics (PS the Best)204/10/2005
DX Ceo Game504/10/2005
DX Life 2104/10/2005
Dakar '97104/10/2005
Damdam Stompland204/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Club Mix Vol. 1 Codes604/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Club Mix Vol. 2 Codes904/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: 2nd Remix Codes604/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: 3rd Remix Codes304/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: 4th Remix2504/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: Best Hits204/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution: Extra Mix2604/10/2005
Dance Dance Revolution804/10/2005
Dance! Dance! Dance!604/10/2005
Dancing Blade: Katteni Momo Angel 2 Codes304/10/2005
Dancing Blade104/10/2005
Dancing Stage Featuring Dreams Come True304/10/2005
Dancing Stage Featuring True Kiss Destination204/10/2005
Darius Plus204/10/2005
Dead Or Alive3404/10/2005
Deadly Skies204/10/2005
Debut 211204/10/2005
Deep Freeze1004/10/2005
Deep Sea Adventure104/10/2005
Defeat Lightning204/10/2005
Denryu Iraira: Bo Returns Codes1304/10/2005
Densetsu No Ogre Battle604/10/2005
Densya de Go 2! (aka Let's Go By Train 2)604/10/2005
Densya de Go!904/10/2005
Derby Jockey R304/10/2005
Derby Stallion304/10/2005
Detana! Twinbee Yahho Deluxe Pack504/10/2005
Devil Summoner Soul Hackers6604/10/2005
Digimon World 21204/10/2005
Digimon World Digital Card Battle104/10/2005
Digimon World304/10/2005
DigimonTamers Battle Evolution (JAP)4704/10/2005
Digital Mission304/10/2005
Digital Monster World404/10/2005
Dino Crisis (Beta)204/10/2005
Dino Crisis3804/10/2005
Disney's Tarzan704/10/2005
Dodge Ball404/10/2005
Doki Doki Pretty League404/10/2005
Doko Demo Issyo104/10/2005
Dolphin's Dream1004/10/2005
Doraemon 2: Sos! Otogino Kuni204/10/2005
Double Dragon104/10/2005
Downhill Snow204/10/2005
Dr. Slump104/10/2005
Dracula X17304/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22404/10/2005
Dragon Ball Z404/10/2005
Dragon Ball: Final Bout1304/10/2005
Dragon Knight 4504/10/2005
Dragon Money404/10/2005
Dragon Quest 71104/10/2005
Dragon Valor904/10/2005
DragonBall Z Legends404/10/2005
Drift King104/10/2005
Drug Store, The104/10/2005
Dynamite Boxing404/10/2005
Dynamite Soccer104/10/2005
Earth Defense Co504/10/2005
Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring (Beta) Codes604/10/2005
Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring Codes3604/10/2005
Elemental Gearbolt604/10/2005
End Sector104/10/2005
Eos: Edge Of Skyhigh204/10/2005
Epica Stella3404/10/2005
Exceed My Corpse504/10/2005
Exciting Bass 2404/10/2005
Extra Bright104/10/2005
Extreme Power304/10/2005
Fade to Black304/10/2005
Fantastic Four904/10/2005
Farland Saga: Timeline's Pointer Codes3304/10/2005
Fatal Fury Wild Ambition804/10/2005
Fear Effect304/10/2005
Feda 2304/10/2005
Felony 11: 79 Codes404/10/2005
Fifa 98: Road To World Cup204/10/2005
Fifth Element204/10/2005
Fighter Maker504/10/2005
Fighters' Impact304/10/2005
Fighting Eyes204/10/2005
Fighting Illusion: K1 Revenge Codes1004/10/2005
Fighting, The204/10/2005
Filo & Klawd404/10/2005
Final Fantasy 4204/10/2005
Final Fantasy 53004/10/2005
Final Fantasy 6704/10/2005
Final Fantasy 7 International6904/10/2005
Final Fantasy 74304/10/2005
Final Fantasy 8 Demo904/10/2005
Final Fantasy 818004/10/2005
Final Fantasy Tactics3204/10/2005
Final Round204/10/2005
Fire Panic304/10/2005
Fire Pro Wrestling Fight 1204/10/2005
Fire Pro Wrestling Fight 3304/10/2005
Fire Pro Wrestling G1904/10/2005
Fireman 2404/10/2005
Floating Runner304/10/2005
Forever With Me104/10/2005
Formation Soccer '98: Nippon in France Codes204/10/2005
Front Mission 29004/10/2005
Front Mission 34604/10/2005
Front Mission Alternative1404/10/2005
Future Cop L.A.P.D.304/10/2005
G.O.D. Pure204/10/2005
G: Darius Codes1404/10/2005
GT Max REV104/10/2005
Gaia Seed104/10/2005
Galaxian 3D204/10/2005
Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors Codes304/10/2005
Gale Gunner204/10/2005
Gallop Racer 2404/10/2005
Gallop Racer 3304/10/2005
Game Maker204/10/2005
Game Paradise 2804/10/2005
Gamera 2000104/10/2005
Gamesoft Wo Chukuruu104/10/2005
Ganbare Goemon204/10/2005
Gangway Monster704/10/2005
Geki: Oh Shooting King-Violet Flame Dragon Codes1004/10/2005
Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc804/10/2005
Genso Suikoden 2504/10/2005
Genso Suikoden1004/10/2005
Getter Robot: The Big Battle Codes604/10/2005
Gex 2 Enter The Gekko (Beta)404/10/2005
Ghost In The Shell2804/10/2005
Girl Puzzle104/10/2005
Glint Glitters104/10/2005
Global Force3304/10/2005
Glory Festival204/10/2005
Go Go!! Pig Racing Simulation Game204/10/2005
Go: Jin Senki Codes1004/10/2005
Goemon The Warrior204/10/2005
Goo! Goo! Soundy204/10/2005
Gotha 2104/10/2005
Gradius Deluxe704/10/2005
Gradius Gaiden1204/10/2005
Gran Doll404/10/2005
Gran Turismo 22504/10/2005
Gran Turismo1404/10/2005
Granstream Saga704/10/2005
Great Battle 6, The404/10/2005
Greatest 70's204/10/2005
Ground Stroke Tennis104/10/2005
Guardian Recall1704/10/2005
Guilty Gear404/10/2005
Guitar Freaks Append 2nd Mix404/10/2005
Guitar Freaks504/10/2005
Gun Bullet704/10/2005
Gun Gage904/10/2005
Gundam Char 's Counter Attack804/10/2005
Gundam Perfect One Year War704/10/2005
Gundam The Battle Master 22004/10/2005
Gundam The Battle Master404/10/2005
Gundam Version 2.0104/10/2005
Gunner Heaver504/10/2005
Gunnm: Martian Memory Codes704/10/2005
Guntu US Special Forces104/10/2005
Guntu Western Front June2904/10/2005
Gurirurojishiku (Puzzle)104/10/2005
Guybrave 21604/10/2005
Happy Hotel204/10/2005
Hard Boiled304/10/2005
Hard Edge704/10/2005
Hard Rock Cab104/10/2005
Harlem Beat204/10/2005
Harmful Park604/10/2005
Harry Potter to Kenja no Ishi (Philosopher's Stone)904/10/2005
Hello Charlie!!404/10/2005
Heroine Dream104/10/2005
High Way R104/10/2005
Hit Back304/10/2005
Hokuto No Ken1104/10/2005
Hold The Spring Festival204/10/2005
Horned Owl704/10/2005
Hoshin: Engi804/10/2005
Hot Blood Family104/10/2005
Hou Shingi104/10/2005
Hunter: Not Treasure204/10/2005
Hyper Rally204/10/2005
I Love Trains: My Favorite Trains104/10/2005
Imagefight & Xmultiply : Arcade Gear204/10/2005
Imodoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride1204/10/2005
In The Hunt104/10/2005
Indy 500104/10/2005
Initial D504/10/2005
International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution304/10/2005
International Track And Field504/10/2005
Inuyasha: Sengoku Otogi-Gassen804/10/2005
Irem Arcade Classics404/10/2005
Is Internal Section504/10/2005
J League 1999304/10/2005
J's Racin404/10/2005
Jikkyou Pawafuru Professional Baseball '99104/10/2005
Jojo Adventure1004/10/2005
Jumping Flash 1104/10/2005
Jumping Flash 2204/10/2005
Jumping Flash 3204/10/2005
K: 1 Grand Prix '98 Fighting Illusion1904/10/2005
K: 1 Grand Prix '994304/10/2005
KO The Live Boxing Game104/10/2005
Kaman Rider Kuga604/10/2005
Kamataichino Yoru204/10/2005
Kamen Rider404/10/2005
Karudoseputo (Couldecept)104/10/2005
Kattobi Tune Kattobi Tune104/10/2005
Ken Shinken Shin104/10/2005
Kensei: The King of Boxing704/10/2005
Killer The Blood 2404/10/2005
Killing Zone504/10/2005
King Of Fighters '951004/10/2005
King Of Fighters '96504/10/2005
King Of Fighters '971804/10/2005
King Of Fighters '981204/10/2005
King Of Fighters '991604/10/2005
King of Fighters KYO, The1004/10/2005
King's Field 1404/10/2005
Kitchen Pank204/10/2005
Kitty The Cool104/10/2005
Klaymen Klaymen 2: Skull Monkey Codes504/10/2005
Klonoa Of The Wind: Door To Phantomile304/10/2005
Konami 80's Arcade Gallery1604/10/2005
Konami Antiques MSX Collections Vol 21704/10/2005
Konami MSX Collection Vol 1504/10/2005
Kotobuki Grand Prix704/10/2005
Kowloon Gate204/10/2005
Kowloon Gate404/10/2005
Kowloon Gate704/10/2005
Kula Quest304/10/2005
La Lecon Particuliere: Kojin Kyoju604/10/2005
Langrisser 1 & 2804/10/2005
Langrisser 42704/10/2005
Langrisser 52604/10/2005
Last Blade, The204/10/2005
Legaia, The4704/10/2005
Legend Of Dragoon, The704/10/2005
Legend Of Hero 3, The404/10/2005
Legend Of Heroes 1 & 2, The404/10/2005
Legend Of Heroes IV, The4104/10/2005
Legend Of Magic Swords (Beta)504/10/2005
Legend Of Mana, The (Beta)304/10/2005
Legend Of Mana11004/10/2005
Legend of Dragoon204/10/2005
Let 's & Go!! Eternal Win304/10/2005
Let's Make a School 2104/10/2005
Let's Make a School104/10/2005
Libero Grande1804/10/2005
Lightning Legend404/10/2005
Linda 3: Cube Again404/10/2005
Little Big Adventure104/10/2005
Little Witching Mischiefs204/10/2005
Lode Runner204/10/2005
London Seirei Tantei: Dan2204/10/2005
Lord Monarch304/10/2005
Lord Of Fist704/10/2005
Lord Of Monsters604/10/2005
Love & Destroy204/10/2005
Love Para: Lovely Tokyo Para Para Musume204/10/2005
Lucifer Ring304/10/2005
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue1804/10/2005
Lunar Silver Star Story3904/10/2005
Macross Digital Mission VF : X304/10/2005
Macross Digital Mission VF: X 2 (Beta)304/10/2005
Macross Digital Mission VF: X 2504/10/2005
Macross: Do You Remember Love Codes604/10/2005
Mad Stalker304/10/2005
Magical Tetris Mickey Mouse204/10/2005
Maha Go! Go! Go!204/10/2005
Marby's Baby Story704/10/2005
Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter EX2104/10/2005
Marvel Super Heroes604/10/2005
Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash Of The Superheroes8204/10/2005
Master of Monster Kids304/10/2005
Masters Fighter204/10/2005
Match Golf, The404/10/2005
Max 2204/10/2005
Medarot R104/10/2005
Megami Tensei Persona Original304/10/2005
Megatudo 2096404/10/2005
Meltylancer Re: Infiniteorce1304/10/2005
Metal Fist304/10/2005
Metal Gear Solid (Beta)2404/10/2005
Metal Gear Solid Demo3204/10/2005
Metal Gear Solid Integral6004/10/2005
Metal Gear Solid3204/10/2005
Metal Jacket504/10/2005
Metal Slug904/10/2005
Micro Machines V3104/10/2005
Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2304/10/2005
Mighty Hits Special204/10/2005
Mighty Hits104/10/2005
Mini!! WGP Hyper Heat204/10/2005
Minnano Gorufu 2804/10/2005
Minnano Gorufu504/10/2005
Mipunono Arbuaito Korekushon: Aka Milano Jobu Adv.604/10/2005
Miracle Jumpers204/10/2005
Missland 2204/10/2005
Mitsumete Knight R404/10/2005
Mitsumete Knight604/10/2005
Mobile Suit Gundam Giren's Ambition: Genealogy Of Zion Codes404/10/2005
Mobile Suit Z Gundam Version104/10/2005
Mobile Suit Z Gundam304/10/2005
Monster Capsule Bleed & Battle104/10/2005
Monster Capsule Bleed & Battle104/10/2005
Monster Complete World404/10/2005
Monster Farm 21004/10/2005
Monster Farm504/10/2005
Monster Rancher 2104/10/2005
Monster Seed304/10/2005
Moto Racer 2204/10/2005
Motor Toon Grand Prix 2904/10/2005
My Angel204/10/2005
My Cooking704/10/2005
Myst (PS the Best)304/10/2005
Mystic Dragon4504/10/2005
NBA Fastbreak '98304/10/2005
NBA Jam T.E.1204/10/2005
NBA Powerdunkers 3504/10/2005
NBA Powerdunkers204/10/2005
Namco Anthology Volume 11104/10/2005
Namco Anthology Volume 2604/10/2005
Namco Collection Encore (Volume 6)2304/10/2005
Namco Museum Volume 1804/10/2005
Namco Museum Volume 23304/10/2005
Namco Museum Volume 34104/10/2005
Namco Museum Volume 4604/10/2005
Namco Museum Volume 5704/10/2005
Naniwa Wangan Battle104/10/2005
Need For Speed III104/10/2005
New Century GPX Cyber Formula (New Challenger)704/10/2005
New Japan Pro Wrestling 3204/10/2005
New Japan Pro Wrestling204/10/2005
New Super Robot War Special Disk104/10/2005
New Super Robot War504/10/2005
Night Striker104/10/2005
Nightmare Project204/10/2005
Ninja Hayate104/10/2005
Ninja Jajamaru404/10/2005
Ninpuu Sentai: Hurricaneger704/10/2005
Ode to The Sunset304/10/2005
Odo Odo Oddity204/10/2005
Omega Boost2004/10/2005
Option Tuning Car Battle 2404/10/2005
Option Tuning Car Battle104/10/2005
Other Life Azure Dreams504/10/2005
Out Live Be Eliminate Yesterday104/10/2005
Over Drivin' Skyline Memorial104/10/2005
Overblood 21404/10/2005
PS Wing Over104/10/2005
Paca Paca Passion304/10/2005
Panzer Bandit404/10/2005
Panzer Warfare1004/10/2005
Pao Ying Choob304/10/2005
Parasite Eve 2 (PAL)4304/10/2005
Parasite Eve 21704/10/2005
Parasite Eve6604/10/2005
Parodius Deluxe604/10/2005
Parodius Forever With Me204/10/2005
Patlabor The Game (Beta)304/10/2005
Persona 2804/10/2005
Photo Genic404/10/2005
Planet Laika104/10/2005
Play Stadium 3104/10/2005
Player Manager '99204/10/2005
Pocket Family404/10/2005
Pocket Fighters804/10/2005
Pocket Muu Muu304/10/2005
Poiter's Point 2: Sodom's Plan204/10/2005
Poiter's Point204/10/2005
Pop'N Music 2404/10/2005
Pop'N Music 3204/10/2005
Pop'N Music804/10/2005
Pop'N Tanks!504/10/2005
Pop'n Music 4304/10/2005
Pop'n Music 5204/10/2005
Pop'n Music: Animation Melody204/10/2005
Pop'n Music: Disney Tunes204/10/2005
Popolocrois 2504/10/2005
Porsche Challenge204/10/2005
Power Rangers Pinball104/10/2005
Powerful Pro Baseball '98104/10/2005
Powerful Pro Baseball '99604/10/2005
Premier Manager 9913104/10/2005
Princess Maker204/10/2005
Princess of Darkness3004/10/2005
Prism Land Story304/10/2005
Private Justice School (Beta)204/10/2005
Project Gaiaray504/10/2005
Psychic Force 21504/10/2005
Psychic Force Puzzle Taisen104/10/2005
Psychic Force404/10/2005
Puffy: P.S. I Love You104/10/2005
Pururun! With Shieipu UP Garuzu (aka-Summer Party)104/10/2005
Puyo Puyo Sun204/10/2005
Puzz Loop404/10/2005
Puzzle Bubble 2104/10/2005
Puzzle Bubble 3 DX104/10/2005
Puzzle Bubble 4204/10/2005
R: Type Delta Codes3204/10/2005
R: Types Codes1804/10/2005
Race Driving A Go! Go!204/10/2005
Race, The304/10/2005
Racing Lagoon1204/10/2005
Racing Roovy104/10/2005
Rage Racer3104/10/2005
Raiden Dx204/10/2005
Raiden Project1604/10/2005
Ralf's Adventure504/10/2005
Rally De Africa504/10/2005
Ranma 1/2 Battle Renaissance404/10/2005
Rapid Angel, The304/10/2005
Rapid Racer204/10/2005
Ray Crisis504/10/2005
Ray Storm1304/10/2005
Ray Tracer304/10/2005
Real Bout Special Dominated Mind1204/10/2005
Real Bout204/10/2005
Real Robot: Battle Line Codes2104/10/2005
Real Robots: Final Attack Codes504/10/2005
Recipro Heat 5000304/10/2005
Remote Control Dandy404/10/2005
Rescue 24 Hours304/10/2005
Rescue Shot904/10/2005
Ridge Racer Revolution204/10/2005
Ridge Racer Type 41504/10/2005
Ridge Racer304/10/2005
Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman Codes704/10/2005
Rival (Justice) School 21104/10/2005
Rival Justice School: Legion of Heroes Codes1004/10/2005
Road Blaster104/10/2005
Road Rash: Jailbreak804/10/2005
Robbit Mon Dieu204/10/2005
Robo Pit 2604/10/2005
Robo Pit104/10/2005
Rock'n Riders104/10/2005
Rockman 2804/10/2005
Rockman 3204/10/2005
Rockman 41004/10/2005
Rockman 51604/10/2005
Rockman 62204/10/2005
Rockman 8304/10/2005
Rockman Complete Works404/10/2005
Rockman Dash 2504/10/2005
Rockman Dash704/10/2005
Rockman X32004/10/2005
Rockman X4204/10/2005
Rockman X51304/10/2005
Rockman: Battle And Chase204/10/2005
Rogue Trip704/10/2005
Romance Of The Three Kingdoms VII104/10/2005
Roruni Kenshin704/10/2005
Rosokusu Rokku: Rox Six1004/10/2005
Runabout 2704/10/2005
Running High104/10/2005
Ryukidensio Dragoon104/10/2005
SD Gundam G Century204/10/2005
SD Gundam G Generation Zero1304/10/2005
SD Gundam G Generation8404/10/2005
SD Gundam Over Galaxian504/10/2005
Saga Frontier 23104/10/2005
Saga Frontier1104/10/2005
Sampras Extreme Tennis304/10/2005
Samurai Shodown IV Special504/10/2005
Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage 2 Special604/10/2005
Samurai Showdown 3404/10/2005
Samurai Spirits Collection Pack804/10/2005
Samuria Spirits RPG204/10/2005
Sangoku Musou804/10/2005
Sangokushi Koumeiden104/10/2005
Sauzandoa Muzu604/10/2005
Sea Bass Fishing 3104/10/2005
Seiken Densetsu 4104/10/2005
Septentrion: Out Of The Blue504/10/2005
Shachou EiyuuDen604/10/2005
Shadow Struggle104/10/2005
Shadow of Tower1604/10/2005
Shake Kids104/10/2005
Shinjidaigeki Action Rasetsunoken1304/10/2005
Shock Wave204/10/2005
Shura no Mon204/10/2005
Shutokow Battle R104/10/2005
Side By Side Special404/10/2005
Side Winder 21304/10/2005
Side Winder304/10/2005
Silent Bomber804/10/2005
Silent Hill Trial404/10/2005
Silent Hill904/10/2005
Silent Mobius204/10/2005
Silhouette Mirage: Reprogrammed Hope2404/10/2005
Sim City 2000204/10/2005
Sim Shop104/10/2005
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 56: The Sniper504/10/2005
Simple 1500: Series Vol.12 The Quiz204/10/2005
Simple Characters 2000 Vol. 8: Gatchaman - The Shooting104/10/2005
Simple Series 1500 Vol.94: The Cameraman104/10/2005
Simpsons Wrestling (PAL)1104/10/2005
Sin SD Sengokuden Kidoumushataisen104/10/2005
Ski Air Max204/10/2005
Slayers Royal 2704/10/2005
Smash Court 2304/10/2005
Snow Break204/10/2005
Snowbow Kids Plus204/10/2005
Sonic Wings Special504/10/2005
Soukyu: Gurentai Oubushutugeki Codes304/10/2005
Soul Divide1604/10/2005
Soul Edge3204/10/2005
Soul Samurai504/10/2005
Space Invaders104/10/2005
Space War Simulation104/10/2005
Spectral Force 2504/10/2005
Spectral Force: Love & Evil604/10/2005
Spectral Force404/10/2005
Spectral Tower 2704/10/2005
Speed King304/10/2005
Speedpower Gunbike304/10/2005
Spriggan: Lunar Verse1404/10/2005
Spyro The Dragon204/10/2005
Stakers Winner 2204/10/2005
Star Bowling Dx, The204/10/2005
Star Gladiator404/10/2005
Star Ixiom404/10/2005
Star Ocean: The Second Story13504/10/2005
Star Wars Episode 11004/10/2005
Star Wars: Dark Forces204/10/2005
Startling Odyssey1: Blue Evolution1404/10/2005
Steam Train Sim: Sl De Ikou504/10/2005
Stolen Song304/10/2005
Street Boarders404/10/2005
Street Fighter Collection3604/10/2005
Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha2004/10/2005
Street Fighter Ex 2 Plus Alpha1204/10/2005
Street Fighter Zero 21004/10/2005
Street Fighter Zero 34604/10/2005
Street Fighter: Real Battle On Film2304/10/2005
Street Scooters1204/10/2005
Strider Hiryu 1 & 21004/10/2005
Striker 1945704/10/2005
Striker World Cup Premium Stage204/10/2005
Strikers 1945 II1604/10/2005
Suiko Enbu204/10/2005
Super Adventure Rockman104/10/2005
Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The804/10/2005
Super Heroes Operation11704/10/2005
Super Puzzle Fighter II X1104/10/2005
Super Robot Shooting304/10/2005
Super Robot War 4104/10/2005
Super Robot War Complete Box (Beta)704/10/2005
Super Robot War Complete Box3404/10/2005
Super Robot War F Final4304/10/2005
Super Robot War Four S304/10/2005
Super Robot War F4404/10/2005
Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden504/10/2005
Super Robot Wars Alpha1004/10/2005
Superlite 1500 Collection: The Pinball304/10/2005
Susume! Taisen Puzzledama604/10/2005
TOCA Touring Car104/10/2005
Tactical Adventure Yuna: Final Edition204/10/2005
Tactics Ogre104/10/2005
Tail Concerto304/10/2005
Tales Of Eternia1804/10/2005
Tales of Destiny1004/10/2005
Tales of Phantasia1004/10/2005
Tamago De Pazure: Featuring Hermie Hopperhead704/10/2005
Tamamayu Monokatari704/10/2005
Team Simulation Formula Grand Prix104/10/2005
Tekken 2504/10/2005
Tekken 3 (Beta)304/10/2005
Tekken 33404/10/2005
Tenchi Wo Kurau II404/10/2005
Tenchu International304/10/2005
Tenchu Shinobi Gaisen404/10/2005
Tengoku ni Ikenai Papa104/10/2005
Tensen Nyannyan: Gekigyouban Mahjong204/10/2005
Test Drive: Off Road 2204/10/2005
Theme Aquarium104/10/2005
Theme Hospital104/10/2005
Theme Park204/10/2005
Thunder Force V Perfect System404/10/2005
Thunder Storm LX: 3104/10/2005
Tiger Woods '99204/10/2005
Time Crisis 2: Project Titan (PAL)504/10/2005
Time Crisis504/10/2005
Time Gal104/10/2005
Tiny Bullet204/10/2005
Tiny Tank1804/10/2005
Toaplan Shooting Battle 11404/10/2005
Tobal No 22904/10/2005
Tobal No. 11104/10/2005
Tokimeki Memorial 2404/10/2005
Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series 3704/10/2005
Tokimeki No Houkago: Quiz Game Codes304/10/2005
Tokimeki No Houkago: Quiz Game Codes504/10/2005
Tokimeki Private Collection204/10/2005
Tokyo Monster School: Superman Five Codes1204/10/2005
Toma Runner104/10/2005
Tomb Raider 2 (Beta)5004/10/2005
Tomb Raider 21304/10/2005
Tommorrow Never Dies204/10/2005
Tondenmo Furaishishu104/10/2005
Toruenko's Big Adventure 2604/10/2005
Toshinden Sabaru704/10/2005
Touge Max 2304/10/2005
Touge Max G204/10/2005
Tower Dream 2404/10/2005
Train de Go!904/10/2005
Transformers: Beast Wars Metals504/10/2005
Transformers: Beast Wars504/10/2005
Trap Gunner1204/10/2005
Treasure Gear204/10/2005
Tricky Sliders204/10/2005
Tron Ni Kobun504/10/2005
Tsun Tsun Gumi 3104/10/2005
Twin Bee RPG604/10/2005
Twin Bee104/10/2005
Twin Heroes304/10/2005
Twinbee Taisen Puzzledama604/10/2005
Twisted Metal 11404/10/2005
Twisted Metal EX904/10/2005
Two: Tenkaku1104/10/2005
Ultimate Ball Game Wan: Pogu (Van Borg), The504/10/2005
Ultraman Fighting Evolution904/10/2005
Ultraman and Ultramandyna204/10/2005
Umjammer Lammy804/10/2005
V Force504/10/2005
Vagant Story704/10/2005
Valken 2: Assault Suits5304/10/2005
Vampire Hunter: D704/10/2005
Vampire Hunter204/10/2005
Vampire Killer X1204/10/2005
Vampire RPG304/10/2005
Vampire Savior EX Edition304/10/2005
Vandal Hearts 21404/10/2005
Virtual Pro-Wrestling604/10/2005
Virus: The Battle Field404/10/2005
Viva Football204/10/2005
Waku Waku Volleyball204/10/2005
Wakupuyo Dungeon Expert304/10/2005
Wangan Battle Trial404/10/2005
Warrior of Fate304/10/2005
Warzone 2100 (Pal)1004/10/2005
Welcome House 2304/10/2005
Welcome House804/10/2005
Wild Arms 2: 2nd Ignition (Beta)304/10/2005
Wild Arms 2: 2nd Ignition4104/10/2005
Wild Arms904/10/2005
Wing Over304/10/2005
Winning Eleven 3: Road To France 98204/10/2005
Winning Eleven 3804/10/2005
Winning Eleven 3204/10/2005
Winning Eleven 41704/10/2005
Winning Post 4104/10/2005
Wolf Fang604/10/2005
World League Soccer304/10/2005
World Neverland 2 Tales of Purto Republic704/10/2005
World Stadium 3104/10/2005
X: Ing Air Race Championship204/10/2005
X: Men Vs Street Fighter Ex Edition2104/10/2005
X: Racing204/10/2005
XI [Sai] Jumbo104/10/2005
Xevious 3D/G+204/10/2005
Xi Puzzle204/10/2005
Yu: Gi-Oh! Shin Duel Monsters404/10/2005
Yumie Suzuki204/10/2005
Zero 4 Champ Doozy J204/10/2005
Zero Divide 2204/10/2005
Zero Divide204/10/2005
Zeus 2404/10/2005
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Total Codes8241