Sega Dreamcast (U.K.) » Action ReplayTM Codes

Game NameCodesUpdated
4 Wheel Thunder104/10/2005
4x4 Evolution704/10/2005
Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare1204/10/2005
Blue Stinger9404/10/2005
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command304/10/2005
Capcom Vs SNK1804/10/2005
Chu Chu Rocket1404/10/2005
Coaster Works804/10/2005
Commandos 2304/10/2005
Confidential Mission404/10/2005
Conflict Zone304/10/2005
Crazy Taxi 2504/10/2005
Crazy Taxi4004/10/2005
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX104/10/2005
Daytona USA 2001504/10/2005
Dead or Alive 22304/10/2005
Deadly Skies604/10/2005
Dino Crisis204/10/2005
Disneys Dinosaur2304/10/2005
Ducati World2504/10/2005
Dynamite Cop404/10/2005
ECW Hardcore Revolution204/10/2005
European Super League304/10/2005
Evil Dead: Hail to the King1504/10/2005
F355 Challenge304/10/2005
Fighting Force 2404/10/2005
Fighting Vipers 2604/10/2005
Formula 1 World Grand Prix604/10/2005
Fur Fighters704/10/2005
Gauntlet Legends304/10/2005
Giga Wing804/10/2005
Grand Theft Auto 21604/10/2005
Grandia 24804/10/2005
GunBird 2204/10/2005
House of the Dead 26904/10/2005
Hydro Thunder904/10/2005
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000104/10/2005
Jet Set Radio104/10/2005
Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure504/10/2005
Lodoss Record of Lodoss War2104/10/2005
MDK 2204/10/2005
Maken X1304/10/2005
Marvel vs Capcom 21704/10/2005
Marvel vs Capcom804/10/2005
Metropolis Street Racer204/10/2005
Midways Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1 and Volume 21504/10/2005
Mortal Kombat Gold1004/10/2005
NBA 2K804/10/2005
NFL Blitz 2000804/10/2005
NHL 2K404/10/2005
Namco Museum604/10/2005
Nightmare Creatures 2204/10/2005
Omikron: the Nomad Soul1404/10/2005
Plasma Sword904/10/2005
Power Stone 2804/10/2005
Power Stone1004/10/2005
Psychic Force 2012404/10/2005
Quake 3: Arena404/10/2005
Rayman 2 : The Great Escape804/10/2005
Ready 2 Rumble404/10/2005
Ready 2 rumble Round 21204/10/2005
Red Dog804/10/2005
Resident Evil 2 (Claire CD)10204/10/2005
Resident Evil 2 (Leon CD)10604/10/2005
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis404/10/2005
Resident Evil : Code Veronica2404/10/2005
Sega Bass Fishing504/10/2005
Sega GT204/10/2005
Sega Rally 2304/10/2005
Sega Worldwide Soccer 2000604/10/2005
Silent Scope404/10/2005
Skies of Arcadia704/10/2005
Slave Zero404/10/2005
SnoCross Championship Racing104/10/2005
Snow Surfers604/10/2005
Soldier Of Fortune304/10/2005
Sonic Adventures804/10/2005
Sonic Shuffle904/10/2005
Soul Calibur2404/10/2005
Soul Fighter1004/10/2005
Soul Reaver1004/10/2005
South Park Rally404/10/2005
Spawn In The Demons Hand404/10/2005
Speed Devils604/10/2005
Star Wars Episode 1 Racer204/10/2005
Street Fighter 3: Double Impact2004/10/2005
Street Fighter Alpha 3704/10/2005
Surf Rocket Racers1304/10/2005
Sword of Berserk Gut Rage804/10/2005
Sydney 2000404/10/2005
Tech Romancer104/10/2005
Tee Off1704/10/2005
Tokyo Highway Challenge 2304/10/2005
Tokyo Highway Challenge204/10/2005
Tomb Raider 4 Last Revelation3704/10/2005
Tomb Raider Chronicles904/10/2005
Tony Hawk Pro Skater1104/10/2005
Toy Commander104/10/2005
Toy Racer204/10/2005
UEFA Striker804/10/2005
Ultimate Fighting Championship504/10/2005
V-Rally 2104/10/2005
Vanishing Point604/10/2005
Virtua Fighter 3tb1004/10/2005
Virtua Tennis404/10/2005
WWF Attitude404/10/2005
Wacky Races104/10/2005
Zombie Revenge304/10/2005
Total Codes1408