Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors 2

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1Infinite Energy1006A 255
2Infinite Magic2006B 255
3Less Vulnerable To Hits00F4 253
4Super Jump30298 064
5Infinite Money40096 010
008B 100
6Infinite Keys5006C 008
7Big Sword60067 006
8Have Special Item For Each Stage700F1 004
9Windbane800EF 010
00F3 019
10Water Blight00EF 019
00F3 020
11Fire Smite00EF 010
00F3 021
12Earth Scorch00EF 023
00F3 022
13Last Stage Shots900EF 051
00F3 023

1Turn off this code and the Inf. Magic code when you finish a stage or the game will simply keep adding score & you can't advance.
2Must obtain some energy to have inf. for rest of that stage.
3 Be prepared to turn it on & off often!
4Numbers will be glitched; just ignore it & play.
5Your screen may not show any keys, but you still got'em! Also, turn off when you complete the 4th stage& turn back on when you begin the last stage, if you wish.
6Modify the code from 1 to 6 for the weapon of your choice, except the Ironsword.Be sure to turn off when you obtain the last piece of the Ironsword, and DON'T modify the value above 6 or your game will go to hell.
7Turn on at the beginning of each stage, then turn off for the rest of that stage. If it's on when you give the item to the guardian, you cannot advance till it's turned off. Also, DO NOT turn on for the last stage, or your game will go to hell.
8Turn off each spell code when you complete the stage. Each spell works right only in its correct stage.
9This is just a code to experiment with. Don't use it if ya wanna complete a game! Not enuff room to explain all the glitches it has!

Phil The Hammer1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13