Sonic The Hedgehog

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1Enable Stage Select1FFFFD0:0100
2Enable Debug ModeFFFFFA:0100
3Infinite Rings2FFFE20:00C8
4Infinite LivesFFFE12:0009
5Stage/Act Modifier3FFFE10:xxyy
6Makes Sonic Invulnerable To Enemies, Bullets, And Spikes Until He Picks Up Another Shield0039F0:11C1
7Aerial View of A Level40039FC:31C1
8Gives Sonic Turbo Shoes With Every TV He Breaks00A35E:6042
9Begin With Several Hundred Rings On Each Level5003242:6010
10Begin The Game With 99 Lives00334A:0063
11Infinite Lives0138A0:6032
12Super Speed!FFF761:6411

1At the title screen, hold the A button and push Start to enter the stage select menu.
2This code also allows you to pass the special stages with ease, and always get the Chaos Emerald at the end.
3Quantity Digits for "xx"(stage):

00 - Green Hill
01 - Labyrinth
02 - Marble
03 - Star Light
04 - Spring Yard
05 - Scrap Brain
06 - 'Zone'
07 - Final (?)

Quantity Digits for "yy"(act):

00 - Act 1
01 - Act 2
02 - Act 3

Not all stages have acts 2 or 3.
4You can also place objects by pressing Button A and placing them with Button C. When you're finished press Button B and you'll continue.
5When you press Start you'll be prompted by a Level Select screen that enables you to choose any level.

Parasyte1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mr. Book6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
radical dreamer12