Xenosaga Episode 1: Der Willie Zur Macht

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1[M] Must Be OnF452BE20 BF3CCD16
A.G.W.S. Ammo Codes
2A.G.W.S. Ammo: AXE11B114409469 3C70D1AE
3A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B114409668 3C70D12E
4A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B214409669 3C70D12E
5A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B314409668 3C70D11E
6A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B314409668 3C70D11E
7A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B414409669 3C70D11E
8A.G.W.S. Ammo: CB85B514409668 3C70D13E
9A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM1B114409669 3C70D13E
10A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM1B214409668 3C70D18E
11A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM1B314409669 3C70D18E
12A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM1B414409668 3C70D1AE
13A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM1B514409669 3C70D1AE
14A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM2B114409768 3C70D1AE
15A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM2B214409769 3C70D1AE
16A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM2B314409768 3C70D19E
17A.G.W.S. Ammo: ECM2B414409769 3C70D19E
18A.G.W.S. Ammo: GLG76B114409468 3C70D13E
19A.G.W.S. Ammo: GRD20B11400B569 3CF0D12E
20A.G.W.S. Ammo: HG75B114409469 3C70D10E
21A.G.W.S. Ammo: HMP33B11400B568 3CF0D18E
22A.G.W.S. Ammo: LG100B11400B569 3CF0D19E
23A.G.W.S. Ammo: LG10B11400B769 3CF0D18E
24A.G.W.S. Ammo: SMG32B114409769 3C70D11E
25A.G.W.S. Ammo: SMG99B11400B768 3CF0D1BE
26A.G.W.S. Ammo: SMP53B114409768 3C70D10E
A.G.W.S. Weapons Codes
27A.G.W.S. Weapons: AIRC-AG21440B668 3C70D10E
28A.G.W.S. Weapons: AIRD-AG51440B668 3C70D18E
29A.G.W.S. Weapons: AXE11AG14009768 3CF0C33E
30A.G.W.S. Weapons: BA15VX14009568 3CF0C31E
31A.G.W.S. Weapons: BBC-AG51440B669 3C70D13E
32A.G.W.S. Weapons: BL24AG14009568 3CF0C3BE
33A.G.W.S. Weapons: BMP-AG51440B669 3C70D12E
34A.G.W.S. Weapons: BMP45VX1440B669 3C70D10E
35A.G.W.S. Weapons: BSW13AG14009569 3CF0C31E
36A.G.W.S. Weapons: CB85VX14009569 3CF0C3BE
37A.G.W.S. Weapons: DEF-VX1440B668 3C70D1BE
38A.G.W.S. Weapons: DLCO2AG414009769 3CF0C38E
39A.G.W.S. Weapons: ECM1-VX1440B669 3C70D18E
40A.G.W.S. Weapons: ECM2-VX1440B668 3C70D1AE
41A.G.W.S. Weapons: ER-VX1440B668 3C70D19E
42A.G.W.S. Weapons: FLM64AG14009568 3CF0C38E
43A.G.W.S. Weapons: GLG76AG14009568 3CF0C3AE
44A.G.W.S. Weapons: GLG76AG1440B669 3C70D1BE
45A.G.W.S. Weapons: GRD20AG14009569 3CF0C38E
46A.G.W.S. Weapons: HAND14009769 3CF0C31E
47A.G.W.S. Weapons: HG45VX14009768 3CF0C3AE
48A.G.W.S. Weapons: HG75VX14009769 3CF0C3AE
49A.G.W.S. Weapons: HGG-AG514009569 3CF0C3AE
50A.G.W.S. Weapons: HGG-AG51440B468 3C70D10E
51A.G.W.S. Weapons: HMP-AG51440B469 3C70D10E
52A.G.W.S. Weapons: HMP-AG514009569 3CF0C39E
53A.G.W.S. Weapons: HMP33AG14009568 3CF0C39E
54A.G.W.S. Weapons: HMR-AG514009768 3CF0C3BE
55A.G.W.S. Weapons: HMR55AG14009768 3CF0C39E
56A.G.W.S. Weapons: LC-AG51440B668 3C70D12E
57A.G.W.S. Weapons: LG100VX14009569 3CF0C32E
58A.G.W.S. Weapons: LG10AG14009569 3CF0C30E
59A.G.W.S. Weapons: LG24VX14009568 3CF0C32E
60A.G.W.S. Weapons: LM11VX14009568 3CF0C33E
61A.G.W.S. Weapons: LW-VX21440B669 3C70D19E
62A.G.W.S. Weapons: PB55AG14009569 3CF0C33E
63A.G.W.S. Weapons: SHB67AG1440B668 3C70D11E1440B668 3C70D11E
64A.G.W.S. Weapons: SHD02AG1440B669 3C70D11E
65A.G.W.S. Weapons: SHD12VX1440B668 3C70D13E
66A.G.W.S. Weapons: SMG32VX14009568 3CF0C30E
67A.G.W.S. Weapons: SMG99AG14009769 3CF0C3BE
68A.G.W.S. Weapons: SMP53AG1440B669 3C70D1AE
69A.G.W.S. Weapons: SWD21AG14009769 3CF0C33E
70A.G.W.S. Weapons: SWD34VX14009768 3CF0C38E
71A.G.W.S. Weapons: WCT02AG414009769 3CF0C39E
Character Ammo Codes
72Character Ammo: BD9001400B468 3CF0D11E
73Character Ammo: BXS001V1400B768 3C70D10E
74Character Ammo: BXS002V1400B769 3C70D10E
75Character Ammo: BXS003V1400B768 3C70D12E
76Character Ammo: BXS004V1400B769 3C70D12E
77Character Ammo: BXS005V1400B768 3C70D11E
78Character Ammo: BXS006V1400B769 3C70D11E
79Character Ammo: BXS0078V1400B769 3C70D13E
80Character Ammo: BXS007V1400B768 3C70D13E
81Character Ammo: BXS009V1400B768 3C70D18E
82Character Ammo: BXS010V1400B769 3C70D18E
83Character Ammo: BXS011V1400B768 3C70D1AE
84Character Ammo: BXS012V1400B769 3C70D1AE
85Character Ammo: BXS013V1400B768 3C70D19E
86Character Ammo: BXS014V1400B769 3C70D19E
87Character Ammo: BXS015V1400B768 3C70D1BE
88Character Ammo: CS7001400B469 3CF0D12E
89Character Ammo: CS700DFD1400B469 3CF0D13E
90Character Ammo: CS700PWD1400B468 3CF0D13E
91Character Ammo: CS700SLW1400B469 3CF0D11E
92Character Ammo: CS700UVL1400B468 3CF0D18E
93Character Ammo: KGS10V1400B769 3C70D1BE
94Character Ammo: KGS12V1400B569 3C70D10E
95Character Ammo: KGS14V1400B568 3C70D11E
96Character Ammo: KGS16V1400B568 3C70D18E
97Character Ammo: KMS30V1400B568 3C70D10E
98Character Ammo: KMS32V1400B568 3C70D12E
99Character Ammo: KMS34V1400B569 3C70D11E
100Character Ammo: KMS36V1400B569 3C70D13E
101Character Ammo: KMS38V1400B569 3C70D18E
102Character Ammo: KRS50V1400B569 3C70D12E
103Character Ammo: KRS52V1400B568 3C70D13E
104Character Ammo: KRS54V1400B568 3C70D1AE
105Character Ammo: MAKAROV Bullets1400B668 3CF0D1BE
106Character Ammo: MSS5001400B568 3C70D1BE
107Character Ammo: MSS5201400B569 3C70D1BE
108Character Ammo: MSS5401400B668 3CF0D10E
109Character Ammo: MSS5601400B669 3CF0D10E
110Character Ammo: MSS5801400B668 3CF0D12E
111Character Ammo: RK2001400B669 3CF0D19E
112Character Ammo: RK2801400B669 3CF0D1BE
113Character Ammo: SR5001400B469 3CF0D10E
Character Weapons Codes
114Character Weapons: BLOOD914009469 3CF0C30E
115Character Weapons: BMP55SX14009669 3CF0C38E
116Character Weapons: Battle Rod14009569 3C70C33E
117Character Weapons: CROSS14009468 3CF0C30E
118Character Weapons: Dragon Rod14009568 3C70C3BE
119Character Weapons: F.BSHOT14009569 3C70C32E
120Character Weapons: F.GSHOT14009569 3C70C30E
121Character Weapons: F.MSHOT14009568 3C70C32E
122Character Weapons: F.RSHOT14009568 3C70C31E
123Character Weapons: F.SCYTHE14009569 3C70C31E
124Character Weapons: Holey Gloves14009768 3C70C33E
125Character Weapons: MAKAROV14009668 3CF0C3BE
126Character Weapons: MSP89SX14009668 3CF0C3AE
127Character Weapons: Metal Rod14009568 3C70C38E
128Character Weapons: Mithril Rod14009568 3C70C3AE
129Character Weapons: Navy Gloves14009769 3C70C30E
130Character Weapons: Penguin Rod14009569 3C70C3BE
131Character Weapons: Platinum Rod14009569 3C70C38E
132Character Weapons: ROOK50514009669 3CF0C39E
133Character Weapons: Rider Gloves Work gloves14009768 3C70C32E
134Character Weapons: SAIFAR4514009669 3CF0C3BE
135Character Weapons: Saint Rod14009568 3C70C39E
136Character Weapons: Space Gloves14009768 3C70C30E
137Character Weapons: W Hammer Rod14009569 3C70C3AE
Have Item Codes
138Have Booster Pack1400B768 3C70C3BE
139Have Anti Veil1400B568 3C70C38E
140Have Antidote1400B768 3C70C39E
141Have Bio Sphere1400B669 3CF0C32E
142Have Cure All1400B769 3C70C3AE
143Have Defense Shield1400B569 3C70C31E
144Have Diamond1400B468 3CF0C39E
145Have Emerald1400B469 3CF0C3AE
146Have Escape Pack1400B769 3C70C3BE
147Have Ether Pack1400B768 3C70C31E
148Have Ether Pack DX1400B768 3C70C33E
149Have Ether Pack Max1400B769 3C70C33E
150Have Ether Pack S1400B769 3C70C31E
151Have Ether Upgrade A1400B668 3CF0C39E
152Have Ether Upgrade S1400B669 3CF0C39E
153Have Ether Upgrade Z1400B668 3CF0C3BE
154Have Frame Repair A1400B668 3CF0C31E
155Have Frame Repair Z1400B669 3CF0C31E
156Have Garnet1400B468 3CF0C38E
157Have Hemlock1400B568 3C70C32E
158Have Junked Circuit A1400B669 3CF0C33E
159Have Junked Circuit B1400B468 3CF0C33E
160Have Kobold Blade1400B468 3CF0C31E
161Have Med Kit1400B768 3C70C30E
162Have Med Kit DX1400B768 3C70C32E
163Have Med Kit Max1400B769 3C70C32E
164Have Med Kit S1400B769 3C70C30E
165Have Neuor Stim1400B769 3C70C39E
166Have Precious Stone1400B469 3CF0C31E
167Have Rejuvinator1400B768 3C70C38E
168Have Revive1400B769 3C70C38E
169Have Revive DX1400B768 3C70C3AE
170Have Ruby1400B468 3CF0C3AE
171Have Sapphire1400B469 3CF0C38E
172Have Scrap Iron1400B668 3CF0C33E
173Have Skill Upgrade1400B668 3CF0C38E
174Have Skill Upgrade A1400B669 3CF0C3BE
175Have Skill Upgrade S1400B468 3CF0C30E
176Have Skill Upgrade Z1400B469 3CF0C30E
177Have Speed Stim1400B569 3C70C32E
178Have Speed Stim DX1400B568 3C70C33E
179Have Speed Stim SX1400B568 3C70C31E
180Have Stim1400B568 3C70C30E
181Have Stim DX1400B569 3C70C30E
182Have Tech Upgrade A1400B669 3CF0C38E
183Have Tech Upgrade Z1400B669 3CF0C3AE
184Have Tech upgrade S1400B668 3CF0C3AE
185Have Unicorn Horn1400B469 3CF0C32E
186Have Veil1400B569 3C70C33E
187KOS-MOS: Max Current Ether Power14409529 3CF0D1AE
188KOS-MOS: Max Current Hit Points14509532 B5F091AE
189KOS-MOS: Max Ether Power Upper Limit14409729 3CF0D10E
190KOS-MOS: Max Hit Points Upper Limit14509732 B5F0910E
191KOS-MOS: Max Level14409728 3CF0D1AE
Shion Codes
192Shion: Max Current Ether Power1440B529 3C70D3AE
193Shion: Max Current Hit Points1450B532 B57093AE
194Shion: Max Ether Power Upper Limit1440B729 3C70D30E
195Shion: Max Hit Points Upper Limit1450B732 B570930E
196Shion: Max Level1440B728 3C70D3AE

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