World Tour Soccer 2002

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1[M] Must Be OnF403B478 FAF40D46
2Press Select+R1 To End First HalfD4C01F37 9FB89E4E
24803F70 35BC1728
D4C01F37 9FB89E4E
24C03A70 353C0798
3Press Select+R2 To End GameD4C01F27 9FB89E46
24903760 34BC5628
D4C01F27 9FB89E46
24D03260 343C4698
4Press Select+X For Extra TimeD4C01F37 9FB89F46
24903768 34B45728
D4C01F37 9FB89F46
24D03268 34344798
5Team A Scores 50 Goals1490356C 3CB4572A
6Team A Scores No Goal14903568 34B45728
7L1+L2 = Team A Winning ScoreD4503429 9630D35C
1490356C 3CB4572A
D4503429 9630D35C
14903569 34B45728
8Team B Scores 50 Goals1490356D 3CB4572A
9Team B Scores No Goals14903569 34B45728
10R1+R2 = Team B Winning ScoreD4D0342B 1630D35E
14903568 34B45728
D4D0342B 1630D35E
1490356D 3CB4572A
11Custom A Infinite Stat Points45B11228 38F4D1AA
3942D6E1 9BABB1C0
45B53028 7864D33A
394256E1 9BAB91E0
12Custom B Infinite Stat Points45B11328 3874C36A
3942D6E1 9BABB1C0
45F53328 78E4D1FA
394256E1 9BAB91E0
13Custom C Infinite Stat Points45F11168 38F4C5AA
3942D6E1 9BABB1C0
45F53268 78E4C73A
394256E1 9BAB91E0
14Custom D Infinite Stat Points45F11068 38F4D72A
3942D6E1 9BABB1C0
45F53068 7864C5FA
394256E1 9BAB91E0

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14