Way of The Samurai 2

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1[M] Must Be On94C038F2 B76E565C
24C1BEBC 17748109
24D0B628 1674C128
24C9B6A8 1255C11A
24DAF60A 1675C138
24D0B628 1674C188
24D133E8 12F64770
2450B4AA 9274C10B
24D0B428 1674C128
24D0B4AA 1255811A
24D0B428 1674C138
24DAF40A 1675C188
2450B4A8 1274C1A9
249113EA 12F645F0
24D9B78A 1256C188
2451A7A8 167681A9
2453A7A8 16748199
2441BDB8 9E7481BB
24DAF40A 16F5C108
249134EC B036C314
2Infinite Health24C9B6A8 1255C189
3Infinite Sword Durability2490B2B4 9D7C410D
4Infinite Energy24D0B4AA 12558139
5Max Health24C9B6A8 1655C12B
6Max Sword Durability2411B4E8 D6B4C76D
2481B4C8 5E97C75D
7Max Energy24D0B4AA 1255812B
8Max Money12450B7B2 9364810B
24C0BF2C 9F6E892A
24D0B788 9244811B
24D1B2EC 3036D774
Check Moves In Sword Status For...
9All Moves24D3BF8C 1656C1B9
24D3BD8C 9656C109
24D3BD8E 1656C129
24D3BD8E 9656C119
24D3BD88 1E56C139
24D3BD88 9E56C189
24D3BD8A 1E56C1A9
24D3BD8A 9E56C199
10Max Attack24C3B68E 16D6C109
11Max Defense24C3B68E 96D6C129
12Max Quality2441A6A8 1EF6C11B
2443A6A8 1EF4C13B
24C3B688 9ED6C189
13Max Durability2451B6A8 96F4C1A9
24C3B688 1ED6C199
14Max Kills2451B6B2 97F481BB
24D3BC8A 16D6C129
15Have Massive Damage Infliction24901768 16F4475C
24800FFA 12F646CD
16Unlock All Difficulty, Heads & Clothes244489F6 9DBC9E17
24D0D16A 1CA4D736
24D691CA 1496D7AD
17Full Item Box244014E8 18F443CF
24521768 1CE543C4
24C21F60 11D442D5
241037E8 10F443CD
24123568 1CE543C4
24023D64 91D442E5
18Max Sword Safe Slots15D0176E 9C7441E8
Replace 1st Equipped Sword With:
19Mumei-Tou2E4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
20NemakiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 143447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
21Burai-AnE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
22OsorezanE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 143447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
23KotetsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
24JumangokuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 143447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
25OnibochoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B447CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
26Dai-KuronamaE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 143455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
27SamehadamaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
28MurasameE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 143455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
29ZatoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
30AkabaneE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 143455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
31Mumei-TouE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
32ChugenE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 143455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
33KunishigeE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B455CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
34RengokuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 143457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
35Nippon-RettoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
36Chuyo-TouE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 143457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
37OborozukiyoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
38Shichiten-BattoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 143457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
39Hebi-MaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
40OgumomaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 143457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
41HyakumangokuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B457CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
42Izumo-No-HashiraE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 1434418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
43Oni-SuzumeE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B4418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
44KobyosoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 1434418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
45OgankenE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B4418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
46IppatsumaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 1434418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
47ChigusaE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B4418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
48Dojima-No-TsuchisadaE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 1434418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
49Botan-YukiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B4418C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
50Shimei-EngetsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 1434438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
51KannagiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B4438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
52YoshimotoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 1434438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
53KanseiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B4438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
54SorenkaE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 1434438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
55KanesadaE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B4438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
56ExcaliburE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 1434438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
57Sanmai-OroshiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B4438C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
58Mutsu-No-ShirakaneE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 1434518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
59MomogeE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B4518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
60KiyomitsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 1434518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
61ZannkimaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B4518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
62Meakashi-JitteE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 1434518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
63Tobikuchi-JitteE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B4518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
64Tsuma-YojiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 1434518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
65Hida-No-BashoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B4518C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
66TsubakiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 1434538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
67Oka-KunimitsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B4538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
68HARUYUKIE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 1434538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
69BiteikotsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B4538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
70FuraiboE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 1434538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
71BinetsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B4538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
72KamikazeE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 1434538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
73TarojiroE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B4538C
3911D620 BBAB91D0
74SekkiseikiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 143441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
75Ryuhomaru-KoganmaruE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
76AunE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 143441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
77Kujaku-NitoryuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
78KubirabasaraE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 143441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
79Koretomo-To-ShigekazuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
80YasoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 143441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
81Karasu-TogeE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B441CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
82Sakura-TsumujiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 143443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
83Ukigumo-No-KodachiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F03F28 14B443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
84ZangetsuE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 143443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
85RinneE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B03F28 14B443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
86WashuzanE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 143443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
87HairandoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54F01F28 14B443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
88BokutoE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 143443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0
89Reikon-KudakiE4829160 74F4B2D6
54B01F28 14B443CC
3911D620 BBAB91D0

1Check status in pause menu for Mon.
2Only use one sword wode at a time; press [L3]+[R3] when in-game to activate. Then re-equip the desired sword.

All by MadCatz1, 8, 19