Warhammer 40 000: Fire Warrior

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1M] Must Be On948137BC 3DEE1ACC
2Infinite Health24C2BE8A 96468108
24DAF60A 1675C128
24C2BE8A 16468119
24D192A8 327641F0
3Infinite Shield24899BA8 26544159
240993A8 267C417A
4Infinite Ammo (No Reload)24D1BCA8 1A578109
2441B4A8 1E74C12B
24DAF40A 1675C118
24C1B4A8 9E578139
24D195EA 10764540
5Infinite Grenades24D0B4AA 1274C189
24C2BC8E 125681A9
24DAF40A 1675C198
24D8B4A8 9A56C1B9
2491B2EA B236D1E0
6Infinite Night Vision249034F4 BDBCD14D
7Max Ammo (All Weapons)24129348 3A744110
24009BF8 BA74013B
249293E8 32564189

All by MadCatz1