Unlimited Saga

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1[M] Must Be OnF443B602 FE30041E
Armic Codes
2Best HP Recovery05501728 94F4D1EC
3Infinite HP15401F39 9CF491CE
15401F38 9CF491CE
4Infinite LP15401729 1CF4D1EE
05401728 1CF4F1EE
Judy Codes
5Best HP Recovery05103728 94F4C3EC
6Infinite HP15003F39 9CF483CE
15003F38 9CF483CE
7Infinite LP15003729 1CF4C3EE
05003728 1CF4E3EE
Kurt Codes
8Best HP Recovery05503728 94F4D1EC
9Infinite HP15403F39 9CF491CE
15403F38 9CF491CE
10Infinite LP15403729 1CF4D1EE
05403728 1CF4F1EE
Laura Codes
11Best HP Recovery 05101728 94F4C3EC
12Infinite HP15001F39 9CF483CE
15001F38 9CF483CE
13Infinite LP15001729 1CF4C3EE
05001728 1CF4E3EE
Mythe Codes
14Best HP Recovery05103728 94F4D1EC
15Infinite HP15003F39 9CF491CE
15003F38 9CF491CE
16Infinite LP15003729 1CF4D1EE
05003728 1CF4F1EE
Ruby Codes
17Best HP Recovery05101728 94F4D1EC
18Infinite HP15001F39 9CF491CE
15001F38 9CF491CE
19Infinite LP15001729 1CF4D1EE
05001728 1CF4F1EE
Ventus Codes
20Best HP Recovery05501728 94F4C3EC
21Infinite HP15401F39 9CF483CE
15401F38 9CF483CE
22Infinite LP15401729 1CF4C3EE
05401728 1CF4E3EE
Battle Codes
23All Monsters Are Weak In Battles45813728 10E4D38C
3902D7E1 9BABB1E0
24Infinite HP For All Party Members45813728 10E4C38C
3935D3FD BF2B91C0
25Infinite LP For All Party Members45813728 10E4C3AC
1920D3E5 8BAB91C0
262nd Party Member: Infinite HP15501729 14F4C38C
15501728 14F4C38C
272nd Party Member: Infinite LP15501729 14F4C3AC
05501728 14F4E3AC
283rd Party Member: Infinite HP15101729 14F4C38C
15101728 14F4C38C
293rd Party Member: Infinite LP15101729 14F4C3AC
05101728 14F4E3AC
304th Party Member: Infinite HP15503729 14F4D18C
15503728 14F4D18C
314th Party Member: Infinite LP15503729 14F4D1AC
05503728 14F4F1AC
325th Party Member: Infinite HP15103729 14F4D18C
15103728 14F4D18C
335th Party Member: Infinite LP15103729 14F4D1AC
05103728 14F4F1AC
346th Party Member: Infinite HP15501729 14F4D18C
15501728 14F4D18C
356th Party Member: Infinite LP15501729 14F4D1AC
05501728 14F4F1AC
367th Party Member: Infinite HP15101729 14F4D18C
15101728 14F4D18C
377th Party Member: Infinite LP15101729 14F4D1AC
05101728 14F4F1AC
38Player Character: Infinite HP15103729 14F4C38C
15103728 14F4C38C
39Player Character: Infinite LP15103729 14F4C3AC
05103728 14F4E3AC
Miscellaneous Codes
40Infinite HP All Main Characters45813728 10E4C3CC
3935D3FD BF2B91C0
41Infinite LP All Main Characters45813728 10E4C3EC
1920D3E5 8BAB91C0
42Infinite Money2515173E 9864C08E

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