UEFA Euro 2004

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1M] Must Be On94D530E0 9DAE4EFC
2Home Team Leads 99-0 (Hold [SELECT] and Press [L1])E4929949 34E499F6
2440B068 1C70554E
24D0B068 1470556C
3Away Team Leads 99-0 (Hold [SELECT] and Press [R1])E4929949 34E48BF6
24D0B068 1470554C
2440B068 1C70556E
4Reset Clock (Hold [SELECT] and Press [L2])E4D21949 36E49BF6
24D03428 1470559C
5End Half (Hold [SELECT] and Press [R2])E4923949 36E49BF6
24D03C38 9470159C

All by MadCatz1