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1[M] Must Be On949033B0 BE665C02
2Infinite Health24D01528 1634470C
3Infinite Energy Level (All Slots)2492B1C8 14A44319
4Have Big Head Mode05503729 14F4E738
5Have Turbo Mode05503728 14F4C788
6Unlock All Extras244F6DD6 EB8B0847
244F6DD6 EB8B0867
7Press L1 For Mega JumpD5403B37 9C7C9802
24D03528 1470C5DC
8Press L2 To Return To GroundD5403B37 9D7CD802
24C97DA8 8051CCD4
9Level Complete - Amazon2410376A 363041DC
2410376A B63041FC
10Level Complete - Antarctica2490346A 36B0416E
2490346A 36B0415E
11Level Complete - Deep Amazon2490356A 36B041CC
2490356A 36B041EC
12Level Complete - Mid-Atlantic24501468 363041FC
24501768 3630414C
13All Levels/Mini-Cons Unlocked05503729 14F4C708
14Level Complete - Alaska24501668 B6B0415C
2450166A 36B0417C
15Level Complete - Starship24501768 36B041EC
24D0176A 36B041DE
16Level Complete - Pacific Island24901468 B630414E
24D0176A B6B041DC

All by MadCatz1