Thunderstrike OP (Version 1.0)

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1[M] Must Be OnF401BF28 F76C0596
2Infinite Armor1480957F 1C7004EE
3Never Overheat14909568 1470456C
4Rapid Fire Missiles14909568 1470454C
Infinite Ammo Codes
5Weapon 11400B428 3C70C14E
6Weapon 21400B428 3C70C16E
7Weapon 31400B428 3C70C15E
View Codes
8Minimal HUD View14D09568 14F0573C
93rd Person View14509568 14F0573C
10Cockpit View14D09568 14F0573E
11Cockpit View 214509568 14F0573E
12AWACS View14D09568 94F0573C
13Rotating Pause View14509568 94F0573C
14Bomb View14D0956A 14F0573C
15Refreshable View1450956A 94F0573C

All by MadCatz1