Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (With Media Player)

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1[M] Must Be On760685E0 00000000
94D092AC BDE61D6C
2Infinite Health7609B710 00000000
24C13EAA 1274C509
24D13E9C 92568529
24C53630 9E668518
24513628 1A7CC538
2491B128 1236560C
2490B128 1634572C
3Unlock All Levels76006490 00000000
24D0B628 36B441C8
4Always Silent760CC860 00000000
249AF04A 34B55708
2490B068 34B45728
5Always In Shadow76077D70 00000000
249090E8 243555D8
6Enemies Can't Activate Alarms760F18B0 00000000
24DAD44A 36B547CC
24D09468 36B447EC
7Enemies Can't Shoot760BDFE0 00000000
249A574A 1435C308
24901768 1434C328
8Enemies Can't Move760AFFD0 00000000
24DAD14A 1435C5C8
24D09168 1434C5E8
9Camera Can't See You760DC0A0 00000000
249AF30A 3435534C
2490B328 3434536C
10Unlock Ninja Mode76056840 00000000
24909768 36344148
24D0B428 363441F8
11Infinite Pistol Ammo7601B8B0 00000000
2440B6A8 1A74C50B
24D4BE3A 1766C428
24C0B6AC 1B57C519
24D41228 14E0D70C
12Infinite SC-20K Ammo760990F0 00000000
2440B6A8 1A74C50B
24D4BE3A 1766C428
24C0B6AC 1B57C519
24941128 14E0D78C

All by MadCatz1