Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain

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1[M] Must Be On94C5B2B4 1DB6CBF4
2Infinite Health2450B620 1A64C100
24D1B6A8 0665C128
24D8B6A8 0E75C118
24C5B62E 1E7EC138
24CAB6A8 0654C189
24D193E8 12B6D794
3Gain Ammo As You Fire (Don't Use With Infinite Ammo)24109688 12F455AD
4Infinite Armor2490B668 36F45158
5Infinite Ammo/Never Reload (All Weapons)24909628 16F455BC
6Max Ammo (All Weapons)244028F8 B874137F
24503048 3C7C53CE
24DA30EA B05653ED
7Stop Timer249095F4 9FBCD72D
8Unlock All Weapons24011F36 B93C1887
9Unlock All Levels24403C36 B93C0847

All by MadCatz1