Star Trek: Shattered Universe

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1[M] Must Be OnF441B62E 7B6C4516
2Infinite Primary Weapon2490B268 36F457EC
3Infinite Secondary Weapon2490B068 36F4574C
4Infinite Shield Strength24DBBEB8 1756C100
24C1B632 976E8022
24CBB6BA 1F56C111
249111A8 32F65324
Missions Completed Codes
5Missions Complete: A Dish Best Served Cold: Easy2410B468 34745768
6Missions Complete: A Dish Best Served Cold: Hard2410B468 34745778
7Missions Complete: A Dish Best Served Cold: Kobayashi Maru2410B468 347457C8
8Missions Complete: A Dish Best Served Cold: Normal2410B468 34745758
9Missions Complete: All Difficulties Mission Complete4454B748 34E45768
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
10Missions Complete: Antibody: Easy2410B668 34F457E8
11Missions Complete: Antibody: Hard2410B668 34F457F8
12Missions Complete: Antibody: Kobayashi Maru2410B468 34F45748
13Missions Complete: Antibody: Normal2410B668 34F457D8
14Missions Complete: Balok's War: Easy2410B768 347457E8
15Missions Complete: Balok's War: Hard2410B768 347457F8
16Missions Complete: Balok's War: Kobayashi Maru2410B568 34745748
17Missions Complete: Balok's War: Normal2410B768 347457D8
18Missions Complete: Enemy Of My Enemy: Easy2410B768 34745768
19Missions Complete: Enemy Of My Enemy: Hard2410B768 34745778
20Missions Complete: Enemy Of My Enemy: Kobayashi Maru2410B768 347457C8
21Missions Complete: Enemy Of My Enemy: Normal2410B768 34745758
22Missions Complete: Field Of Honor: Easy2410B668 347457E8
23Missions Complete: Field Of Honor: Hard2410B668 347457F8
24Missions Complete: Field Of Honor: Kobayashi Maru2410B468 34745748
25Missions Complete: Field Of Honor: Normal2410B668 347457D8
26Missions Complete: Fire And Ice: Easy2450B768 34F457E8
27Missions Complete: Fire And Ice: Hard2450B768 34F457F8
28Missions Complete: Fire And Ice: Kobayashi Maru2450B568 34F45748
29Missions Complete: Fire And Ice: Normal2450B768 34F457D8
30Missions Complete: From Hell's Heart: Easy2410B468 347457E8
31Missions Complete: From Hell's Heart: Hard2410B468 347457F8
32Missions Complete: From Hell's Heart: Normal2410B468 347457D8
33Missions Complete: Mirror, Mirror: Easy2410B568 34F45768
34Missions Complete: Mirror, Mirror: Hard2410B568 34F45778
35Missions Complete: Mirror, Mirror: Kobayashi Maru2410B568 34F457C8
36Missions Complete: Mirror, Mirror: Normal2410B568 34F45758
37Missions Complete: No Immunity: Easy2410B668 34F45768
38Missions Complete: No Immunity: Hard2410B668 34F45778
39Missions Complete: No Immunity: Kobayashi Maru2410B668 34F457C8
40Missions Complete: No Immunity: Normal2410B668 34F45758
41Missions Complete: Renegade: Easy2450B568 34F45768
42Missions Complete: Renegade: Hard2450B568 34F45778
43Missions Complete: Renegade: Kobayashi Maru2450B568 34F457C8
44Missions Complete: Renegade: Normal2450B568 34F45758
45Missions Complete: Shattered Universe: Easy2450B768 34F45768
46Missions Complete: Shattered Universe: Hard2450B768 34F45778
47Missions Complete: Shattered Universe: Kobayashi Maru2450B768 34F457C8
48Missions Complete: Shattered Universe: Normal2450B768 34F45758
49Missions Complete: Sight Unseen: Easy2410B568 347457E8
50Missions Complete: Sight Unseen: Hard2410B568 347457F8
51Missions Complete: Sight Unseen: Kobayashi Maru2410B668 34F45748
52Missions Complete: Sight Unseen: Normal2410B568 347457D8
53Missions Complete: Sunstorm: Easy2410B468 34F45768
54Missions Complete: Sunstorm: Hard2410B468 34F45778
55Missions Complete: Sunstorm: Kobayashi Maru2410B468 34F457C8
56Missions Complete: Sunstorm: Normal2410B468 34F45758
57Missions Complete: The Excelsior Incident: Easy2410B568 34745768
58Missions Complete: The Excelsior Incident: Hard2410B568 34745778
59Missions Complete: The Excelsior Incident: Kobayashi Maru2410B568 347457C8
60Missions Complete: The Excelsior Incident: Normal2410B568 34745758
61Missions Complete: The Unwound Skein: Easy2410B768 34F45768
62Missions Complete: The Unwound Skein: Hard2410B768 34F45778
63Missions Complete: The Unwound Skein: Kobayashi Maru2410B768 34F457C8
64Missions Complete: The Unwound Skein: Normal2410B768 34F45758
65Missions Complete: The Way Of All Empires: Easy2410B668 34745768
66Missions Complete: The Way Of All Empires: Hard2410B668 34745778
67Missions Complete: The Way Of All Empires: Kobayashi Maru2410B668 347457C8
68Missions Complete: The Way Of All Empires: Normal2410B668 34745758
69Missions Complete: Tyranny Of Numbers: Easy2450B568 34F457E8
70Missions Complete: Tyranny Of Numbers: Hard2450B568 34F457F8
71Missions Complete: Tyranny Of Numbers: Kobayashi Maru2410B668 34745748
72Missions Complete: Tyranny Of Numbers: Normal2450B568 34F457D8
73Missions Complete: Vortex: Easy2410B768 34F457E8
74Missions Complete: Vortex: Hard2410B768 34F457F8
75Missions Complete: Vortex: Kobayashi Maru2410B568 34F45748
76Missions Complete: Vortex: Normal2410B768 34F457D8
77Missions Complete: Wormhole: Easy2410B468 34F457E8
78Missions Complete: Wormhole: Hard2410B468 34F457F8
79Missions Complete: Wormhole: Kobayashi Maru2410B768 34F45748
80Missions Complete: Wormhole: Normal2410B468 34F457D8
Starfleet Record Codes
81Starfleet Record: Medals Obtained: All Medals44509668 34645778
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
82Starfleet Record: Medals Obtained: Grankite Order Of Tactics (Class Of Excellence)24509668 347457E8
83Starfleet Record: Medals Obtained: Preantares Ribbon Of Commendation24509668 347457C8
84Starfleet Record: Medals Obtained: Starfleet Citation For Conspicuous Gallantry24509668 34745778
85Starfleet Record: Medals Obtained: Starfleet Medal Of Honor24509668 347457D8
86Starfleet Record: Rank: Commander2450966A 347457F8
87Starfleet Record: Rank: Ensign24509668 B47457F8
88Starfleet Record: Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade24D09668 B47457FA
89Starfleet Record: Rank: Liuetenant24509668 B47457FA
90Starfleet Record: Rank: Liutenant Commander24D0966A 347457F8
91Starfleet Record: Rank: Shuttle Pilot 1st Class24D09668 B47457F8
92Starfleet Record: Rank: Shuttle Pilot 2nd Class24509668 347457FA
93Starfleet Record: Rank: Shuttle Pilot 3rd Class24D09668 347457FA
94Starfleet Record: Rank: Shuttle Pilot 4th Class24509668 347457F8
Unlock Codes
95Unlock: All Levels24D0B46C 34F457DA
96Unlock: Kobayashi Maru Difficulty Level2450B768 34F45748
97Unlock: Ship Codes: All Ships4410B568 30E457E8
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
98Unlock: Ship Codes: Imperial "Phantom"24509668 34745748
99Unlock: Ship Codes: Imperial "Spectre"2410B568 34F457D8
100Unlock: Ship Codes: Imperial "Wraith"2410B568 34F457E8
101Unlock: Ship Codes: Klingon "Bird Of Prey"24509668 34745768
102Unlock: Ship Codes: Orion "Corsair"2410B568 34F457F8
103Unlock: Ship Codes: Romulan "Shrike"24509668 34745758

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