SRS: Street Racing Syndicate (With GS Media Player)

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1[M] Must Be On760A28E0 00000000
9821A87C 78A1AE1B
2Infinite Nitrous76073E10 00000000
282A89CF 642D7A86
3Infinite Cash (Go To Garage To Get Cash)760E0C90 00000000
2816ED40 01C9F935
2816EDD8 F7F3A03E
2816EDED A1A1C90A
2816EDD0 6D1DD0D6
2834E319 78426965
4Infinite Respect760FDDC0 00000000
2816ED03 0115F935
2816EDF7 F7D9A03E
2816ED54 F8AA7AF1
2816ED01 6DACD0A0
28331319 784269F1
5Unlock All Cars760FE3B0 00000000
48782ED6 0C217AE6
5963E5C2 0CA57A65
6Unlock All Girlfriends (Go To WareHouse To Activate)76035980 00000000
2834EEB6 6F157A56
2834EE19 6DF77A65
28340A78 6DF77A65

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6