Spy Fiction (With GS Media Player)

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1[M] Must Be On760E1D90 00000000
770001B3 570C1955
9809D657 78D064D8
2Gain Ammo As You Fire1760C6DC0 00000000
2834B882 6FD97A56
3Infinite Ammo/Never Reload7603A8C0 00000000
2834B873 0CA57A65
4Infinite Life276054F10 00000000
28362CD8 0CA57A65
5Infinite ERS .40 Ammo76021FC0 00000000
183B248A 0CA57A4F
6Infinite Handley 17g Ammo76009B50 00000000
183B2422 0CA57A4F
7Infinite Hekloch P9 Ammo76092710 00000000
183B24EB 0CA57A4F
8Infinite Orion 44mag Ammo760032C0 00000000
183B240A 0CA57A4F
9Infinite Tragerri M1I Ammo76059830 00000000
183B24F5 0CA57A4F
10Infinite T17 Carbine Ammo76095810 00000000
183B2476 0CA57A4F
11Infinite Galeili MAR Ammo760D8310 00000000
183B24D1 0CA57A4F
12Infinite O5K Ammo760D5580 00000000
183B2464 0CA57A4F
13Infinite G-Butterfly Ammo7609E9F0 00000000
183B24DB 0CA57A4F
14Max ERS .40 Ammo7605F530 00000000
183B83C0 0CA57A4F
15Max Handley 17g Ammo760769D0 00000000
183B83ED 0CA57A4F
16Max Hekloch P9 Ammo7608B0A0 00000000
183B83A6 0CA57A4F
17Max Orion 44mag Ammo7605B090 00000000
183B83D0 0CA57A4F
18Max Tragerri M1I Ammo7606A9C0 00000000
183B8318 0CA57A4F
19Max T17 Carbine Ammo760E7C00 00000000
183B830C 0CA57A4F
20Max Galeili MAR Ammo760AE2A0 00000000
183B83BB 0CA57A4F
21Max O5K Ammo76035EE0 00000000
183B8372 0CA57A4F
22Max G-Butterfly Ammo7606B1B0 00000000
183B839D 0CA57A4F
23Never Spotted76015620 00000000
283B3AA5 0CA57A65
24Have ERS .40760C69A0 00000000
183B2400 0CA57A56
25Have Handley 17g76095060 00000000
183B245A 0CA57A56
26Have Hekloch P976006760 00000000
183B24B3 0CA57A56
27Have Orion 44mag76051B00 00000000
183B24F9 0CA57A56
28Have Tragerri M1I76047280 00000000
183B2424 0CA57A56
29Have T17 Carbine760FD960 00000000
183B24E0 0CA57A56
30Have Galeili MAR7600F450 00000000
183B2416 0CA57A56
31Have O5K76029CF0 00000000
183B2486 0CA57A56
32Have G-Butterfly760CE2E0 00000000
183B2420 0CA57A56
33Have Grenade760829E0 00000000
183B242E 0CA57A4F
34Have Stun Grenade76000860 00000000
183B2487 0CA57A4F
35Have Stink Bomb760C79A0 00000000
183B24A9 0CA57A4F
36Have Flash Pencil76048EB0 00000000
183B24B5 0CA57A4F
37Have Stun Shaver760797E0 00000000
183B247D 0CA57A4F
38Have Boomerang Card760962B0 00000000
183B24FB 0CA57A4F
39Have Cig-Torch76089800 00000000
183B2483 0CA57A4F
40Have Jammer76061250 00000000
183B2498 0CA57A4F
41Have Bandage Bomb760657F0 00000000
183B2488 0CA57A4F
42Have Bomb Switch76043720 00000000
183B2434 0CA57A56
43Have Button Transmitter760A1C90 00000000
183B242B 0CA57A4F
44Have Mini Cam76076BD0 00000000
183B24EC 0CA57A56
45Have 3DA Cam760185A0 00000000
183B244E 0CA57A56
46Have Rappelling Kit76050370 00000000
183B247C 0CA57A56
47Have Spider Grip760C3470 00000000
183B2495 0CA57A56
48Have Body Armor760DD6B0 00000000
183B2468 0CA57A56
49Have Rebound Armor760E44A0 00000000
183B2480 0CA57A56
50Have Mine Detector7603CFD0 00000000
183B24D6 0CA57A56
51Have Bio Sensor760EA890 00000000
183B24B8 0CA57A56
52Have Toe Blade760FE3C0 00000000
183B246D 0CA57A56
53Have Recovery (S)760EE540 00000000
183B2484 0CA57A4F
54Have Recovery (M)7608E700 00000000
183B241E 0CA57A4F
55Have Recovery (L)760A4140 00000000
183B24BE 0CA57A4F
56Have Current Lotto Ticket760F70F0 00000000
183B24C8 0CA57A56
57Have Expired Lotto Ticket7609BC50 00000000
183B2462 0CA57A56
58Have Old Lotto Ticket760E5CD0 00000000
183B2405 0CA57A56
59Have Very Old Lotto Ticket76012C30 00000000
183B2466 0CA57A56
60Have Tattered Lottery Ticket760D22F0 00000000
183B24D5 0CA57A56
61Have Retina Goggles760521A0 00000000
183B2474 0CA57A56
62Have Sports Weekly760B1A10 00000000
183B24C2 0CA57A56
63Have LV 1 Card76008B50 00000000
183B248B 0CA57A56
64Have LV 2 Card7602A650 00000000
183B240B 0CA57A56
65Have Retina Scanner76034490 00000000
183B24F6 0CA57A56
66Have Cooling Spray76092F60 00000000
183B24C7 0CA57A56
67Have Optical Disk760E1970 00000000
183B2415 0CA57A56
68Have Message Card and Cocktail76081B30 00000000
183B248F 0CA57A56
69Have Security Tags760A6390 00000000
183B24B6 0CA57A4F
70Have Password Memo7608F700 00000000
183B24B7 0CA57A56
71Have Scanning Switch7606ABC0 00000000
183B2419 0CA57A56
72Have Map7606B3B0 00000000
183B249C 0CA57A56
73Have File Screen7609DB20 00000000
183B247A 0CA57A56
74Have Ultimatum Video760FE9B0 00000000
183B8340 0CA57A56
75Unlock All Garbology376048D70 00000000
483BCB5A 0CA77A56
2E187D54 0CA57A65

1Don't use with any other ammo code!
2In a fist fight you can be knocked out.
3They'll all be viewed as well.

All by MadCatz1, 2, 4, 75