Spider-Man 2 (GS With Media Player Codes)

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1[M] Must Be On76071380 00000000
770001B3 76EC1955
949135B2 FF629A7C
2Press Left To Disable Timer760AB8B0 00000000
D400B237 BF388C06
24D01228 1434453C
3Infinite Health760738E0 00000000
25801E2A 34B455DC
4Infinite Hero Meter7607C120 00000000
25D61788 60B4558C
25D61588 60B455BC
5Infinite Current Hero Points7608E720 00000000
2450A6AA 9276C10B
2450A69E 9A74C02B
24D0B6B8 1B578119
2440B634 5E7E8832
24913368 30F2D314
6Max Health7607B770 00000000
25801C2A 34B4554C
7Max Hero Points7605D190 00000000
25C25B54 4EA6917C
8Max Total Hero Points Gained760FAC20 00000000
25C25B54 4EA691CC
9Max Citizens In Distress Helped76026130 00000000
25C25854 4EA691DC
10Max Petty Crimes Stopped7606B4A0 00000000
25C25B54 4EA6914C
11Max Pizzas Delivered76095630 00000000
25DCB7A0 452CC524
12Max Happy Customers76087520 00000000
25DCB7A0 452CC534
13Max Enemies Defeated760266F0 00000000
259C11E0 47ACD344
14Max Weapons Yanked760103C0 00000000
259C11E0 47ACD374
15Max Unconscious Enemies Hung From Lightpoles7606DD00 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC514
16Max Most Enemies Defeaded Without Damage76049B20 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC534
17Max Total Attacks Dodged760CA0B0 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC5A4
18Max Total Bullets Dodged760FC580 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC594
19Max Spinning Pile Driver Revolutions760D83A0 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC5B4
20Max Number of Jumps760020D0 00000000
259C11E0 47ACD364
21Max Time Spent In Spider Reflexes760C31F0 00000000
22Max Longest Web Rodeo760D12E0 00000000
23Max Longest Wallsprint760E77D0 00000000
24Max Distance Traveled While Wallsprinting760D0C30 00000000
25DCB6A0 452CC524
25Max Distance Crawled760E6900 00000000
25DCB6A0 452CC514
26Max Distance Traveled760C2F20 00000000
25DCB6A0 452CC534
27Max Number of Steps Taken76065290 00000000
25DCB6A0 452CC584
28Max Number of Swings76077180 00000000
25DCB6A0 452CC594
29Max Helicopters Swung From760EE690 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC584
30Max Fastest Speed7607FE10 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC504
31Max Big Drop7605B830 00000000
25DCB4A0 452CC524
32Max Balloons Returned76032B80 00000000
25DCB7A0 452CC594
33Max Gang Wars Stopped76016DA0 00000000
25DCB7A0 452CC5B4
34Max Purse Snatches Foiled7603A410 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC504
35Max Hangers Rescued760B9F80 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC594
36Max Car Jackings Foiled760CFFB0 00000000
25DCB6A0 45ACC504
37Max Muggings Averted7601E230 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC524
38Max Break-Ins Foiled76028700 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC514
39Max Road Rages Ended7600C120 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC534
40Max Robberies Put Down760ABC90 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC584
41Max Battles Royal7608FAB0 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC5A4
42Max Ambushes Avenged7609D9A0 00000000
25DCB5A0 452CC5B4
43Max Sinking Boats Rescued760EB990 00000000
25DCB6A0 45ACC524
44Max Medical Emergencies Resolved760DDCA0 00000000
25DCB6A0 45ACC514
45Max Officer Assists760F9A80 00000000
25DCB6A0 45ACC534
46Have All Hint Markers Found7608BF10 00000000
25D95048 46A4D17C
47Have All Secret Tokens Found760D9DE0 00000000
25983268 4225C33C
48Have All Skyscraper Tokens Found76023250 00000000
25987268 4224C38C
49Have All Hideout Tokens Found760A7A60 00000000
25983268 4624C3AC
50Have All Buoy Tokens Found7601CEB0 00000000
25987268 0234C39C
51No Gallons of Web Fluid Used7602E8D0 00000000
25901168 16B4D35C
52No Pedestrians Jostled7605B980 00000000
25D0B628 1434C5AC
53Never Hit760AD340 00000000
25901168 16B4D3CC
54Never Fallen Hard On The Ground760EE720 00000000
25D0B628 1434C50C
55Never Fallen In Water7601E380 00000000
25D0B728 1434C5AC
Have Combat Upgrades
56Web Hanger76059300 00000000
25D863E8 1637D3ED
57Air Jump Off Kick760CD7E0 00000000
259841E8 1637D16D
58Cannonball Kick76078940 00000000
259841E8 1637D1CD
59Rising Knee Kick7604EC70 00000000
259841E8 1637D1FD
60Yank Behind7600E970 00000000
259842E8 16B7D15D
61Earth Breaker Punch760A94C0 00000000
259842E8 16B7D1ED
62Level 3 Air Combo76097E60 00000000
259840E8 16B7D14D
63Launch Kick760A1B50 00000000
259840E8 16B7D17D
64Dizzy Strike760145F0 00000000
259840E8 16B7D1DD
65Multi Web Hammer7607D640 00000000
259843E8 16B7D16D
66The Hero Punch760C88E0 00000000
259843E8 16B7D1CD
67Interceptor Kick760FEDD0 00000000
259843E8 16B7D1FD
68Level 4 Air Combo760C0770 00000000
259841E8 16B7D15D
69Jaw Launcher76067AC0 00000000
259841E8 16B7D1ED
70Air Pile Driver760A97A0 00000000
25D862E8 1637D34D
71Double Heel Kick7609F290 00000000
25D862E8 1637D37D
72Stair Step Kicks Combo7602AC30 00000000
25D862E8 1637D3DD
73Super Web760679A0 00000000
25D861E8 1637D34D
74Whirlwind Kick76006580 00000000
25D860E8 1637D36D
75Rising Shoulder Charge760B3B20 00000000
25D860E8 1637D3CD
76Air Web Slam76085E10 00000000
25D860E8 1637D3FD
77Spider Missile760FEEB0 00000000
25D863E8 1637D35D
78Grapple760625C0 00000000
259843E8 1637D14D
79Max Traps Webs760AB930 00000000
25903168 0635D3EC
Have Locomotion Upgrades
80Max Swing Level7609A780 00000000
25907068 06B4D3FC
81Web Zip76033500 00000000
25D840E8 1637D36D
82Wallsprint Duration Upgrade 176052920 00000000
25D841E8 1637D34D
83Slingshot Jump76019560 00000000
259840E8 1637D1ED

All by MadCatz1