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1[M] Must Be OnF4441258 9B34D5E2
2Next Level Option15309028 16F443EC
3Infinite Webbing15309028 16F4437C
4Bighead Others Mode15309328 16F4434C
5Matrix Fight Mode15309028 16F443FC
6All Combat Controls15309028 16F443CC
7Mini Spider-Man15309328 16F4436C
8Big Head/Feet15309328 16F4435C
91st Person Mode15309328 16F4437C
10Unlock Vulture Movie15309128 167443CC
11Unlock Shocker Movie15309128 167443EC
12Unlock Secret Store Costumes1570B32E 167443FC
Play As... Codes
13Play As Peter Parker15309128 167443DC
14Play As Wrestler Spidey15309128 167443FC
15Play As Evil Spidey15309228 16F4434C
16Play As Green Goblin15309228 16F4436C
17Play As Mary Jane15309228 16F4435C
18Play As Shocker15309228 16F4437C
19Play As Scientist15309228 16F443CC
20Play As Thug 115309228 16F443EC
21Play As Thug 215309228 16F443DC
22Play As Thug 315309228 16F443FC
23Play As Helicopter Pilot15309028 16F4434C
24Play As Matrix Spidey15309028 16F4436C
25Play As Police Officer15309028 16F4435C
26All Art/Most Movies15309028 16F443DC
Have Moves Codes
27Have Dual Fists Combo2570B328 16F4434C
28Have Field Goal Combo2570B328 16F4436C
29Have Gravity Slam Combo2570B328 16F4435C
30Have Web Hit Combo2570B328 16F4437C
31Have Backflip Kick Combo2570B328 16F443CC
32Have Sting Combo2570B328 16F443EC
33Have Palm Combo2570B328 16F443DC
34Have High Web Hit Combo2570B328 16F443FC
35Have Dive - Bomb Combo2570B128 16F4434C
36Have Head Hammer Combo2570B128 16F4436C
37Have Dive Kick Combo2570B128 16F4435C
38Have Uppercut Combo2570B128 16F443EC
39Have Flip Mule Combo2570B128 16F443DC
40Have Low Web Hit Combo2570B128 16F443FC
41Have Elbow Slam Combo2530B228 1674434C
42Have Scissor Kick Combo2530B228 1674436C
43Have High Stomp Combo2530B228 1674435C
44Have Tackle Combo2530B228 167443CC
45Have Handspring Combo2530B228 167443EC
46Have Haymaker Combo2530B228 167443DC
47Have Web Gloves2530B028 1674437C
48Have Adv Web Gloves2530B028 167443CC
49Have Web Dome2530B028 1674436C
50Have Adv Web Dome2530B028 1674435C
51Have Impact Web2530B028 167443EC
52Have Adv Impact Web2530B028 167443DC
Level Statistics Codes
53Search For Justice Statistics: Max Level Completion1530B333 97F403DE
54Search For Justice Statistics: Max Perfect1530B332 97F403FE
55Search For Justice Statistics: Max Combat1530B333 97F403FE
56Search For Justice Statistics: Max Secrets Found1530B132 97F4034E
57Search For Justice Statistics: Max Style1530B133 97F4034E
58Warehouse Hunt Statistics: Max Level Completion1530B132 97F4036E
59Warehouse Hunt Statistics: Max Stealth1530B133 97F4036E
60Warehouse Hunt Statistics: Max Secrets Found1530B132 97F4035E
61Warehouse Hunt Statistics: Max Style1530B133 97F4035E
62Birth Of A Hero Statistics: Max Level Completion1530B132 97F4037E
63Birth Of A Hero Statistics: Max Time1530B133 97F4037E
64Birth Of A Hero Statistics: Max Secrets Found1530B132 97F403CE
65Birth Of A Hero Statistics: Max Style1530B133 97F403CE
66Oscorp' Gambit Statistics: Max Level Completion1530B132 97F403EE
67Oscorp' Gambit Statistics: Max Perfect1530B133 97F403EE
68Oscorp' Gambit Statistics: Max Defeated HKs1530B132 97F403DE
69Oscorp' Gambit Statistics: Max Style1530B133 97F403DE
70The Subway Station Statistics: Max Level Completion1530B132 97F403FE
71The Subway Station Statistics: Max Time1530B133 97F403FE
72The Subway Station Statistics: Max Perfect15709232 9774034E
73The Subway Station Statistics: Max Style15709233 9774034E
74Chase Through The Sewer Statistics: Max Level Completion15709232 9774036E
75Chase Through The Sewer Statistics: Max Time15709233 9774036E
76Chase Through The Sewer Statistics: Max Secrets Found15709232 9774035E
77Chase Through The Sewer Statistics: Max Combat15709233 9774035E
78Chase Through The Sewer Statistics: Max Style15709232 9774037E
79SD With Shocker Statistics: Max Level Completion15709233 9774037E
80SD With Shocker Statistics: Max Time15709232 977403CE
81SD With Shocker Statistics: Max Perfect15709233 977403CE
82SD With Shocker Statistics: Max Secrets Found15709232 977403EE
83SD With Shocker Statistics: Max Style15709233 977403EE
84Max Vulture's Lair Statistics: Max Level Completion15709232 977403DE
85Max Vulture's Lair Statistics: Max Time15709233 977403DE
86Max Vulture's Lair Statistics: Max Perfect15709232 977403FE
87Max Vulture Escapes Statistics: Max Level Completion15709032 9774034E
88Max Vulture Escapes Statistics: Max Time15709033 9774034E
89Max Vulture Escapes Statistics: Max Perfect15709032 9774036E
90Max Vulture Proximity15709033 9774036E
91Air Duel With Vulture Statistics: Max Level Completion15709033 9774035E
92Air Duel With Vulture Statistics: Max Time15709032 9774037E
93Air Duel With Vulture Statistics: Max Perfect15709033 9774037E
94Air Duel With Vulture Statistics: Max Style15709032 977403CE
95Corralled Statistics: Max Level Completion15709033 977403CE
96Corralled Statistics: Max Secrets Found15709233 97F403DE
97Corralled Statistics: Max Protected Scorpion15709232 97F403FE
98Corralled Statistics: Max Style15709233 97F403FE
99Scorpion's Rampage Statistics: Max Level Completion15709032 977403EE
100Scorpion's Rampage Statistics: Max No Pickups Used15709033 97F4034E
101Scorpion's Rampage Statistics: Max Style15709232 97F403DE
102Coup D'etat Statistics: Max Level Completion15709033 977403EE
103Coup D'etat Statistics: Max Time15709032 977403DE
104Coup D'etat Statistics: Max Perfect15709033 977403DE
105Coup D'etat Statistics: Max Style15709032 977403FE
106The Offer Statistics: Max Level Completion15709033 977403FE
107The Offer Statistics: Max Time15709332 9774034E
108The Offer Statistics: Max Perfect15709333 9774034E
109The Offer Statistics: Max Ride Goblin15709032 97F4035E
110The Offer Statistics: Max Style15709332 9774036E
111Race Against Time Statistics: Max Level Completion15709333 9774036E
112Race Against Time Statistics: Max Time15709332 9774035E
113Race Against Time Statistics: Max Perfect15709333 9774035E
114The Razor's Edge Statistics: Max Level Completion15709332 977403FE
115The Razor's Edge Statistics: Max R - bats Destroyed15709333 977403FE
116The Razor's Edge Statistics: Max Remaining Health15709132 9774034E
117The Razor's Edge Statistics: Max Pickups Used15709133 9774034E
118The Razor's Edge Statistics: Max Style15709132 9774036E
119Breaking And Entering Statistics: Max Level Completion15709133 9774036E
120Breaking And Entering Statistics: Max Time15709132 9774035E
121Breaking And Entering Statistics: Max Perfect15709133 9774035E
122Breaking And Entering Statistics: Max Secrets Found15709132 9774037E
123Breaking And Entering Statistics: Max Stealth Bonus15709133 9774037E
124Chemical Chaos Statistics: Max Level Completion15709133 977403CE
125Chemical Chaos Statistics: Max Time15709132 977403EE
126Chemical Chaos Statistics: Max Perfect15709133 977403EE
127Oscorp's U.Weapon Statistics: Max Level Completion15709133 977403DE
128Oscorp's U.Weapon Statistics: Max Time15709132 977403FE
129Oscorp's U.Weapon Statistics: Max Perfect15709133 977403FE
130Oscorp's U.Weapon Statistics: Max Style15709232 97F4034E
131Escape From Oscorp Statistics: Max Level Completion15709233 97F4034E
132Escape From Oscorp Statistics: Max Perfect15709232 97F4036E
133Escape From Oscorp Statistics: Max Supersoldiers Killed15709233 97F4036E
134Escape From Oscorp Statistics: Max Style15709232 97F4035E
135Mary Jane Kidnapped Statistics: Max Level Completion15709233 97F4035E
136Mary Jane Kidnapped Statistics: Max Perfect15709232 97F4037E

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