Sphinx And The Cursed Mummy

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1[M] Must Be On945413E4 952E917A
2Infinite Health24D03468 9CF0D17C
3Max Health24D03468 9CF0D1CC
Quest Item Codes
4Quest Items: Gold Ankh Piece2490372C 96F043AC
5Quest Items: Abydosian Pearls24103528 16F0432E
6Quest Items: Healing Herbs24103528 96F043AC
7Quest Items: Rosetta Stone Piece24D01628 9670432E
8Quest Items: Atun Eye24D0162E 967043AE
9Quest Items: Gold Key24501428 9670432C
10Quest Items: Glyph Key24501428 967043AC
11Quest Items: Glyph Key (With Stone)24501728 9670432C
12Quest Items: South Desert Key24501728 167043AC
13Quest Items: Obelisk Gate Key24501528 1670432C
14Quest Items: Cave Door Key24501528 167043AC
15Quest Items: Coconut24501628 16F0432E
16Quest Items: Urukite Crown24501628 16F043AC
17Quest Items: Abydosian Crown24501428 16F0432C
18Quest Items: Helian Crown24501428 16F043AC
19Quest Items: Set Crown24501728 16F0432C
20Quest Items: Curse Stone 1 (White)24501728 16F043AC
21Quest Items: Curse Stone 2 (Green)24501528 16F0432C
22Quest Items: Curse Stone 3 (Red)24501528 16F043AC
23Quest Items: Curse Stone 4 (Gold)24101628 1670432C
24Quest Items: Curse Stone 5 (Blue)24101628 167043AC
25Quest Items: Curse Stone 6 (Purple)24101428 1670432C
26Quest Items: Curse Stone 7 (Cyan)24101428 167043AC
27Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 124101728 1670432C
28Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 224101728 167043AC
29Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 324101528 1670432C
30Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 424101528 167043AC
31Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 524101628 16F0432C
32Quest Items: Stolen Jewel 624101628 16F043AC
33Quest Items: Skeletal Skull24101428 16F0432C
34Quest Items: Skeletal Pelvis24101428 16F043AC
35Quest Items: Skeletal Arm24101728 16F0432C
36Quest Items: Skeletal Leg24101728 16F043AC
37Quest Items: Canopic Vase24901528 96F0432E
38Quest Items: Mysterious Amulet24101528 16F043AC
39Quest Items: Abydos Amulet24503628 1670512C
40Quest Items: Heliopolis Amulet24503628 167051AC
41Quest Items: Anubis Amulet24503428 1670512C
42Quest Items: Bas-Ket24503428 167051AC
43Quest Items: Blue Diamond24D03728 9670512C
44Quest Items: Book Of The Dead24503728 167051AC
45Quest Items: Physician's Note24503528 1670512C
46Quest Items: Rosetta Stone24503528 167051AC
47Quest Items: Abydos Pass Card24503628 16F0512C
48Quest Items: Beetle Breeding Jar24503628 16F051AC
49Quest Items: Loyalty Card24503428 16F0512C
50Quest Items: Royal Invitation24503428 16F051AC
51Quest Items: Parasol24503728 16F0512C
52Quest Items: Monster List I24503728 16F051AC
53Quest Items: Monster List II24503528 16F0512C
54Quest Items: Monster List III24503528 16F051AC
55Quest Items: Zip Line Handle24103628 1670512C
56Quest Items: Old Key24103628 167051AC
57Quest Items: Stairs Key24103428 1670512C
58Quest Items: Medicine Bag24103428 167051AC
59Quest Items: Atun Statue24103728 1670512C
60Quest Items: Hathor Statue24103728 167051AC
61Quest Items: Eagle Stone24103528 1670512C
62Quest Items: Dark Stone24103528 167051AC
63Quest Items: Marksman Medal24103628 16F0512C
64Quest Items: Medal Of Memory24103628 16F051AC
65Quest Items: Medal Of Champions24103428 16F0512C
66Quest Items: Medal Of Sequences24103428 16F051AC
67Quest Items: Master Hunter24103728 16F0512C
68Quest Items: Hunter Gold Class24103728 16F051AC
69Quest Items: Hunter Silver Class24103528 16F0512C
70Quest Items: Hunter Bronze Class24103528 16F051AC
71Quest Items: All Quest Items44913708 92F043AC
3956D7F1 9BABB1E0
Ability Item Codes
72Ability Items: Standard Dart24C03628 9EF0432C
73Ability Items: Bouncing Dart24C03628 9EF043AC
74Ability Items: Ice Dart24D0342E 96F0432E
75Ability Items: Acid Dart24D0342E 96F043AE
76Ability Items: Fire Dart24D0372E 96F0432E
24D0372E 96F0431E
77Ability Items: Gold Scarab24903C2C 16F0032C
78Ability Items: Onyx Scarab24903C2C 16F003AC
79Ability Items: Capture Beetle2490372C 96F0532C
80Ability Items: Blade Of Osiris24103728 16F053AC
81Ability Items: Shield Of Osiris24103528 16F0532C
82Ability Items: Blowpipe24103528 16F053AC
83Ability Items: Wings Of Ibis24501628 1670532C
84Ability Items: Crocodile Scales24501628 167053AC
85Ability Items: Underwater Projectile24501428 1670532C
86Ability Items: Hands Of Amun24501428 167053AC
87Ability Items: Scarab Bag24501728 1670532C
88Ability Items: Large Scarab Bag24501728 167053AC
89Ability Items: Beetle Pouch24501528 1670532C
90Ability Items: Beetle Satchel24501528 167053AC
91Ability Items: Dart Belt24501628 16F0532C
92Ability Items: Wings Of Thoth24501428 16F053AC
24501428 16F0539C
93Ability Items: Ancient Claws24501728 16F0532C
24501728 16F0531C
94Ability Items: Onyx Of Isis24501728 16F053AC
24501728 16F0539C
95Ability Items: Oxygen Ankh24501528 16F0532C
24501528 16F0531C
96Ability Items: Electric Ankh24501528 16F053AC
24501528 16F0539C
97Ability Items: Scroll Of Sokar24101628 1670532C
24101628 1670531C
98Ability Items: Wings Of Ra24101628 167053AC
24101628 1670539C
99Ability Items: All Ability Items44D13628 96E0432C
3952D6F5 9BABB1E0
24D0372E 96F0431E
44903428 92F0432C
3942D6A1 9B2B91E0
44953728 96E0532C
3942D6A1 9B2B91E0
44D11428 92E053AC
44D11428 92E053AC
3956D7F1 9BABB1E0
44D11428 92E0539C
3956D7F1 9BABB1E0
Monster Codes
100Monsters: Fire Armadillo24D0162A 16F053AE
101Monsters: Slim Burble24D0142A 16F0532E
102Monsters: Almost-A-Bull2490142A 1670532E
103Monsters: Big Bull2490142A 167053AE
104Monsters: Blade Scorpion2490172A 1670532E
105Monsters: Chihuahua2490172A 167053AE
106Monsters: Cobra2490152A 1670532E
107Monsters: Crabhands2490152A 167053AE
108Monsters: Cyclops2490162A 16F0532E
109Monsters: Dark Worshipper2490162A 16F053AE
110Monsters: Electric Armadillo2490142A 16F0532E
111Monsters: Exo-Piranha2490142A 16F053AE
112Monsters: Featherless Turkey2490172A 16F0532E
113Monsters: Goofy Lizard2490172A 16F053AE
114Monsters: Green Giant Worm2490152A 16F0532E
115Monsters: Half Brute2490152A 16F053AE
116Monsters: Knives Cat24D0362A 1670416E
117Monsters: Mummy Bird24D0362A 167041EE
118Monsters: Mummy Chihuahua24D0342A 1670416E
119Monsters: Mummy Worm24D0342A 167041EE
120Monsters: Nose Needler24D0372A 1670416E
121Monsters: Piranha24D0372A 167041EE
122Monsters: Rat24D0352A 1670416E
123Monsters: Sharpbeak24D0352A 167041EE
124Monsters: Shell Critter24D0362A 16F0416E
125Monsters: Shuttlecock Bird24D0362A 16F041EE
126Monsters: Skeletal Axeman24D0342A 16F0416E
127Monsters: Skeletal Spider24D0342A 16F041EE
128Monsters: Skull Swordsman24D0372A 16F0416E
129Monsters: Skull Worshipper24D0372A 16F041EE
130Monsters: Small Frog24D0352A 16F0416E
131Monsters: Smiling Burble24D0352A 16F041EE
132Monsters: Spike Spider2490362A 1670416E
133Monsters: Sunflower2490362A 167041EE
134Monsters: Tree Creature2490342A 1670416E
135Monsters: Wasp Spider2490342A 167041EE
136Monsters: All Monsters44D01628 92F053AC
3946D6E1 93ABB1E0
44921428 9270532C
3946D6E1 93ABB1E0

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