Soul Calibur II

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1[M] Must Be OnF447B63E B66C4D16
2Infinite: Health P154D03468 96B44718
3Infinite: Health P11923D624 932BB1F0
4Infinite: Soul Charge P154D01628 96B44158
5Infinite: Soul Charge P13933D635 03ABB1D0
6Infinite: Health P254909468 94344558
7Infinite: Health P21961D625 13AB91D0
8Infinite: Soul Charge P25490B668 94344518
9Infinite: Soul Charge P21933D635 932BB1F0
10Unlock: Extra Arcade Mode04101369 143443BA
11Unlock: Extra VS Battle Mode04101369 143463BA
12Unlock: Extra Time Attack (Standard)04101168 1434430A
13Unlock: Extra Time Attack (Alternative)04101168 1434630A
14Unlock: Extra Time Attack (Extreme)04101169 1434430A
15Unlock: Extra Survival (Standard)04101169 1434630A
16Unlock: Extra Survival (Death Match)04101168 1434432A
17Unlock: Extra Survival (No Recovery)04101168 1434632A
18Unlock: Extra Team Battle Mode04101169 1434432A
19Unlock: Extra VS Team Battle Mode04101169 1434632A
20Unlock: Extra Practice Mode04101168 1434431A
21Unlock: Battle Theatre04101168 1434433A
22Unlock: Weapon Gallery04101168 1434633A
23Unlock: Weapon Master Opening04101169 1434433A
24Unlock: Weapon Master Ending04101169 1434633A
25Unlock: Opening (Home Ver.)04101168 1434438A
26Unlock: Opening (Arcade Ver.)04101168 1434638A
27Unlock: Ending (Arcade Ver.)04101169 1434438A
28Unlock Locations: Hwangsea Palace04101169 1434638A
29Unlock Locations: Lakeside Coliseum04101168 143443AA
30Unlock Locations: Money Pit / Top Tier04101168 143463AA
31Unlock Locations: Egyptian Crypt04101169 143443AA
32Unlock Locations: Labyrinth04101169 143463AA
33Unlock Character: Sophitia04101068 1434430A
34Unlock Character: Seung Mina04101068 1434630A
35Unlock Character: Yoshimitsu04101069 1434430A
36Unlock Character: Charade04101069 1434630A
37Unlock Character: Cervantes04101068 1434432A
38Unlock Character: Lizardman04101068 1434632A
39Unlock Character: Assassin04101069 1434432A
40Unlock Character: Beserker04101069 1434632A
41Raphael Unlocks: Profile04101068 1434431A
42Raphael Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101068 1434631A
43Raphael Unlocks: Extra Costume04101069 1434431A
44Talim Unlocks: Profile04101069 1434631A
45Talim Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101068 1434433A
46Talim Unlocks: Extra Costume04101068 1434633A
47Yungsung Unlocks: Profile04101069 1434433A
48Yungsung Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101069 1434633A
49Cassandra Unlocks: Profile04101068 1434438A
50Cassandra Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101068 1434638A
51Cassandra Unlocks: Extra Costume04101069 1434438A
52Mitsurugi Unlocks: Profile04101069 1434638A
53Mitsurugi Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101068 143443AA
54Mitsurugi Unlocks: Extra Costume04101068 143463AA
55Taki Unlocks: Profile04101069 143443AA
56Taki Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101069 143463AA
57Taki Unlocks: Extra Costume04101068 1434439A
58Voldo Unlocks: Profile04101068 1434639A
59Voldo Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101069 1434439A
60Voldo Unlocks: Extra Costume04101069 1434639A
61Nightmare Unlocks: Profile04101068 143443BA
62Nightmare Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101068 143463BA
63Nightmare Unlocks: Extra Costume04101069 143443BA
64Astaroth Unlocks: Profile04101069 143463BA
65Astaroth Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101368 1434430A
66Astaroth Unlocks: Extra Costume04101368 1434630A
67Ivy Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434430A
68Ivy Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434630A
69Ivy Unlocks: Extra Costume04101368 1434432A
70Kilik Unlocks: Profile04101368 1434632A
71Kilik Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434432A
72Xianghua Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434632A
73Xianghua Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101368 1434431A
74Xianghua Unlocks: Extra Costume04101368 1434631A
75Maxi Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434431A
76Maxi Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434631A
77Necrid Unlocks: Profile04101368 1434433A
78Necrid Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101368 1434633A
79Heihachi Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434433A
80Heihachi Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434633A
81Sophitia Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434438A
82Sophitia Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434638A
83Sophitia Unlocks: Extra Costume04101368 143443AA
84Seung Mina Unlocks: Profile04101368 143463AA
85Seung Mina Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 143443AA
86Seung Mina Unlocks: Extra Costume04101369 143463AA
87Yoshimitsu Unlocks: Profile04101368 1434439A
88Yoshimitsu Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101368 1434639A
89Charade Unlocks: Profile04101369 1434439A
90Charade Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101369 1434639A
91Cervantes Unlocks: Profile04101368 143443BA
92Cervantes Unlocks: Weapon Demo04101368 143463BA
93Raphael Weapons: Epee04101168 1434439A
94Raphael Weapons: Stiletto04101168 1434639A
95Raphael Weapons: Reiterpallasch04101169 1434439A
96Raphael Weapons: Wo Dao04101169 1434639A
97Raphael Weapons: Schweizer04101168 143443BA
98Raphael Weapons: Holy Antler04101168 143463BA
99Raphael Weapons: Estoc04101169 143443BA
100Raphael Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101169 143463BA
101Raphael Weapons: Queens Guard04101268 14B4430A
102Raphael Weapons: Cane04101268 14B4630A
103Talim Weapons: Wind Guide04101269 14B4430A
104Talim Weapons: Tonfa04101269 14B4630A
105Talim Weapons: Side Harpe04101268 14B4432A
106Talim Weapons: Double Crescent Blade04101268 14B4632A
107Talim Weapons: Chaqu04101269 14B4432A
108Talim Weapons: Cao Ankana04101269 14B4632A
109Talim Weapons: Maila Kari04101268 14B4431A
110Talim Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101268 14B4631A
111Talim Weapons: Soul Calibur04101269 14B4431A
112Talim Weapons: Weight04101269 14B4631A
113Yunsung Weapons: Machete04101268 14B4433A
114Yunsung Weapons: Khanjar04101268 14B4633A
115Yunsung Weapons: Xiao Lian04101269 14B4433A
116Yunsung Weapons: Giant Butcher Knife04101269 14B4633A
117Yunsung Weapons: Cheng Ying04101268 14B4438A
118Yunsung Weapons: Ramdao04101268 14B4638A
119Yunsung Weapons: Blue Thunder04101269 14B4438A
120Yunsung Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101269 14B4638A
121Yunsung Weapons: Han Guang04101268 14B443AA
122Yunsung Weapons: Childs Sword04101268 14B463AA
123Cassandra Weapons: Spiked Shield04101269 14B443AA
124Cassandra Weapons: Dark Blade04101269 14B463AA
125Cassandra Weapons: Metesashi04101268 14B4439A
126Cassandra Weapons: Spine Blade04101268 14B4639A
127Cassandra Weapons: Katzbalger04101269 14B4439A
128Cassandra Weapons: Red Chrystal Rod04101269 14B4639A
129Cassandra Weapons: Ivan The Terrible04101268 14B443BA
130Cassandra Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101268 14B463BA
131Cassandra Weapons: Valkyrie04101269 14B443BA
132Cassandra Weapons: Keepsake04101269 14B463BA
133Mitsurugi Weapons: Korefuji04101068 14B4430A
134Mitsurugi Weapons: Two-Handed Sword04101068 14B4630A
135Mitsurugi Weapons: Shamshir04101069 14B4430A
136Mitsurugi Weapons: Basilard04101069 14B4630A
137Mitsurugi Weapons: Gassan04101068 14B4432A
138Mitsurugi Weapons: Tulwar04101068 14B4632A
139Mitsurugi Weapons: Masamune04101069 14B4432A
140Mitsurugi Weapons: Soul Edge(Complete)04101069 14B4632A
141Mitsurugi Weapons: Damascus Sword04101068 14B4431A
142Mitsurugi Weapons: Souvenir Gift04101068 14B4631A
143Taki Weapons: Kunai04101069 14B4431A
144Taki Weapons: Slicer04101069 14B4631A
145Taki Weapons: Kagekiri04101068 14B4433A
146Taki Weapons: Yoroitoshi04101068 14B4633A
147Taki Weapons: Funakugi04101069 14B4433A
148Taki Weapons: Silent Edge04101069 14B4633A
149Taki Weapons: Kamizoroe04101068 14B4438A
150Taki Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101068 14B4638A
151Taki Weapons: Kris Naga04101069 14B4438A
152Taki Weapons: Tobacco Pipes04101069 14B4638A
153Voldo Weapons: Cat Claws04101068 14B443AA
154Voldo Weapons: Tofana Scissors04101068 14B463AA
155Voldo Weapons: Shame & Blame04101069 14B443AA
156Voldo Weapons: Iron Ram04101069 14B463AA
157Voldo Weapons: Heavy Jur04101068 14B4439A
158Voldo Weapons: Karma & Mara04101068 14B4639A
159Voldo Weapons: Full Moon04101069 14B4439A
160Voldo Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101069 14B4639A
161Voldo Weapons: Guillotine04101068 14B443BA
162Voldo Weapons: Tambourines04101068 14B463BA
163Nightmare Weapons: Flamberge04101069 14B443BA
164Nightmare Weapons: Great Blade04101069 14B463BA
165Nightmare Weapons: Steel Paddle04101368 14B4430A
166Nightmare Weapons: Glam04101368 14B4630A
167Nightmare Weapons: Requiem04101369 14B4430A
168Nightmare Weapons: Faust04101369 14B4630A
169Nightmare Weapons: Soul Edge (Growth)04101368 14B4432A
170Nightmare Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101368 14B4632A
171Nightmare Weapons: Soul Calibur04101369 14B4432A
172Nightmare Weapons: Galley Oar04101369 14B4632A
173Astaroth Weapons: War Hammer04101368 14B4431A
174Astaroth Weapons: Terror Moon04101368 14B4631A
175Astaroth Weapons: Battle Axe04101369 14B4431A
176Astaroth Weapons: Great Maul04101369 14B4631A
177Astaroth Weapons: Tabar04101368 14B4433A
178Astaroth Weapons: Nanbanfu04101368 14B4633A
179Astaroth Weapons: Bulova04101369 14B4433A
180Astaroth Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101369 14B4633A
181Astaroth Weapons: Thanatos04101368 14B4438A
182Astaroth Weapons: Rock04101368 14B4638A
183Ivy Weapons: Mirage Blade04101369 14B4438A
184Ivy Weapons: Wiseman Mace04101369 14B4638A
185Ivy Weapons: Dream Blade04101368 14B443AA
186Ivy Weapons: Chained Flail04101368 14B463AA
187Ivy Weapons: Viper Edge04101369 14B443AA
188Ivy Weapons: Alruane04101369 14B463AA
189Ivy Weapons: Demon Tail04101368 14B4439A
190Ivy Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101368 14B4639A
191Ivy Weapons: Kaleidoscope04101369 14B4439A
192Ivy Weapons: Prototype Ivy Blade04101369 14B4639A
193Kilik Weapons: Quarterstaff04101368 14B443BA
194Kilik Weapons: Ling-Sheng Su Bo04101368 14B463BA
195Kilik Weapons: Iron Staff04101369 14B443BA
196Kilik Weapons: Kunlun Bamboo04101369 14B463BA
197Kilik Weapons: Rokushakuboh04101168 14B4430A
198Kilik Weapons: Amud04101168 14B4630A
199Kilik Weapons: Duel Rod04101169 14B4430A
200Kilik Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101169 14B4630A
201Kilik Weapons: Jingu Staff04101168 14B4432A
202Kilik Weapons: Bamboo Staff04101168 14B4632A
203Xianghua Weapons: Kard04101169 14B4432A
204Xianghua Weapons: Northern Star04101169 14B4632A
205Xianghua Weapons: Soul Calibur (Evil)04101168 14B4431A
206Xianghua Weapons: Kopis04101168 14B4631A
207Xianghua Weapons: Qi Xing Sword04101169 14B4431A
208Xianghua Weapons: Krita-Yuga04101169 14B4631A
209Xianghua Weapons: Blue Storm04101168 14B4433A
210Xianghua Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101168 14B4633A
211Xianghua Weapons: Soul Calibur04101169 14B4433A
212Xianghua Weapons: Calligraphy Brush04101169 14B4633A
213Maxi Weapons: Tetsuryu04101168 14B4438A
214Maxi Weapons: Chained Kozuka04101168 14B4638A
215Maxi Weapons: Fatibal04101169 14B4438A
216Maxi Weapons: Raimei04101169 14B4638A
217Maxi Weapons: Fuzoroi04101168 14B443AA
218Maxi Weapons: Modified Flail04101168 14B463AA
219Maxi Weapons: Falcon04101169 14B443AA
220Maxi Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04101169 14B463AA
221Maxi Weapons: Vajra04101168 14B4439A
222Maxi Weapons: Termite Snack04101168 14B4639A
223Necrid Weapons: Lemures04101169 14B4439A
224Necrid Weapons: Morphos04101169 14B4639A
225Necrid Weapons: Orcus Claw04101168 14B443BA
226Necrid Weapons: Ignis Fatuus04101168 14B463BA
227Necrid Weapons: Lambent Viper04101169 14B443BA
228Necrid Weapons: Hex Luminae04101169 14B463BA
229Necrid Weapons: Infernal Edge04503268 1434510A
230Necrid Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503268 1434710A
231Necrid Weapons: Chaos04503269 1434510A
232Necrid Weapons: Ethereal Edge04503269 1434710A
233Heihachi Weapons: Gojou04503268 1434512A
234Heihachi Weapons: Hakuraimononofu04503268 1434712A
235Heihachi Weapons: Kenkoudaiichi04503269 1434512A
236Heihachi Weapons: Tenkamusou04503269 1434712A
237Heihachi Weapons: Hibitanren04503268 1434511A
238Heihachi Weapons: Hadakaikkan04503268 1434711A
239Heihachi Weapons: Dohatsuten04503269 1434511A
240Heihachi Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503269 1434711A
241Heihachi Weapons: Tekken04503268 1434513A
242Heihachi Weapons: Neshougatsu04503268 1434713A
243Sophitia Weapons: Swordbreaker04503269 1434513A
244Sophitia Weapons: Xi Sword04503269 1434713A
245Sophitia Weapons: Owl Shield04503268 1434518A
246Sophitia Weapons: Blue Crystal Rod04503268 1434718A
247Sophitia Weapons: Fire Blade04503269 1434518A
248Sophitia Weapons: Gladius04503269 1434718A
249Sophitia Weapons: Synval04503268 143451AA
250Sophitia Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503268 143471AA
251Sophitia Weapons: Orichalcum04503269 143451AA
252Sophitia Weapons: Memento04503269 143471AA
253Seung Mina Weapons: Defender04503268 1434519A
254Seung Mina Weapons: Hyup Do04503268 1434719A
255Seung Mina Weapons: Naginata04503269 1434519A
256Seung Mina Weapons: Couse04503269 1434719A
257Seung Mina Weapons: Bardiche04503268 143451BA
258Seung Mina Weapons: Halberd04503268 143471BA
259Seung Mina Weapons: Ambassador04503269 143451BA
260Seung Mina Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503269 143471BA
261Seung Mina Weapons: Hraesvelgr04503068 1434510A
262Seung Mina Weapons: Feather Broom04503068 1434710A
263Yoshimitsu Weapons: Shiranui04503069 1434510A
264Yoshimitsu Weapons: Kastane04503069 1434710A
265Yoshimitsu Weapons: Zantetsuken04503068 1434512A
266Yoshimitsu Weapons: Dha04503068 1434712A
267Yoshimitsu Weapons: Kagekiyo04503069 1434512A
268Yoshimitsu Weapons: Pakayun04503069 1434712A
269Yoshimitsu Weapons: Monohoshizao04503068 1434511A
270Yoshimitsu Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503068 1434711A
271Yoshimitsu Weapons: Hihiirokane04503069 1434511A
272Yoshimitsu Weapons: Shepherds Crook04503069 1434711A
273Cervantes Weapons: Falchion04503068 1434513A
274Cervantes Weapons: Firangi04503068 1434713A
275Cervantes Weapons: Erlang's Blade04503069 1434513A
276Cervantes Weapons: Acheron04503069 1434713A
277Cervantes Weapons: Phlegethon04503068 1434518A
278Cervantes Weapons: Cocytus04503068 1434718A
279Cervantes Weapons: Styx04503069 1434518A
280Cervantes Weapons: Soul Edge (Complete)04503069 1434718A
281Cervantes Weapons: Lethe04503068 143451AA
282Cervantes Weapons: Imitation Sword04503068 143471AA

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