Sly Cooper And The Thievius Raccoonus

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1[M] Must Be OnF442B62A BF74041E
2Infinite Lives14553272 9536974F
3Max Badges14453A78 9C36975F
4Game Speeded Up2450B722 0435D5C4
5[M] Must Be OnF442102A 9DF416CA
6Super Speed24D0B728 0435D5CC
7Secret Moves14403A76 9D3C9EC6
8All Movies14403A76 9D3C9ED6
14403A76 9D3C9EE6
9Infinite Lives04403268 1C34D74E
10Infinite Time1410BB7B 94B4D01C
11Infinite HealthD4D03268 1434D76C
14D03268 1434D76E
12Unlock Maps: Mesa City14101268 1C34D78C
13Unlock Maps: Haiti14101268 1C34D78C
14Unlock Maps: China14101368 1C34C5FC
15Unlock Maps: Russia14101068 1CB4C75C
16Max Clues14401978 9CB4870E
Have All Keys, Vaults, & Time Trials
177 Keys (Tide Of Terror)14501068 94B4D5AE
186 Vaults (Tide Of Terror)14D01068 94B4D59E
196 Time Trials (Tide Of Terror)14D01068 94B4D5BE
20Max Clues (Mesa City)14001878 9C34953E
217 Keys (Mesa City)14101268 9434D70E
225 Vaults (Mesa City)14101268 9434D72C
235 Time Trials (Mesa City)14101268 9434D71C
24Max Clues (Haiti)14001978 9C34979E
257 Keys (Haiti)14101368 9434C57E
264 Vaults (Haiti)14901368 9434C5CC
274 Time Trials (Haiti)14901368 9434C5EC
28Max Clues (China)14001B78 9CB4856E
297 Keys (China)14101268 94B4C7DE
304 Vaults (China)14901268 94B4C7FC
314 Time Trials (China)14901068 94B4C74C
Unlock All Levels - Tide of Terror
32Unlock Levels: Prowling Grounds (Tide Of Terror)14501168 14B4C7AC
33Unlock Levels: Into the Machine (Tide Of Terror)14101168 14B4C72C
34Unlock Levels: High Class Heist (Tide Of Terror)14101168 1434C73C
35Unlock Levels: Fire Down Below (Tide Of Terror)14503368 14B4D5AC
36Unlock Levels: Cunning Disguise (Tide Of Terror)14503368 1434D5BC
37Unlock Levels: Gunboat Graveyard (Tide Of Terror)14103368 14B4D52C
38Unlock Levels: Treasure Depths (Tide Of Terror)14103368 1434D53C
39Unlock Levels: Eye Of The Storm (Tide Of Terror)14501068 1434D5BC
Unlock All Levels - Mesa City
40Unlock Levels: Rocky Start (Mesa City)14501368 14B4D51C
41Unlock Levels: Muggshot's Turf (Mesa City)14101368 1434D50C
42Unlock Levels: Big Gamble (Mesa City)14503068 1434D78C
43Unlock Levels: At The Dog Track (Mesa City)14503068 14B4D71C
44Unlock Levels: Two Can Tango (Mesa City)14103068 1434D70C
45Unlock Levels: Boneyard Casino (Mesa City)14101068 14B4D59C
46Unlock Levels: Back Alley Heist (Mesa City)14501268 1434D78C
47Unlock Levels: To The Top (Mesa City)14103268 14B4D79C
48Unlock Levels: Last Call (Mesa City)14501268 14B4D71C
Unlock All Levels - Haiti
49Unlock Levels: Swamp Path (Haiti)14101268 1434D7AC
50Unlock Levels: Dark Center (Haiti)14101268 14B4D73C
51Unlock Levels: Grave Undertaking (Haiti)14503168 1434C5FC
52Unlock Levels: Piranah Lake (Haiti)14503168 14B4C5EC
53Unlock Levels: Lair Of The Beast (Haiti)14503268 1434C56C
54Unlock Levels: Descent into Danger (Haiti)14103168 1434C57C
55Unlock Levels: Ghastly Voyage (Haiti)14103168 14B4C56C
56Unlock Levels: Home cooking (Haiti)14501368 1434C5FC
57Unlock Levels: Deadly Dance (Haiti)14501368 14B4C5EC
Unlock All Levels - China
58Unlock Levels: Perilous Ascent (China)14101168 1434C54C
59Unlock Levels: Stronghold (China)14101368 14B4C5DC
60Unlock Levels: King Of The Hill (China)14103368 1434C74C
61Unlock Levels: Unseen Foe (China)14503368 14B4C75C
62Unlock Levels: Temple Of Flame (China)14503368 1434C7CC
63Unlock Levels: Desperate Race (China)14501068 14B4C75C
64Unlock Levels: Duel By The Dragon (China)14501068 1434C7CC
65Unlock Levels: Fire Assault (China)14103068 14B4C7DC
66Unlock Levels: Flame Fu! (China)14101068 1434C74C
Unlock All Levels - Russia
67Unlock Levels: Hazardous Path (Russia)14101068 14B4C77C
68Unlock Levels: Burning Rubber (Russia)14503268 14B4D5FC
69Unlock Levels: Daring Rescue (Russia)14103268 1434D5EC
70Unlock Levels: Bently Comes Thru (Russia)14103268 14B4D57C
71Unlock Levels: Temporary Truce (Russia)14501268 1434D56C
72Unlock Levels: Sinking Peril (Russia)14501168 1434D5FC

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