Showdown: Legends of Wrestling

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1[M] Must Be On948098E8 9F2EC60C
Player 1
2Infinite Health24C01228 9C34575C
31 Hit KOD4D21228 5434575C
24501228 1434575C
Player 2
4Infinite Health24C01028 9C34577C
51 Hit KOD4D21028 5434577C
24501028 1434577C
Player 3
6Infinite Health24C01228 9C34575C
71 Hit KOD4D21328 543457CC
24501328 143457CC
Player 4
8Infinite Health24C01128 9C3457EC
91 Hit KOD4D21128 543457EC
24501128 143457EC

All by MadCatz1