Romance of The Three Kingdoms IX

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1[M] Must Be On94D0B8E0 B4EE1064
2All Cities: Max: DEF24D027A8 127641DD
24502792 937401FF
24D035AE 1A57414D
3All Cities: Max: Farm241004F2 93F4136F
24801CEE 92D713ED
4All Cities: Max: Trade241004F2 937413EF
24801FEE 1257136D
5All Cities: Max: Trust245005F2 937413EF
24C01DEC 125713DD
6Create Officer: Infinite: TacticP24129408 3E3C475A
7Infinite: Gold2403DB86 FEA15A4E
8Infinite: Food2403DB86 FEA15A6E
Character Codes
9Pu Yang: Max: Earned TP14009D78 BE3007DE
14009D78 BE3007FE
10Pu Yang: Max: Trust14109672 B7B0077E
11Pu Yang: Max: Trade14109672 B7B007DE
14109672 B7B007FE
12Pu Yang: Max: Farms14109672 B7B007EE
14109472 B7B0074E
13Pu Yang: Max: DEF1410B572 B7B007EE
14109672 B7B007CE
14Qiang: Max: Earned TP14409938 BEB0010E
14409938 BEB0012E
15Qiang: Max: Trust14509132 B7B001AE
16Qiang: Max: Trade14509132 B7B001BE
14109232 B730012E
17Qiang: Max: Farms14109232 B730010E
14109232 B730011E
18Qiang: Max: DEF14509132 B7B0019E
1450B232 B7B003AE
19X Ping: Max: Earned TP14009F78 BE3011AE
14009F78 BE30118E
20X Ping: Max: Trust14109572 B730112E
21X Ping: Max: Trade14109572 B730113E
14109572 B73011AE
22X Ping: Max: Farms14109572 B730118E
14109572 B730119E
23X Ping: Max: DEF14109572 B730111E
1410B672 B730132E
24Ping Yaun: Max: Earned TP1400BE78 BEB0173E
1400BE78 BEB0178E
25Ping Yaun: Max: Trust1410B472 B7B0170E
26Ping Yaun: Max: Trade1410B472 B7B0171E
1410B472 B7B0178E
27Ping Yaun: Max: Farms1410B472 B7B0173E
1410B472 B7B017AE
28Ping Yaun: Max: DEF1410B472 B7B0172E
14109772 B730130E
29Chen Liu: Max: Earned TP1400BD78 BE3015EE
1400BD78 BE3015DE
30Chen Liu: Max: Trust1410B672 B7B0155E
31Chen Liu: Max: Trade1410B672 B7B015CE
1410B672 B7B015DE
32Chen Liu: Max: Farms1410B672 B7B015EE
1410B672 B7B015FE
33Chen Liu: Max: DEF1410B672 B7B0157E
14109472 B730151E
34Ru Nan: Max: Earned TP1400BD78 BE30012E
1400BD78 BE30011E
35Ru Nan: Max: Trust1410B572 B730019E
36Ru Nan: Max: Trade1410B672 B7B0010E
1410B672 B7B0011E
37Ru Nan: Max: Farms1410B672 B7B0012E
1410B672 B7B0013E
38Ru Nan: Max: DEF14109572 B7B0174E
1410B572 B73001BE
39Xiao Pei: Max: Earned TP1400BD78 BE30177E
1400BD78 BE3017CE
40Xiao Pei: Max: Trust1410B672 B7B0174E
41Xiao Pei: Max: Trade1410B672 B7B0175E
1410B672 B7B017CE
42Luo Yang: Max: Earned TP14009D78 BE30010E
14009D78 BE30012E
43Xiao Pei: Max: DEF1410B672 B7B0176E
14109472 B730174E
44Luo Yang: Max: Trust14109572 B73001AE
45Luo Yang: Max: Trade14109572 B73001BE
14109672 B7B0012E
46Luo Yang: Max: Farms14109672 B7B0010E
14109672 B7B0011E
47Luo Yang: Max: DEF1410B772 B7B001BE
14109572 B730019E
48Shou Chun: Max: Earned TP14009F78 BE30131E
14009F78 BE30133E
49Shou Chun: Max: Trust14109772 B73013BE
50Shou Chun: Max: Trade14109572 B730132E
14109572 B730133E
51Shou Chun: Max: Farms14109572 B730131E
14109572 B730138E
52Shou Chun: Max: DEF1410B772 B7B0132E
14109572 B730130E
53Ji: Max: Earned TP1400BE78 BEB015AE
1400BE78 BEB0159E
54Ji: Max: Trust1410B472 B7B0151E
55Ji: Max: Trade1410B472 B7B0158E
1410B472 B7B0159E
56Ji: Max: Farms1410B472 B7B015AE
1410B472 B7B015BE
57Ji: Max: DEF1450B672 B730158E
1410B472 B7B0153E
58Shang Dang: Max: Earned TP14009E78 BEB0054E
59Shang Dang: Max: Earned TP14009E78 BEB0056E
60Shang Dang: Max: Trust14109672 B7B005EE
61Shang Dang: Max: Trade14109672 B7B005FE
14109672 B7B0056E
62Shang Dang: Max: Farms14109472 B7B0054E
14109472 B7B0055E
63Shang Dang: Max: DEF1410B572 B7B005FE
14109672 B7B005DE
64Bei Hai: Max: Earned TP1400BD78 BE3007FE
1400BE78 BEB0074E
65Bei Hai: Max: Trust1410B672 B7B007CE
66Bei Hai: Max: Trade1410B672 B7B007DE
1410B472 B7B0074E
67Bei Hai: Max: Farms1410B672 B7B007FE
1410B472 B7B0076E
68Bei Hai: Max: DEF1450B672 B73007DE
1410B672 B7B007EE
69Xia Pi: Max: Earned TP14009D78 BE3015CE
14009D78 BE3015EE
70Xia Pi: Max: Trust14109672 B7B0156E
71Xia Pi: Max: Trade14109672 B7B0157E
14109672 B7B015EE
72Xia Pi: Max: Farms14109672 B7B015CE
14109672 B7B015DE
73Xia Pi: Max: DEF14509672 B730157E
14109672 B7B0155E
74Jin Yang: Max: Earned TP1400BE78 BEB0056E
1400BE78 BEB0055E
75Jin Yang: Max: Trust1410B672 B7B005DE
76Jin Yang: Max: Trade1410B472 B7B0054E
1410B472 B7B0055E
77Jin Yang: Max: Farms1410B472 B7B0056E
1410B472 B7B0057E
78Jin Yang: Max: DEF1450B472 B730054E
1410B672 B7B005FE
79Nan Pi: Max: Earned TP14009E78 BEB0158E
14009E78 BEB015AE
80Nan Pi: Max: Trust14109472 B7B0152E
81Nan Pi: Max: Trade14109472 B7B0153E
14109472 B7B015AE
82Nan Pi: Max: Farms14109472 B7B0158E
14109472 B7B0159E
83Nan Pi: Max: DEF14509472 B730153E
14109472 B7B0151E
84Bei Ping: Max: Earned TP14009E78 BEB0079E
14009E78 BEB007BE
85Bei Ping: Max: Trust14109472 B7B0073E
86Bei Ping: Max: Trade14109472 B7B007AE
14109472 B7B007BE
87Bei Ping: Max: Farms14109472 B7B0079E
14109772 B7B0070E
88Bei Ping: Max: DEF14509672 B73007AE
14109472 B7B0078E
89Xiang Ping: Max: Earned TP1400BE78 BEB007BE
1400BC78 BEB0070E
90Xiang Ping: Max: Trust1410B472 B7B0078E
91Xiang Ping: Max: Trade1410B472 B7B0079E
1410B772 B7B0070E
92Xiang Ping: Max: Farms1410B472 B7B0078E
1410B772 B7B0072E
93Xiang Ping: Max: DEF1450B672 B730079E
1410B472 B7B007AE
94Xiao Pei: Max: Earned TP1400BD78 BE30177E
1400BD78 BE3017CE
95Xiao Pei: Max: Trust1410B672 B7B0174E
96Xiao Pei: Max: Trade1410B672 B7B0175E
1410B672 B7B017CE
97Xiao Pei: Max: Farms1410B672 B7B0176E
1410B672 B7B017EE
98Xiao Pei: Max: DEF14109572 B7B0155E
1410B672 B7B0176E
99Xu Chang: Max: Earned TP14009D78 BE30175E
14009D78 BE30177E
100Xu Chang: Max: Trust14109572 B73017FE
101Xu Chang: Max: Trade14109672 B7B0176E
14109672 B7B0177E
102Xu Chang: Max: Farms14109672 B7B0175E
14109672 B7B017CE
103Xu Chang: Max: DEF1410B572 B7B0176E
14109672 B7B0174E
104Chang An: Max: Earned TP1400BF78 BE3003BE
1400BD78 BE30030E
105Chang An: Max: Trust1410B572 B730038E
106Chang An: Max: Trade1410B572 B730039E
1410B672 B7B0030E
107Chang An: Max: Farms1410B572 B73003BE
1410B672 B7B0032E
108Chang An: Max: DEF14109772 B7B0019E
1410B572 B73003AE
109An Ding: Max: Earned TP14009F78 BE30039E
14009F78 BE3003BE
110An Ding: Max: Trust14109572 B730033E
111An Ding: Max: Trade14109572 B73003AE
14109572 B73003BE
112An Ding: Max: Farms14109572 B730039E
14109672 B7B0030E
113An Ding: Max: DEF1410B772 B7B003AE
14109572 B730038E
114Tian Shui: Max: Earned TP1400BF78 BE3011AE
1400BF78 BE30119E
115Tian Shui: Max: Trust1410B572 B730111E
116Tian Shui: Max: Trade1410B572 B730118E
1410B572 B730119E
117Tian Shui: Max: Farms1410B572 B73011AE
1410B572 B73011BE
118Tian Shui: Max: DEF14109772 B7B0038E
1410B572 B730113E
119Wu Wei: Max: Earned TP1400BF78 BE30133E
1400BF78 BE30138E
120Wu Wei: Max: Trust1410B572 B730130E
121Wu Wei: Max: Trade1410B572 B730131E
1410B572 B730138E
122Wu Wei: Max: Farms1410B572 B730133E
1410B572 B73013AE
123Wu Wei: Max: DEF14109772 B7B0111E
1410B572 B730132E
124Lu Jiang: Max: Earned TP1400BF78 BE30016E
1400BF78 BE30015E
125Lu Jiang: Max: Trust1410B772 B73001DE
126Lu Jiang: Max: Trade1410B572 B730014E
1410B572 B730015E
127Lu Jiang: Max: Farms1410B572 B730016E
1410B572 B730017E
128Lu Jiang: Max: DEF14109772 B7B0130E
1410B772 B73001FE
129Mo Ling: Max: Earned TP14009F78 BE30014E
14009F78 BE30016E
130Mo Ling: Max: Trust14109772 B73001EE
131Mo Ling: Max: Trade14109772 B73001FE
14109572 B730016E
132Mo Ling: Max: Farms14109572 B730014E
14109572 B730015E
133Mo Ling: Max: DEF1410B472 B7B001FE
14109772 B73001DE

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