Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Operation Resurrection

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1[M] Must Be OnF444B628 F36C4C16
29,999,999 Health2504347E DD3D59FE
3999 Bonus Points1540BB78 9EB4178A
4Ancient Ruins: Infinite Health2540BA38 9CF411BA
5Burial Chamber: Infinite Health25009C78 9E34877A
6Buried Alive: Infinite Health25009A38 BC34157A
7Castle Keep: Infinite Health25409978 BEF0873A
8Catacombs: Infinite Health25403A38 BE70973E
9Crypt: Infinite Health25403E78 BE34073E
10Dark Secret - Part 2: Infinite Health25003F78 9C34973A
2500BA38 9EB401DE
11Dark Secret: Infinite Health25003F78 BE3401CE
12Defiled Church: Infinite Armor2540BC38 BE70919A
13Defiled Church: Infinite Health25001D38 BE7091FE
14Escape! - Part One: Infinite Health25009878 9EF093BE
15Escape! - Part Two: Infinite Health25009A78 BE70953A
16Eye of Anubis: Infinite Health25403E38 BCB4853A
17Forest Compound: Infinite Armor2540BB38 BEB483DA
18Forest Compound: Infinite Health25409F38 9EB483FE
19Infinite Ammo244029F8 B874070B
20Max Infinite Ammo All Weapons244029F8 B874070B
21Ras el-Hadid - Part One: Infinite Health25003C78 9C3411FE
22Ras el-Hadid - Part One: Inifinite Armor (On Pick Up)2540B878 9E34159A
23Ras el-Hadid - Part Three: Infinite Health2540B978 9CB4833A
24Ras el-Hadid - Part Two: Infinite Armor25003B78 9CB4135A
25Ras el-Hadid - Part Two: Infinite Health25001D38 BEB4137A
26The Beast: Infinite Armor2500BE38 BC7411DA
27The Beast: Infinite Health25003C38 9CF4033E
28Tram Ride: Infinite Health25401878 9E34833A
2500BE78 BE3411DA

All by MadCatz1