Ring of Red

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1[M] Must Be OnF400BF2E BEF4053C
2No Reload25D0B168 1470D3C8
3Easy Kills15D03528 14F0C598
499% Accuracy15D0B179 14709258
5No Enemy Troops15903628 1470C518
15903628 1470C538
15903628 1470C588
6Max Special Shells15D0B16B 14F0D3DA
7Infinite Health15D0B36A 9CF093F8
15C0B16E 1CF0D378
15C0B16E 1CF0D3C8
15C0B16E 1CF0D3E8
8Specials15D0B16A 14F0D3DA

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8