Resident Evil Outbreak

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1Alternate [M] Must Be On94D03AFA BDEE5344
2[M] Must Be On94D0B9FE B46E0F4E
3Infinite: Press L2 To Reset Escape TimeD4409A76 BD3CDAF2
249391C8 3230C7B9
4Single Play Codes: Infinite: Ammo (All Weapons)249017A8 30F157D9
5Single Play Codes: Infinite: Escape Time249391C8 3230C7B9
6Single Play Codes: Infinite: Health24C6BD4E FCE3C1A0
7Single Play Codes: Max: Result Points2411397E B7B4494E
8Single Play Codes: Unlock: Levels244FCF96 E90F08D7
9Single Play Codes: Virus Level Never Goes Up2490A5E8 54B0D3DD
10Unlock: Entire Collection244FCF96 E98F08E7
244FCF96 E98F08D7
244FCF96 E98F08F7
244FCD96 E98F0847
244FCD96 E98F0867
244FCD96 E98F0857
11Unlock: Infinity Mode240F69D6 EB8F08F7

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11