Red Faction

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1[M] Must Be OnF4403F2E BC7407C8
2Infinite Health2490B168 36B4C388
2490B168 36B4C3A8
2490B168 36B4C398
2490B168 36B4C3B8
24D09268 3634C308
3Infinite Ammo & All Weapons248F7FF0 576D1C05
249F67EC 4267552D
249A67E8 4677551D
2490277A 0F745D3D
2410276A 1674558E
24903768 167455AC
249027EA 1A76559F
248027D0 137C1DB5
249035C8 1646550C
24982572 0F745525
249035E8 1364551D
249025EE 1276553F
24802DC4 1B741585
24103542 167C5CA4
24903568 1674559C
241835E8 567455BD
2499366C 12F6550F
24822ED4 9FFC1C24
24903668 16F4551C
249F666C 42E7553D
249A6668 46F7558D
248F76E8 56E555AD
249A764A 16F5559C
24903668 16F455BC
4Infinite Ammo Only249A774A 1675550C
24903768 1674552C

Interact1, 2, 3, 4