Ratchet & Clank

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1[M] Must Be OnF400906E 71744656
2Infinite Lives2490B528 96F447DC
3Max Bolts24037AC6 DEE55A9E
Unlock Weapons
4Suck Cannon04503368 34F4675C
5Bomb Glove04503369 34F4475C
6Devastator04503369 34F4675C
7Visibomb Gun04503368 34F4677C
8Taunter04503369 34F4477C
9Blaster04503369 34F4677C
10Pyrocitor04503368 34F447CC
11Mine Glove04503368 34F467CC
12Walloper04503369 34F447CC
13Tesla Claw04503369 34F467CC
14Glove Of Doom04503368 34F447EC
15Morph-O-Ray04503368 34F467EC
16R.Y.N.O.04503369 34F467EC
17Drone Device04503368 34F447DC
18Decoy Glove04503368 34F467DC
Infinite Ammo Codes
19Bomb Glove24D0336A 3C7447CC
20Devastator24D0336C B47447EC
21Visibomb Gun24D0336C B47447FC
22Blaster24C0396A 3474476C
23Pyrocitor24C0396C 3C74475C
24Mine Glove24D0316C 3C74477E
25Tesla Claw24C0396C 3C7447EC
26Glove Of Doom24D0316A 347447DE
27R.Y.N.O.24D0326C 3CF4476E
28Drone Device24D0326A 34F4475E
29Decoy Glove24D0326C B4F4477C
Hand Items
30Swingshot04503368 34F4477C
31Hydrodisplacer04503369 34F447EC
32Trespasser04503369 34F447DC
33Metal Detector04503369 34F467DC
34Hologuise04503369 34F467FC
35Gadgetron PDA04503168 34F4474C
Back Packs
36Heli-Pack04503369 34F4474C
37Thruster-Pack04503369 34F4674C
38Hydro-Pack04503368 34F4476C
Head Items
39Sonic Summoner04503368 34F4676C
40O2 Mask04503369 34F4476C
41Pilot's Helmet04503369 34F4676C
Foot Items
42Magneboots04503368 34F447FC
43Grindboots04503368 34F467FC
44Hoverboard04503369 34F447FC
45Map-O-Matic04503168 34F4674C
46Bolt Grabber04503169 34F4474C
47Persuader04503169 34F4674C

All by MadCatz1