PSI-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

WARNING: do not copy these codes to other sites!
1[M] Must Be On94C11BE6 5DEA5E2E
2Gain Ammo As You Fire124103588 1270455D
3Never Reload224903588 1270455D
4Infinite Health2445AEB8 5A768009
24D5B6A8 4275C120
24D9B6AA 0654C119
2444BE3C 1E7E8930
24919768 30B6D304
5Infinite Ammo (All Weapons)324903528 1670457C
6Infinite PSI2490B668 3434D1EC
7Unlock All Extra Content445561468 3260C308
3902D7E1 9FAB91E0

1Don't use with any other ammo code!
2Don't use with any other ammo code!
3Don't use with any other ammo code!
4All you have to do is use the code then save your game (make sure you set the Options to where you want them) and the just reset the game WITHOUT using the code. You'll have everything unlocked!

All by MadCatz2, 3, 5, 7