Pacific Theatre Of Operations IV

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1[M] Must Be OnF440BE26 F37C0416
Britain Codes
2Britain: Infinite Resources: Funds2415B63E B8E0D23E
3Britain: Infinite Resources: Oil2415B63E B8E0D28E
4Britain: Infinite Resources: Steel2415B63E B8E0D2AE
5Britain: Infinite Resources: Aluminium2415B63E B8E0D29E
6Britain: Low Resources: Funds2480BE3A 3CF0933C
7Britain: Low Resources: Oil2480BE3A 3CF0938C
8Britain: Low Resources: Steel2480BE3A 3CF093AC
9Britain: Low Resources: Aluminium2480BE3A 3CF0939C
10Britain: Max Tech level: Arms0480BE2A 34F0D3BC
11Britain: Max Tech level: Steel0480BE2A 34F0F3BC
12Britain: Max Tech level: Electrical0480BE2B 34F0D3BC
13Britain: Max Tech level: Engine0480BE2B 34F0F3BC
14Britain: Max Tech level: Aero0480BC2A 34F0D30C
15Britain: Max Tech level: Telecom0480BC2A 34F0F30C
16Britain: Max Tech level: Industry0480BC2B 34F0D30C
17Britain: Low Tech level: Arms0410B628 34F0D3BC
18Britain: Low Tech level: Steel0410B628 34F0F3BC
19Britain: Low Tech level: Electrical0410B629 34F0D3BC
20Britain: Low Tech level: Engine0410B629 34F0F3BC
21Britain: Low Tech level: Aero0410B428 34F0D30C
22Britain: Low Tech level: Telecom0410B428 34F0F30C
23Britain: Low Tech level: Industry0490B429 34F0D30C
USA Codes
24USA: Infinite Resources: Funds2415B73E B860D21E
25USA: Infinite Resources: Oil2415B73E B860D23E
26USA: Infinite Resources: Steel2415B73E B860D28E
27USA: Infinite Resources: Aluminium2415B73E B860D2AE
28USA: Low Resources: Funds2480BF2A 3470D31C
29USA: Low Resources: Oil2480BF2A 3470D33C
30USA: Low Resources: Steel2480BF2A 3470D38C
31USA: Low Resources: Aluminium2480BF2A 3470D3AC
32USA: Max Tech level: Arms0480BF2A 3470D39C
33USA: Max Tech level: Steel0480BF2A 3470F39C
34USA: Max Tech level: Electrical0480BF2B 3470D39C
35USA: Max Tech level: Engine0480BF2B 3470F39C
36USA: Max Tech level: Aero0480BF2A 3470D3BC
37USA: Max Tech level: Telecom0480BF2A 3470F3BC
38USA: Max Tech level: Industry0480BF2B 3470D3BC
39USA: Low Tech level: Arms0410B728 3470D39C
40USA: Low Tech level: Steel0410B728 3470F39C
41USA: Low Tech level: Electrical0410B729 3470D39C
42USA: Low Tech level: Engine0410B729 3470F39C
43USA: Low Tech level: Aero0410B728 3470D3BC
44USA: Low Tech level: Telecom0410B728 3470F3BC
45USA: Low Tech level: Industry0410B729 3470D3BC
Germany Codes
46Germany: Infinite Resources: Funds2415B73E B8E0D28E
47Germany: Infinite Resources: Oil2415B73E B8E0D2AE
48Germany: Infinite Resources: Steel2415B73E B8E0D29E
49Germany: Infinite Resources: Aluminium2415B73E B8E0D2BE
50Germany: Low Resources: Funds2480BF3A 3CF0938C
51Germany: Low Resources: Oil2480BF3A 3CF093AC
52Germany: Low Resources: Steel2480BF3A 3CF0939C
53Germany: Low Resources: Aluminium2480BF3A 3CF093BC
54Germany: Max Tech level: Arms0480BD2A 34F0D30C
55Germany: Max Tech level: Steel0480BD2A 34F0F30C
56Germany: Max Tech level: Electrical0480BD2B 34F0D30C
57Germany: Max Tech level: Engine0480BD2B 34F0F30C
58Germany: Max Tech level: Aero0480BD2A 34F0D32C
59Germany: Max Tech level: Telecom0480BD2A 34F0F32C
60Germany: Max Tech level: Industry0480BD2B 34F0D32C
61Germany: Low Tech level: Arms0410B528 34F0D30C
62Germany: Low Tech level: Steel0410B528 34F0F30C
63Germany: Low Tech level: Electrical0410B529 34F0D30C
64Germany: Low Tech level: Engine0410B529 34F0F30C
65Germany: Low Tech level: Aero0410B528 34F0D32C
66Germany: Low Tech level: Telecom0410B528 34F0F32C
67Germany: Low Tech level: Industry0410B529 34F0D32C
Japan Codes
68Japan: Infinite Resources: Funds2415B63E B860D22E
69Japan: Infinite Resources: Oil2415B63E B860D21E
70Japan: Infinite Resources: Steel2415B63E B860D23E
71Japan: Infinite Resources: Aluminium2415B63E B860D28E
72Japan: Low Resources: Funds2480BE3A 3C70932C
73Japan: Low Resources: Oil2480BE3A 3C70931C
74Japan: Low Resources: Steel2480BE3A 3C70933C
75Japan: Low Resources: Aluminium2480BE3A 3C70938C
76Japan: Max Tech level: Arms0480BE2A 3470D3AC
77Japan: Max Tech level: Steel0480BE2A 3470F3AC
78Japan: Max Tech level: Electrical0480BE2B 3470D3AC
79Japan: Max Tech level: Engine0480BE2B 3470F3AC
80Japan: Max Tech level: Aero0480BE2A 3470D39C
81Japan: Max Tech level: Telecom0480BE2A 3470F39C
82Japan: Max Tech level: Industry0480BE2B 3470D39C
83Japan: Low Tech level: Arms0410B628 3470D3AC
84Japan: Low Tech level: Steel0410B628 3470F3AC
85Japan: Low Tech level: Electrical0410B629 3470D3AC
86Japan: Low Tech level: Engine0410B629 3470F3AC
87Japan: Low Tech level: Aero0410B628 3470D39C
88Japan: Low Tech level: Telecom0410B628 3470F39C
89Japan: Low Tech level: Industry0410B629 3470D39C

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