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1[M] Must Be OnF4119E78 FBFC5C9E
2Extra Time (Press Start And R1)D5C09B77 BDFC989E
25D8D128 4065C7C8
3End Quarter (Press Start And R2)D5C09B67 BDFC9896
25D09128 1474C7C8
4Start In Second QuarterD5509328 1474C768
15D09328 1474C76A
5Start In Third QuarterD5509328 1474C768
15509328 1474C76A
6Start In Fourth QuarterD5509328 1474C768
15D09328 9474C768
7Home Team: Scores 200 Baskets05C0B96A 14F4C1CC
8Home Team: Scores No Baskets05D0B168 14F4C1CC
9Away Team: Scores 200 Baskets0580BA6A 1474C17C
10Away Team: Scores No Baskets0590B268 1474C17C
Turbo Codes
11Infinite Turbo: Player 12598E1A8 1477C389
12Infinite Turbo: Player 225D8E3A8 1477D199
13Infinite Turbo: Player 32598C3A8 1477D109
14Infinite Turbo: Player 425D8C0A8 1477D319
15Infinite Turbo: Player 52598E2A8 1477C1C9
16Infinite Turbo: Player 62598C1A8 14F7C1D9
17Infinite Turbo: Player 725D8C1A8 14F7C349
18Infinite Turbo: Player 82598E3A8 14F7D159
19Infinite Turbo: Player 925D8E0A8 14F7D3C9
20Infinite Turbo: Player 102598C2A8 14F7D3D9
21Infinite Turbo: Player 1125D8C2E8 14F7C509
22Infinite Turbo: Player 122598E1E8 1477C719
23No Turbo: Player 12590B128 1474C388
24No Turbo: Player 225D0B328 1474D198
25No Turbo: Player 325909328 1474D108
26No Turbo: Player 425D09028 1474D318
27No Turbo: Player 52590B228 1474C1C8
28No Turbo: Player 625909128 14F4C1D8
29No Turbo: Player 725D09128 14F4C348
30No Turbo: Player 82590B328 14F4D158
31No Turbo: Player 925D0B028 14F4D3C8
32No Turbo: Player 1025909228 14F4D3D8
33No Turbo: Player 1125D09268 14F4C508
34No Turbo: Player 122590B168 1474C718
35Infinite Turbo: Player 125D8E3E8 1477D589
36Infinite Turbo: Player 22598C0E8 1477D599
37Infinite Turbo: Player 325D8C0E8 1477D709
38Infinite Turbo: Player 42598E2E8 1477C559
39Infinite Turbo: Player 52598C1E8 14F7C5C9
40Infinite Turbo: Player 625D8C3E8 14F7C7D9
41Infinite Turbo: Player 72598E3E8 14F7D549
42Infinite Turbo: Player 825D8E0E8 14F7D759
43Infinite Turbo: Player 92598C2E8 14F7D7C9
44Infinite Turbo: Player 1025D8C1E8 1477C199
45Infinite Turbo: Player 112598E1E8 1477C309
46Infinite Turbo: Player 1225D8E3E8 1477D119
47No Turbo: Player 125D0B368 1474D588
48No Turbo: Player 225909068 1474D598
49No Turbo: Player 325D09068 1474D708
50No Turbo: Player 42590B268 1474C558
51No Turbo: Player 525909168 14F4C5C8
52No Turbo: Player 625D09368 14F4C7D8
53No Turbo: Player 72590B368 14F4D548
54No Turbo: Player 825D0B068 14F4D758
55No Turbo: Player 925909268 14F4D7C8
56No Turbo: Player 1025D09168 1474C198
57No Turbo: Player 112590B168 1474C308
58No Turbo: Player 1225D0B368 1474D118
Created Character - Max Statistics Codes
59Max Statistics: Created Slot 125823680 8DA4427D
25823680 8DA442CD
25823680 8DA442ED
25823680 8DA442DD
25823680 8DA442FD
25823480 8DA4424D
25823480 8DA4426D
60Max Statistics: Created Slot 225C21580 8D2442CD
25C21580 8D2442ED
25C21580 8D2442DD
25C21580 8D2442FD
25C21680 8DA4424D
25C21680 8DA4426D
25C21680 8DA4425D
61Max Statistics: Created Slot 325821780 8D2442ED
25821780 8D2442DD
25821780 8D2442FD
25821580 8D24424D
25821580 8D24426D
25821580 8D24425D
25821580 8D24427D
62Max Statistics: Created Slot 425C23480 8D2450DD
25C23480 8D2450FD
25C23780 8D24504D
25C23780 8D24506D
25C23780 8D24505D
25C23780 8D24507D
25C23780 8D2450CD
63Max Statistics: Created Slot 525823680 8D2450FD
25823480 8D24504D
25823480 8D24506D
25823480 8D24505D
25823480 8D24507D
25823480 8D2450CD
25823480 8D2450ED
64Max Statistics: Created Slot 625C21680 8D24504D
25C21680 8D24506D
25C21680 8D24505D
25C21680 8D24507D
25C21680 8D2450CD
25C21680 8D2450ED
25C21680 8D2450DD
65Max Statistics: Created Slot 725C21580 8DA4506D
25C21580 8DA4505D
25C21580 8DA4507D
25C21580 8DA450CD
25C21580 8DA450ED
25C21580 8DA450DD
25C21580 8DA450FD
66Max Statistics: Created Slot 825821780 8DA4505D
25821780 8DA4507D
25821780 8DA450CD
25821780 8DA450ED
25821780 8DA450DD
25821780 8DA450FD
25821580 8DA4504D
67Max Statistics: Created Slot 925C23480 8DA4527D
25C23480 8DA452CD
25C23480 8DA452ED
25C23480 8DA452DD
25C23480 8DA452FD
25C23780 8DA4524D
25C23780 8DA4526D
68Max Statistics: Created Slot 1025823680 8DA452CD
25823680 8DA452ED
25823680 8DA452DD
25823680 8DA452FD
25823480 8DA4524D
25823480 8DA4526D
25823480 8DA4525D
69Max Statistics: Created Slot 1125C21580 8D2452ED
25C21580 8D2452DD
25C21580 8D2452FD
25C21680 8DA4524D
25C21680 8DA4526D
25C21680 8DA4525D
25C21680 8DA4527D
70Max Statistics: Created Slot 1225821780 8D2452DD
25821780 8D2452FD
25821580 8D24524D
25821580 8D24526D
25821580 8D24525D
25821580 8D24527D
25821580 8D2452CD
71Max Statistics: Created Slot 1325C234C0 8D2444BD
25C237C0 8D24440D
25C237C0 8D24442D
25C237C0 8D24441D
25C237C0 8D24443D
25C237C0 8D24448D
25C237C0 8D2444AD
72Max Statistics: Created Slot 14258234C0 8D24440D
258234C0 8D24442D
258234C0 8D24441D
258234C0 8D24443D
258234C0 8D24448D
258234C0 8D2444AD
258234C1 8D2444AD
73Max Statistics: Created Slot 1525C216C0 8D24442D
25C216C0 8D24441D
25C216C0 8D24443D
25C216C0 8D24448D
25C216C0 8D2444AD
25C216C0 8D24449D
25C216C0 8D2444BD
Created Character - Physical Attributes Codes
74Created Slot 1: 20ft Tall05803E2C 1CB4435C
75Large Arms0580372D 14B443CC
76Large Chest0580372C 14B463CC
77Large Chin0500372B 94B4635E
78Large Ears05103F28 94B4435C
79Large Forearm0580372D 14B463CC
80Large Head0500372A 94B4437E
81Large Mouth0500372B 94B4435E
82Large Neck0500372A 94B4637E
83Large Nose0500372A 94B4635E
84Large Shins0580372C 14B443CC
85Large Thighs0580372D 14B4637C
86Large Waist0580372D 14B4437C
87Large Wrists0580372C 14B443EC
88Created Slot 2: 3ft Tall05D01528 9C34437C
89Missing Chin05C0142D 14B4637C
90Missing Ears05D01C28 14B4437C
91Missing Mouth05C0142D 14B4437C
92Missing Nose05C0142C 14B4637C
93Narrow: Head05C0142C 14B443CC
94Narrow: Neck05C0142C 14B463CC

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