Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal

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1[M] Must Be On948038B4 B76E042E
2Infinite: Turbo249114B4 9FBC4389
3Infinite: Tanks24903668 16B443B8
4Infinite: Tank Usage249815E8 86344392
5Infinite: Money24037BC6 FEA5CCCA
6Unlock Truck: Grave Digger04501168 363455D8
7Unlock Truck: El ToroLoco04D01169 363475EA
8Unlock Truck: Max Destruction04501168 363455FA
9Unlock Truck: Inferno04D01168 B63475F8
10Unlock Truck: Predator04501169 B63455F8
11Unlock Truck: Eradictor04D01268 B6B4554A
12Unlock Truck: Reptoid04501268 B6B4556A
13Unlock Truck: Avenger04D0126B 36B47568
Unlock Race Events
14Unlock Race Event Stadiums: New York04103268 36B445D8
15Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Florida04103268 36B465D8
16Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Louisiana04103269 36B445D8
17Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Illinois04103269 36B465D8
18Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Minnesota04103268 36B445F8
19Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Kansas04103268 36B465F8
20Unlock Race Event Stadiums: South California04103269 36B445F8
21Unlock Race Event Stadiums: North California04103269 36B465F8
22Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Nevada04103068 36B44548
23Unlock Race Event Stadiums: Las Vegas04103068 36B46548
24Unlock Race Event Offroad: New York04103269 36B44578
25Unlock Race Event Offroad: Florida04103269 36B46578
26Unlock Race Event Offroad: Louisiana04103268 36B445C8
27Unlock Race Event Offroad: Illinois04103268 36B465C8
28Unlock Race Event Offroad: Minnesota04103269 36B445C8
29Unlock Race Event Offroad: Kansas04103269 36B465C8
30Unlock Race Event Offroad: South California04103268 36B445E8
31Unlock Race Event Offroad: North California04103268 36B465E8
32Unlock Race Event Offroad: Nevada04103269 36B445E8
33Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: New York04501269 36B445E8
34Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Florida04501269 36B465E8
35Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Louisiana04501268 36B445D8
36Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Illinois04501268 36B465D8
37Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Minnesota04501269 36B445D8
38Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Kansas04501269 36B465D8
39Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: South California04501268 36B445F8
40Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: North California04501268 36B465F8
41Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Nevada04501269 36B445F8
42Unlock Champ Tour Stadiums: Las Vegas04501269 36B465F8
43Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: New York04501268 36B44578
44Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Florida04501268 36B46578
45Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Louisiana04501269 36B44578
46Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Illinois04501269 36B46578
47Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Minnesota04501268 36B445C8
48Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Kansas04501268 36B465C8
49Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: South California04501269 36B445C8
50Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: North California04501269 36B465C8
51Unlock Champ Tour Offroad: Nevada04501268 36B445E8
52Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: New York04501068 36B44548
53Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Florida04501068 36B46548
54Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Louisiana04501069 36B44548
55Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Illinois04501069 36B46548
56Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Minnesota04501068 36B44568
57Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Kansas04501068 36B46568
58Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: South California04501069 36B44568
59Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: North California04501069 36B46568
60Unlock Champ Tour Exhibition: Nevada04501068 36B44558
Trophy Codes
61Have Trophy: The Park04103069 36B46558
62Have Trophy: Rocket Land04103068 36B44578
63Have Trophy: The Swamp04103068 36B46578
64Have Trophy: Racing Jam04103069 36B44578
65Have Trophy: Frozen Lakes04103069 36B46578
66Have Trophy: Kansas Country04103068 36B445C8
67Have Trophy: The Beach04103068 36B465C8
68Have Trophy: Alcatraz04103069 36B445C8
69Have Trophy: The Desert04103069 36B465C8
70Have Trophy: Champ Tour04103068 36B445E8
71Have Trophy: New York04103068 36B465E8
72Have Trophy: Florida04103069 36B445E8
73Have Trophy: Louisiana04103069 36B465E8
74Have Trophy: Illinois04103068 36B445D8
75Have Trophy: Minnesota04103068 36B465D8
76Have Trophy: Kansas04103069 36B445D8
77Have Trophy: South California04103069 36B465D8
78Have Trophy: North California04103068 36B445F8
79Have Trophy: Nevada04103068 36B465F8
80Have Trophy: Las Vegas04103069 36B445F8
81Have Trophy: Long Jump04103069 36B465F8
82Have Trophy: Donuts Contest04103368 36B44548
83Have Trophy: Crash Cars04103368 36B46548
84Have Trophy: Wheelies Contest04103369 36B44548
85Have Trophy: The Grave04103369 36B46548
86Have Trophy: Lateral Equilibrium04103368 36B44568
87Have Trophy: Circuit Structure04103368 36B46568
88Have Trophy: Gimcana04103369 36B44568
89Have Trophy: Freestyle Contest04103369 36B46568

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