Megaman: Anniversary Collection

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1[M] Must Be On19481B9A0 17E6572E
Have Secret Codes
2Enable Secrets2410902A B6B4C7DC
3Have Picture Set 124109328 36B4C74C
4Have Picture Set 224909328 36B4C76E
5Have Picture Set 324109328 36B4C75E
6Have Homage To Mega Man24909328 B6B4C77C
7Have Mega Man's Drum and Bass24109328 B6B4C7CC
8Have Proto Man24909328 B6B4C7EE
9Have Wily's Revenge24109328 B6B4C7DE
10Have Select Jungle2490932A 36B4C7FC
11Have Mega Man Radio Cut2410912A 36B4C74C
12Have Plantman2490912A 36B4C76E
13Have Wily vs Bass2410912A 36B4C75E
14Have Megaman Anime Episode2490912A B6B4C77C
15Have Atomic Planet Ent. Credits2410912A B6B4C7CC
16Unlock Megaman: The Power Battle0450B228 3634C75C
17Unlock Megaman 2: The Power Fighters0450B228 3634E75C
Megaman 2 Codes
18Press L1 For 1 Hit Boss KillsD4009E76 BC7C0EB2
05509628 1434619C
19Infinite Health05D0962E 9434419C
Megaman 6 Codes
20Infinite Health0590942E 143477FE
Megaman 7 Codes
21Invincibility0510972E 16B0C5EA
22Infinite Health0590972F 96B0E5C8
23Infinite Lives0510942A 1630E548
Megaman 8 Codes
24Invincibility04501269 16B0513C
25Infinite Health04D0126B 1EB0713C
26Infinite Mega Ball0490306B 1EB071BC
27Infinite Flash Bomb0490336B 1EB0710C
28Infinite Thunder Claw0490336B 1EB0712C
29Infinite Ice Wave0490336B 1EB0711C
30Infinite Tornado Hold0490336B 1EB0713C
31Infinite Water Balloon0490336B 1EB0718C
32Infinite Flame Sword0490336B 1EB071AC
33Infinite Homing Sniper0490336B 1EB0719C
34Infinite Astro Crush0490336B 1EB071BC
35Have Mega Ball04103068 16B051BC
36Have Flash Bomb04103368 16B0510C
37Have Thunder Claw04103368 16B0512C
38Have Ice Wave04103368 16B0511C
39Have Tornado Hold04103368 16B0513C
40Have Water Balloon04103368 16B0518C
41Have Flame Sword04103368 16B051AC
42Have Homing Sniper04103368 16B0519C
43Have Astro Crush04103368 16B051BC
Megaman: The Power Battle Codes
44Invincibility04A0142D B6F4758A
45Mega JumpD4009E76 BD7C0FB2
04B01D28 3E7455A8
46Press L2 To Warp LeftD4009E76 BD7C4EB2
14A0152C 367455A8
47Press R2 To Warp RightD4009E76 BC7C0EB2
14301D28 BE7415AA
48Massive Score2435552A 36F61580
491 Hit Boss KillsD4F21468 76F44188
04701468 36F44188
50Infinite Health24B0142C 36F45588
51Infinite Time14203D36 BF7C1C92
Megaman 2: The Power Fighters Codes
52Mega JumpD4009E76 BD7C0FB2
04B01C28 3EB4D528
53Press L2 To Warp LeftD4009E76 BD7C4EB2
14A0142C 36B4D508
54Press R2 To Warp RightD4009E66 BD7C0EB2
14301C28 BEB4950A
55Press R1 For Massive ScoreD4009E76 BD7C0EBA
2475742A 36369700
56Press L3 For 1 Hit Boss KillsD4009E76 BD7C0EB0
04303568 36B4C748
57Press R3 To Refill HealthD4009E76 3D7C0EB2
04B01528 3EB4D508
58Press Triangle To Refill Dog HealthD4009E76 BD740EB2
04B0352C 36B4D528

1If you have the Invincibility and Infinite Health codes on for Megaman 7 in the Megaman Anniversary Collection PS2 game, there are some things you should know:

1. It makes Megaman blink (of course), so you need to watch yourself, especially as you jump.

2. For some reason (with my version of the game, anyway) having either the Invincibility and/or Infinite Health codes enabled causes unusual effects with the Rush adaptors.

Here's the bad news: The codes together (or maybe just the invincibility code by itself) causes the Rush Coil to not work properly. Rush will teleport down, but when you jump on his back, the spring part doesn't work, so you don't bounce up. You can still use him as a stepstool of sorts. When he teleports down, just jump on his back and then jump up to where you're trying to get to from there, but since the spring part doesn't work, the jumps are much lower, but the upside of this is that the Rush Coil energy doesn't get used up at all. That's the bad news.

Here's the good news: Though the Rush Coil adaptor doesn't work properly, the Rush Jet and Rush Search adaptors seem to be invincible (If you don't know why I'm bringing this up, here's why: For those of us who have the original SNES Mega Man 7 game, you know that if you try to use Rush Jet or Rush Search in any spot in the game, if Rush gets hit by a bullet or any other projectile, Rush will recoil in pain and he will disappear, which if you're using the Jet can leave you to die if you're over a pit.) Anyway, either because of the codes (or maybe Capcom changed this for the Megaman Anniversary Collection disc, I don't know.), the Rush Jet and Search adaptors don't seem to either get hit by projectiles at all, or if they are, they don't recoil. This is a very cool side effect, and makes it a LOT easier to get over that stupid pit in the first Wily castle level with all those "cars" on the broken tracks (for lack of a better term) that spin around when the track becomes empty (those of you who play this know exactly what I'm talking about!). Just position the Jet at the last platform before the pit, jump on Rush, navigate towards the top of the screen, and fly across. This, to me, is worth losing the Coil for, and you can use the Jet (once you get it) to get to those high-up places.

Another thing: If you use the Invincibility code for MM7 in the MMAC game, there are some things you should know:

1. The good news: You CAN walk on both spikes and the lava (and not fall in) in Junk Man's level (that's right, I said LAVA!!) and not die.

2. The bad news: Since you are invincible, there are certain areas that you must be careful in, or you will get stuck (it's happened to me twice between 2 playings of MM7).

The first area is in Turboman's level. Once you get to the area where the fire beams shoot across the screen (similar to Quickman's level in MM2), you must get down to the bottom quickly and not get stuck between the fire beams, because (at least in my game), you will get stuck on top of the beam and won't be able to go down any further, and you must get to the bottom to get to the next part of the level, so you won't be able to complete it and will have to go back to the title screen and restart from the password that's saved on the memory card (As for me, I got stuck on top of the first beam, which goes across but doesn't retract, as do all of them, I think) and just ended up walking back and forth (because of the invincibility code) on top of the beam, unable to finish the level, and I had to exit and restart Turboman's level.

The second area I ran into this problem is in the third Wily castle level, the one where you have 2 paths you can take to get to the boss. I took the upper path the first time, and I got through it with no problems at all, so I decided to take the lower path the second time - Big Mistake!! This is because after you fight the sea creature in the midboss room, after he dies you rise up in the water, just like in Burstman's level. Anyway, there are sets of spikes ahead of you as you go up. There is one set on the left hand side of the screen that looks like an inverted U. Usually, without the invincibility code, if you hit the spikes you just die, but with it on, you get stuck in that set of spikes, and I couldn't get back down lower in the water to navigate around it (and believe me, I tried everything I could think of, but to no avail, so I again had to exit and restart at the first castle level, which greatly frustrated me.) So the point of this one is, if you take the bottom path, you need to know how the spiked rows are arranged before you go in, so you don't end up getting stuck like I did.

One last thing: I entered the codes for both MM7 and MM8 into the GamesharkTM/memory card setup and had them both on at the same time, and I was playing Megaman 8, and the game froze up a few times, but when I went in and deactivated the MM7 codes, the game worked fine. So, you may need to have only the codes for the specific Megaman game you want to play at that time activated, or the game may freeze, or for you it may not, it could be just with my copy.

Thanks to voltcatfish for his valuable code notes!

All by MadCatz1