Maximo vs Army of Zin

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1[M] Must Be On94D098F2 BD6E1DEE
24DAF40A 16F5C198
2448B428 1EC4C1BB
24CFFFB4 5FED8801
24DAF7A8 16C7C129
24DFF7A8 D2C7C119
24C0BFAA 97EE8938
24D0B7AC 56F5C189
24D1B7A8 92F6C1A0
24D0B7A8 96E4C199
24DFF7A8 D2C7C1B8
24DAF5A8 16C7C108
24DAF50A 16F5C128
24DFF5AC 56E5C119
249197E8 90765564
249116AC 1AF655F4
2Have Ability: Crushing Spin24D1B6AA 96F4C109
2449B62A 9ED4C12B
3Have Ability: Fire Doomstrike2451B4AA 1674C19B
2449B428 1E54C1B9
4Have Ability: Ice Doomstrike24D1B6AC 16F4C189
2449B62C 1ED4C1A9
5Have Ability: Mighty Blow24D1B6AA 1674C199
2449B62E 9654C1B9
6Have Ability: Mighty Drill2451B5AA 9674C189
2449B52A 9E54C1A9
7Have Ability: Mighty Throw2451B7AC 1674C189
24C9B728 9E54C1AB
8Have Ability: Piercing Blow2451B4AA 1674C109
24C9B42E 9654C12B
9Have Ability: Punishing Drill24D1B5AA 9674C19B
24C9B52A 9E54C1BB
10Have Ability: Quake Shot2451B6AA 96F4C11B
24C9B62C 1ED4C139
11Have Ability: Ricochet24D1B7AC 9674C199
2449B728 9E54C1BB
12Have Ability: Ring Of Pain24D1B4AA 1674C18B
24C9B428 1E54C1A9
13Have Ability: Whirling Blades2451B4A8 9674C11B
2449B42E 9654C13B
14Have: 99 Hit Count240297C8 5C74574F
15Have: All Boxers24D1B6AC 96F4C19B
24C9B62C 9ED4C1B9
2451B4AC 96F4C10B
2449B42C 9ED4C129
24D1B4AE 16F4C119
24C9B42C 9ED4C13B
2451B4AE 16F4C189
2449B42C 9ED4C1AB
16Have: All Hammers24D1B5A8 1674C10B
2449B52A 1E54C12B
2451B5A8 1674C11B
24C9B52A 9E54C139
17Have: All Hint Scrolls240FCF96 EB0F0A17
18Have: All Shields2451B7A8 9674C109
24C9B728 9E54C129
24D1B7A8 9674C11B
2449B728 9E54C139
19Have: All Swords2451B6A8 1674C189
24C9B62E 9654C1A9
20Have: Max Death Coins24009E38 BE3403BE
21Have: Max Iron Keys24009E38 BE3403AE
22Have: Max Koins24009E38 BE34032E
23Have: Max Spirits24009E38 BE34031E
24Infinite: Double Jumps241012E8 12F4410D
245196A8 10F451CD
25Infinite: Gold Key Use2481B77E 946E1F3C
26Infinite: Grim Meter245131EA 38F453CD
24D131C8 30D653DD
27Infinite: Health24C1BEBA 1E748109
24D1B68A 1657C129
24DAF60A 1675C118
24D3B68C D646C138
2491B4A8 12F65594
28Infinite: Super Meter24C9D5BE 16570D9C
24D19EB8 17E4050D
24D396AE 9EC6453D
29View Inventory For: Max Koin, Death Coins, Keys & Spirit24419EB8 9E74810B
24D39688 1656C129
24519628 1E7CC110
24DAD60A 1675C138
24529608 1A74C98A
24D1BEA8 12F64124
24D0B628 16F4411C

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29