Mad Maestro!

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1[M] Must Be OnF400166A F7FC0AD6
2Max Meter1490906C 3CF0C54A
3Have Story Mode Completed24503728 343443EC
4Unlock Everything (Must Use Alone To Avoid Conflict With Other Codes)44503708 743443EC
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
5Unlock All Bonus Games (Must Use Alone To Avoid Conflict With Other Codes)44543528 30B4435C
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
6Unlock All Free Play (Must Use Alone To Avoid Conflict With Other Codes)44533728 343443FC
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
7Unlock All Music Room (Must Use Alone To Avoid Conflict With Other Codes)44133628 343443CC
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
8Unlock All Story Levels (Must Use Alone To Avoid Conflict With Other Codes)44511528 702443DC
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
Rating Codes
9Rating 100%: Bravo14809268 BC70C5E8
10Rating 100%: Good14809268 BC70C5D8
11Rating 100%: Bad14809268 BC70C5F8
12Rating 100%: Baaad14809068 BC70C548
13Rating 75%: Bravo1400926A 3470C5EA
14Rating 75%: Good1400926A 3470C5DA
15Rating 75%: Bad1400926A 3470C5FA
16Rating 75%: Baaad1400906A 3470C54A
17Rating 50%: Bravo1490926C 3C70C5EA
18Rating 50%: Good1490926C 3C70C5DA
19Rating 50%: Bad1490926C 3C70C5FA
20Rating 50%: Baaad1490906C 3C70C54A
21Rating 25%: Bravo1410926E 3470C5E8
22Rating 25%: Good1410926E 3470C5D8
23Rating 25%: Bad1410926E 3470C5F8
24Rating 25%: Baaad1410906E 3470C548
25Rating 0%: Bravo14909268 3470C5E8
26Rating 0%: Good14909268 3470C5D8
27Rating 0%: Bad14909268 3470C5F8
28Rating 0%: Baaad14909068 3470C548
Unlock Free Play Codes
29Free Play: 5th Symphony - 1st Movement Only24503428 34B443EC
30Free Play: 40th Symphony K550 - 1st Movement Only24503628 34B443EC
31Free Play: 9th Symphony - 4th Movement Only24503428 34B4434C
32Free Play: Algerian Suite Only24503728 34B4437C
33Free Play: Baba Yaga's Hut Only24503628 34B443FC
34Free Play: Ballet Of The Unhatched Chicks Only24503728 34B443EC
35Free Play: Csikos Post Only24503428 34B443FC
36Free Play: Dance Of The Four Swans Only24503428 34B4436C
37Free Play: Dance Of The Reed Flutes Only24503728 34B4435C
38Free Play: Divertimento No 1 In E Flat Major K113 Only24503728 34B443DC
39Free Play: Entry of Gladiators Only24503628 34B4435C
40Free Play: Finale Only24503528 3434437C
41Free Play: Flight Of The Bumblebee Only24503728 34B443CC
42Free Play: Flight Of The Valkyries Only24503528 343443FC
43Free Play: Hungarian Dance No 6 In D Major Only24503728 343443FC
44Free Play: Hungarian Dance No 5 In G Major Only24503528 3434434C
45Free Play: In The Hall Of The Mountain King Only24503528 34B4434C
46Free Play: L'Arlesienne Suite No 2 Only24503728 34B443FC
47Free Play: March Only24503628 34B4437C
48Free Play: Marche Militaire Only24503628 34B4436C
49Free Play: Morning Only24503428 34B4435C
50Free Play: Night On Bald Mountain Only24503628 34B4434C
51Free Play: Orpheus In The Underworld Only24503628 34B443DC
52Free Play: Radetsky March Only24503428 34B443DC
53Free Play: Rakoczi March Only24503428 34B443CC
54Free Play: Scene Only24503528 343443EC
55Free Play: Slavic Dance No 7 Only24503528 3434436C
56Free Play: The Marriage Of Figaro Only24503528 343443CC
57Free Play: Thunder And Lightning Only24503528 3434435C
58Free Play: Toreador Song Only24503528 343443DC
59Free Play: Toy Symphony Only24503728 34B4434C
60Free Play: Trepak Only24503628 34B443CC
61Free Play: William Tell Overture Only24503428 34B4437C
Unlock Music Room Codes
62Music Room: 5th Symphony - 1st Movement Only24103528 3434435C
63Music Room: 9th Symphony - 4th Movement Only24103728 343443EC
64Music Room: Algerian Suite Only24103628 34B4434C
65Music Room: Baba Yaga's Hut Only24103728 343443CC
66Music Room: Ballet Of The Unhatched Chicks Only24103628 34B4435C
67Music Room: Csikos Post Only24103528 343443CC
68Music Room: Dance Of The Four Swans Only24103728 343443DC
69Music Room: Dance Of The Reed Flutes Only24103528 343443FC
70Music Room: Divertimento No 1 In E Flat Major K113 Only24103628 34B4437C
71Music Room: Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Only24103528 343443DC
72Music Room: Entry Of The Gladiators Only24103428 343443FC
73Music Room: Finale Only24103428 3434434C
74Music Room: Flight Of The Bumblebee Only24103628 34B4436C
75Music Room: Flight Of The Valkyries Only24103428 343443CC
76Music Room: Hungarian Dance No 5 In G major Only24103628 343443EC
77Music Room: Hungarian Dance No 6 In D major Only24103628 343443CC
78Music Room: In The Hall Of The Mountain King Only24103628 34B443EC
79Music Room: L'Arlesienne Suite No 2 Only24103628 34B443CC
80Music Room: March Only24103728 3434434C
81Music Room: Marche Militaire Only24103428 343443DC
82Music Room: Morning Only24103728 343443FC
83Music Room: Night On Bald Mountain Only24103428 343443EC
84Music Room: Orpheus In The Underworld Overture Only24103728 3434437C
85Music Room: Radetsky March Only24103528 3434437C
86Music Room: Rakoczki March Only24103528 3434436C
87Music Room: Scene Only24103428 3434435C
88Music Room: Slavic Dance No 7 Only24103628 343443DC
89Music Room: The Marriage Of Figaro Only24103428 3434436C
90Music Room: Thunder And Lightning Only24103628 343443FC
91Music Room: Toreador Song Only24103428 3434437C
92Music Room: Toy Symphony Only24103528 343443EC
93Music Room: Trepak Only24103728 3434436C
94Music Room: William Tell Overture Only24103528 3434434C
Unlock Bonus Games Codes
95Unlock Bonus Games: Alien Abduction Only24103628 3434435C
96Unlock Bonus Games: Concert With Little Birds Only24503528 34B443EC
97Unlock Bonus Games: Dress Up! Only24503528 34B443CC
98Unlock Bonus Games: Flaming Hoops Only24503528 34B443FC
99Unlock Bonus Games: Launch The Fireworks Only24503528 34B443DC
100Unlock Bonus Games: Love Bucket Relay Only24503528 34B4435C
101Unlock Bonus Games: Lunar Magic Only24503528 34B4437C
102Unlock Bonus Games: The Feast Only24103628 3434436C
103Unlock Bonus Games: The Mysterious Dungeon Only24103628 3434437C
104Unlock Bonus Games: Quack Quack Racing Only24103628 3434434C

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