Madden 2005: Collector's Edition

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1[M] Must Be On987C3FF1 78FA5383
Profile 1 Codes
2Max Tokens Earned29F9B21E 0C517867
3Max Tokens Spent29F9B2D4 0C517867
4Max Token Balance29F9B262 0C517867
5No Tokens Earned29F9B21E 0CA57A65
6No Tokens Spent29F9B2D4 0CA57A65
7No Token Balance29F9B262 0CA57A65
Play Now Codes
8Always 1st Down1289A720C 0CA57A56
9Always 2nd Down289A720C 0CA57A71
10Always 3rd Down289A720C 0CA57A0F
11Always 4th Down289A720C 0CA57A6F
12Press L1 & L2 For 2nd DownD866C0B3 0CA5ED3E
289A720C 0CA57A71
13Press R1 & R2 For 3rd DownD866C0B3 0CA5833E
289A720C 0CA57A0F
14Press L1 & R1 For 4th DownD866C0B3 0CA5EF3E
289A720C 0CA57A6F
15Press L2 & R2 For More Play Clock TimeD866C0B3 0CA57C3E
289A653A 0CA57A4F
16Press Square & X For More Quarter TimeD866C0B3 0CA5F53E
289A6593 0CA57A1E
17Press Triangle & Circle For 0 Quarter TimeD866C0B3 0CA5073E
289A6593 0CA57A65
Away Team Codes
18Infinite Time Outs289A2F03 0CA57A0F
19Infinite Challenge Plays286CA35A 0CA57A71
20No Time Outs289A2F03 0CA57A65
21No Challenge Plays286CA35A 0CA57A65
Home Team Codes
22Infinite Time Outs289A2F78 0CA57A0F
23Infinite Challenge Plays286CA373 0CA57A71
24No Time Outs289A2F78 0CA57A65
25No Challenge Plays286CA373 0CA57A65
Trivia Challenge Codes
26Max Point Value286C4DF1 0C363E9B
JM: Football Classic Codes
27Infinite Play Time180AF345 0CA57A4F
28Infinite Quarter Time180AF338 0CA57A1E
29Always 1st Down2080AF3AF 0CA57A56
30Always 2nd Down080AF3AF 0CA57A71
31Always 3rd Down080AF3AF 0CA57A0F
32Always 4th Down080AF3AF 0CA57A6F
Home Team Codes
33Score 50080AA3C4 0CA57AE8
34Score 0080AA3C4 0CA57A65
Visitor Team Codes
35Score 50080A20D7 0CA57AE8
36Score 0080A20D7 0CA57A65
Franchise Mode Codes (Practice Drills)
37Press L2 & R2 For More TimeD866C0B3 0CA57C3E
28630DA1 E1BF7A65
38Press L1 & R1 To Reset TimerD866C0B3 0CA5EF3E
28630DA1 0CA57A65
39Press R1 & R2 For Lots of PointsD866C0B3 0CA5833E
28630DAE 0C363E9B
40Press L2 To Reset Salary Cap3D866C0B3 0CA5CB3E
2816ED40 01A77A65
D866C0B3 0CA5CB3E
2816EDD8 A1FE2CB0
D866C0B3 0CA5CB3E
2816EDED 828F7A3F
D866C0B3 0CA5CB3E
287ADA88 A1426965
D866C0B3 0CA5723E
287ADA88 828F7A3F
41Press L2 To Reset Salary CapD866C0B3 0CA5CB3E
287ADA88 A1426965
42Press R2 To Return Salary Cap To Normal4D866C0B3 0CA5723E
287ADA88 828F7A3F

1Only use one 'down' code at a time.
2Use only one 'down' code at a time.
3Press R2 to buy/trade players!
4You must do this to trade/buy players.

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42