Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers

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1[M] Must Be OnF456B62A B764041E
2Infinite Arrows14951268 3676415D
3Infinite Missiles0495B520 36365453
4Unlock Isildur Level24D0F468 14F0950C
5Unlock Secret24C6F76A 1CF09534
6Always At Level 10: Aragorn2410976A 1470D5AC
7Always At Level 10: Legolas2450946A 14F0D72C
8All Missions Unlocked: Aragorn0455B661 14F2F4A5
4450B668 10F0D59C
3902D7E3 DF870961
1455B468 14F2950D
0455B461 14F2D405
9All Missions Unlocked: Gimli1455B469 14F295AD
4450B468 10F0D59C
3902D7E3 DF870961
0455B760 14F2D405
10All Missions Unlocked: Isildur0455B661 14F2D4A5
1455B768 14F2B52D
0455B761 14F2F425
4450B768 10F0D51C
3902D7E3 DF870961
11All Missions Unlocked: Legolas0450B469 14F0F52C
4450B468 10F0D51C
3902D7E3 DF870961
1455B468 14F2958D
12Have All Moves Purchased: Aragorn4454B468 1070D54C
3902D7E3 DF870961
13Have All Moves Purchased: Gimli4454B768 10F0D54C
3902D7E3 DF870961
14Have All Moves Purchased: Legloas4455B568 1070D5CC
3902D7E3 DF870961
15[M] Must Be OnF456B62A B764041E
16Always Devastating2410B528 36345568
17Infinite Arrows14951268 3676415D
18Infinite Missiles0415B520 36365451
19Unlock Isildur Level24D0F468 14F0950C
20Unlock Secrets24C6F76A 1CF09534
21Aragorn Always At Level 102410976A 1470D5AC
22Legolas Always At Level 102450946A 14F0D72C
23Gimli Always At Level 102410B56A 14F0C5EC
24Isildur Always At Level 102410B76A 1470C76C
Unlock Missions - Aragorn
25Unlock All Missions (Aragorn)0455B661 14F2F4A5
4450B668 10F0D59C
3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
1455B468 14F2950D
0455B461 14F2D405
26Unlock Weathertop (Aragorn)0450B669 14F0F5AC
27Unlock Gates Of Moria (Aragorn)0450B668 14F0D59C
28Unlock Balin's Tomb (Aragorn)0450B668 14F0F59C
29Unlock Amon Hen (Aragorn)0450B669 14F0D59C
30Unlock Fangorn Forest (Aragorn)0450B669 14F0F59C
31Unlock Plains Of Rohan (Aragorn)0450B668 14F0D5BC
32Unlock The Westfold (Aragorn)0450B668 14F0F5BC
33Unlock Gap Of Rohan (Aragorn)0450B669 14F0D5BC
34Unlock Helm's Deep : The Deeping Wall (Aragorn)0450B669 14F0F5BC
35Unlock Helm's Deep : Breached Wall (Aragorn)0450B468 14F0D50C
36Unlock Helm's Deep : Hornburg Courtyard (Aragorn)0450B468 14F0F50C
37Unlock Tower Of Orthanc (Aragorn)0450B469 14F0D50C
Unlock Missions - Gimli
38Unlock All Missions (Gimli)1455B469 14F295AD
4450B468 10F0D59C
3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
0455B760 14F2D405
39Unlock Gates Of Moria (Gimli)0450B469 14F0D5AC
40Unlock Balin's Tomb (Gimli)0450B469 14F0F5AC
41Unlock Amon Hen (Gimli)0450B468 14F0D59C
42Unlock Fangorn Forest (Gimli)0450B468 14F0F59C
43Unlock Plains Of Rohan (Gimli)0450B469 14F0D59C
44Unlock The Westfold (Gimli)0450B469 14F0F59C
45Unlock Gap Of Rohan (Gimli)0450B468 14F0D5BC
46Unlock Helm's Deep : The Deeping Wall (Gimli)0450B468 14F0F5BC
47Unlock Helm's Deep : Breached Wall (Gimli)0450B469 14F0D5BC
48Unlock Helm's Deep : Hornburg Courtyard (Gimli)0450B469 14F0F5BC
49Unlock Tower Of Orthanc (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D50C
Unlock Missions - Legolas
50Unlock All Missions (Legolas)0450B469 14F0F52C
4450B468 10F0D51C
3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
1455B468 14F2958D
51Unlock Gates Of Moria (Legolas)0450B469 14F0F52C
52Unlock Balin's Tomb (Legolas)0450B468 14F0D51C
53Unlock Amon Hen (Legolas)0450B468 14F0F51C
54Unlock Fangorn Forest (Legolas)0450B469 14F0D51C
55Unlock Plains Of Rohan (Legolas)0450B469 14F0F51C
56Unlock The Westfold (Legolas)0450B468 14F0D53C
57Unlock Gap Of Rohan (Legolas)0450B468 14F0F53C
58Unlock Helm's Deep : The Deeping Wall (Legolas)0450B469 14F0D53C
59Unlock Helm's Deep : Breached Wall (Legolas)0450B469 14F0F53C
60Unlock Helm's Deep : Hornburg Courtyard (Legolas)0450B468 14F0D58C
61Unlock Tower Of Orthanc (Legolas)0450B468 14F0F58C
Unlock Missions - Isildur
62Unlock All Missions (Isildur)0455B661 14F2D4A5
1455B768 14F2B52D
0455B761 14F2F425
4450B768 10F0D51C
3942D6E1 9BABB1E0
63Unlock Prologue (Isildur)0450B669 14F0D5AC
64Unlock Gates Of Moria (Isildur)0450B768 14F0F52C
65Unlock Balin's Tomb (Isildur)0450B769 14F0D52C
66Unlock Amon Hen (Isildur)0450B769 14F0F52C
67Unlock Fangorn Forest (Isildur)0450B768 14F0D51C
68Unlock Plains Of Rohan (Isildur)0450B768 14F0F51C
69Unlock The Westfold (Isildur)0450B769 14F0D51C
70Unlock Gap Of Rohan (Isildur)0450B769 14F0F51C
71Unlock Helm's Deep : The Deeping Wall (Isildur)0450B768 14F0D53C
72Unlock Helm's Deep : Breached Wall (Isildur)0450B768 14F0F53C
73Unlock Helm's Deep : Hornburg Courtyard (Isildur)0450B769 14F0D53C
74Unlock Tower Of Orthanc (Isildur)0450B769 14F0F53C
Unlock Moves - Aragorn
75All Moves Purchased (Aragorn)4454B468 1070D54C
3902D7E1 9FAB91E0
76Triple Strike Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D54C
77Double Hack Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470F54C
78Shadow Strike Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470D56C
79Sword Parry Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470F56C
80Combat Kick Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D55C
81Rush Attack Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470F55C
82Charge Attack Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470D57C
83Ranger Fury Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470F57C
84Wilderness Rage Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D57C
85Wrath Of Numenor0450B469 1470F57C
86Dunedain Bow Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470D5CC
87Rohan Bow Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470F5CC
88Gondor Bow Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D5CC
89Strength Of The Stewards Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470F5EC
90Strength Of Isildur Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D5EC
91Strength Of Elendil Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470F5EC
92Strength Of The Argonath Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470D5DC
93Isildur's Swift Terror Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470F5DC
94Isildur's Deliverance Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470D5FC
95Isildur's Death Charge Purchased (Aragorn)0450B468 1470F5FC
96Isildur's Gambit Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470D5FC
97Isildur's War Rush Purchased (Aragorn)0450B469 1470F5FC
98Isildur's Judgment Purchased (Aragorn)0450B768 1470D54C
99Goblin Bane Purchased (Aragorn)0450B768 1470F54C
100Orc Bane Purchased (Aragorn)0450B769 1470D54C
101Bane Of Saruman Purchased (Aragorn)0450B769 1470F54C
102Rising Attack Purchased (Aragorn)0450B768 1470D56C
103Master Swordsman Purchased (Aragorn)0450B768 1470F56C
Unlock Moves - Gimli
104All Moves Purchased (Gimli)4454B768 10F0D54C
3902D7E1 9FAB91E0
105Triple Strike Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D54C
106Double Hack Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F54C
107Shadow Strike Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D56C
108Axe Parry Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F56C
109Axe Thrust Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D55C
110Rush Attack Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F55C
111Charge Attack Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D57C
112Dwarven Fury Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F57C
113Mountain Rage Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D57C
114Wrath Of Moria Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F57C
115Erebor Axes Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D5CC
116Moria Axes Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F5CC
117Mistry Mountain Axes Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D5CC
118Might Of Rock Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F5EC
119Might Of Iron Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D5EC
120Rune Of Protection Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F5EC
121Might Of Balin Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D5DC
122Might Of Gloin Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F5DC
123Might Of Khazad-dum Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D5DC
124Balin's Swift Terror Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F5DC
125Balin's Deliverance Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0D5FC
126Balin's Death Charge Purchased (Gimli)0450B768 14F0F5FC
127Balin's Gambit Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0D5FC
128Balin's War Rush Purchased (Gimli)0450B769 14F0F5FC
129Balin's Judgement Purchased (Gimli)0450B568 14F0D54C
130Goblin Bane Purchased (Gimli)0450B568 14F0F54C
131Orc Bane Purchased (Gimli)0450B569 14F0D54C
132Bane Of Saruman Purchased (Gimli)0450B569 14F0F54C
133Rising Attack Purchased (Gimli)0450B568 14F0D56C
134Axe Mastery Of Kings Purchased (Gimli)0450B569 14F0D56C
Unlock Moves - Legolas
135All Moves Purchased (Legolas)4455B568 1070D5CC
3902D7E1 9FAB91E0
136Triple Strike Purchased (Legolas)0450B569 1470D5CC
137Double Hack Purchased (Legolas)0450B569 1470F5CC
138Shadow Strike Purchased (Legolas)0450B568 1470D5EC
139Knife Parry Purchased (Legolas)0450B568 1470F5EC
140Combat Kick Purchased (Legolas)0450B569 1470D5DC
141Rush Attack Purchased (Legolas)0450B569 1470F5DC
142Charge Attack Purchased (Legolas)0450B568 1470D5FC
143Elven Fury Purchased (Legolas)0450B568 1470F5FC
144Gil-Galad's Rage Purchased (Legolas)0450B569 1470D5FC
145Mirkwood Longbow Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0D54C
146Rivendell Longbow Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0F54C
147Lothlorien Longbow Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0D54C
148Dragonfire Arrows Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0F54C
149Mithril Arrows Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0D56C
150Force Of Celeborn Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0F56C
151Force Of Galadriel Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0D56C
152Elrond's Swift Terror Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0F55C
153Elrond's Deliverance Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0D57C
154Elrond's Death Charge Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0F57C
155Elrond's Gambit Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0D57C
156Elrond's War Rush Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0F57C
157Elrond's Judgement Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0D5CC
158Goblin Bane Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0F5CC
159Orc Bane Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0D5CC
160Bane Of Saruman Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0F5CC
161Rising Attack Purchased (Legolas)0450B668 14F0D5EC
162Elven Bow Mastery Purchased (Legolas)0450B669 14F0F5EC

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