La Pucelle Tactics

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1[M] Must Be On94801BE0 346602AE
2Infinite Prica24035DC6 DC25588E
Prier Codes
3Infinite HP2440B978 BCB401FE
4Infinite SP2400BA78 BC34016E
5Max HP2440B978 BCB401DE
6Max SP2400BA78 BC34014E
7Max Lv2440B978 BCB401EE
8Max Atk2400BA78 BC34015E
9Max Def2400BA78 BC34017E
10Max Int2400BA78 BC3401CE
11Max Spd2400BA78 BC3401EE
12Max Hit2400BA78 BC3401DE
13Max Res2400BA78 BC3401FE
Culotte Codes
14Infinite HP24009B78 BC34036E
15Infinite SP24009B78 BC34037E
16Max HP24009B78 BC34034E
17Max SP24009B78 BC34035E
18Max Lv2440B978 BCB401EE
19Max Atk24009B78 BC3403CE
20Max Def24009B78 BC3403EE
21Max Int24009B78 BC3403DE
22Max Spd24009B78 BC3403FE
23Max Hit24009978 BC34034E
24Max Res24009978 BC34036E

All by MadCatz1