King of Fighters 2000/2001

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King of Fighters 2000
1[M] Must Be On94919BA2 1EE615BC
2Infinite Health: P12540BD78 BEB0871A
3Infinite Health: P225009D78 BEB0871A
4Infinite Summons: P105509669 B6B0E788
5Infinite Summons: P20510B669 B6B0F588
6Infinite Power Gauge: P10540BE68 BEB0E79A
7Infinite Power Gauge: P205009E68 BEB0E79A
The King of Fighters 00/01 - 2001
8[M] Must Be On94C5B4FA 173E9374
9Infinite Health: P12420B978 9E7493DE
10Infinite Health: P224209978 9E7493DE
11Infinite Summons: P104709069 1674F34E
12Infinite Summons: P204703429 1674E50E
13Infinite Power Gauge: P104B0B06A 9E74F35C
14Infinite Power Gauge: P204B0906A 9E74F35C

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