Jimmy Neutron: Attack of The Twonkies

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1[M] Must Be On980E192D 78D0319D
2816ED40 F7422C0E
2816EDD8 A181979C
2816EDED 84C8E2CF
2816EDA1 01E2AA7C
2816ED78 B1C36965
2816ED03 A19B0D38
2816EDF7 DB3A7A88
2Infinite Gizmo Power2807078B A142696A
280CC062 0CA57A65
3Max Genius Points282EF101 A1426965
Report Card Codes
A Comet Cometh
4Max Inventions288C9940 0C363E9B
5Max Pick Ups288C99D8 0C363E9B
6Max Objectives288C99ED 0C363E9B
7Max Exploration288C99D0 0C363E9B

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7