Italian Job, The

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1[M] Must Be OnF443BE26 B3640D1E
2Never Out Of Bounds (Stunt Driving)24D185A8 1274431D
3No Damage2490B228 16F44778
24909628 36F45198
Circuit Racing Codes
4Circuit Racing: Best Position: Dam04901168 16B4E728
14901169 16B48728
5Circuit Racing: Best Position: Hollywood Four04901168 16B4E7B8
14901169 16B487B8
6Circuit Racing: Best Position: Hollywood One04901068 16B4E7B8
14901069 16B487B8
7Circuit Racing: Best Position: Hollywood Three04901168 16B4E738
14901169 16B48738
8Circuit Racing: Best Position: Hollywood Two04901368 16B4E738
14901369 16B48738
9Circuit Racing: Best Position: L.A. Four0450326C 1E34D528
10Circuit Racing: Best Position: L.A. One04901368 16B4E728
14901369 16B48728
11Circuit Racing: Best Position: L.A. Three04901168 16B4E7A8
14901169 16B487A8
12Circuit Racing: Best Position: L.A. Two04901368 16B4E7A8
14901369 16B487A8
13Circuit Racing: Best Position: Metro04901368 16B4E7B8
14901369 16B487B8
14Circuit Racing: Unlock All Levels44941068 12B4C79A
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
15Circuit Racing: Unlock Dam24101168 16B4C708
16Circuit Racing: Unlock Hollywood Four24101168 16B4C798
17Circuit Racing: Unlock Hollywood One24101068 16B4C798
18Circuit Racing: Unlock Hollywood Three24101168 16B4C718
19Circuit Racing: Unlock Hollywood Two24101368 16B4C718
20Circuit Racing: Unlock L.A. Four24503268 1634D508
21Circuit Racing: Unlock L.A. One24101368 16B4C708
22Circuit Racing: Unlock L.A. Three24101168 16B4C788
23Circuit Racing: Unlock L.A. Two24101368 16B4C788
24Circuit Racing: Unlock Metro24101368 16B4C798
Story Mode Codes
25Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: All Missions44151268 1224C72A
3952D7E1 9BABB1E0
26Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Bullion Busting24001168 1634C7B8
27Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Cable Calling24001368 1634C708
28Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Dam Busters24001268 16B4C7A8
29Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Haul Out24001068 1634C718
30Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: MINI mayhem24001068 1634C7A8
31Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: MINI me24001268 1634C7B8
32Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Metro Madness24001268 16B4C718
33Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Midtown Meet24001268 1634C728
34Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Off The Rails24001068 16B4C708
35Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Payback24001068 16B4C738
36Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Rental Rampage24001268 1634C788
37Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Restaurant Rendezvous24001168 1634C728
38Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Rooftop Raid24001368 1634C738
39Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Total Training24001168 1634C788
40Story Mode: 'A' Grade Obtained: Volatile Venture24001368 1634C798
41Story Mode: Hi Score: All Missions44151268 1224C71A
1937C135 A72BB1E0
42Story Mode: Hi Score: Bullion Busting24035AC6 DEA5CE0A
43Story Mode: Hi Score: Cable Calling24035BC6 DE25CE2A
44Story Mode: Hi Score: Dam Busters24035AC6 DEA5CE9A
45Story Mode: Hi Score: Haul Out240358C6 DE25CE3A
46Story Mode: Hi Score: MINI mayhem240358C6 DE25CE9A
47Story Mode: Hi Score: MINI me240358C6 DE25CE0A
48Story Mode: Hi Score: Metro Madness24035AC6 DEA5CE3A
49Story Mode: Hi Score: Midtown Meet24035AC6 DE25CE1A
50Story Mode: Hi Score: Off The Rails240358C6 DEA5CE2A
51Story Mode: Hi Score: Payback240358C6 DEA5CE8A
52Story Mode: Hi Score: Rental Rampage24035AC6 DE25CEAA
53Story Mode: Hi Score: Restaurant Rendezvous240359C6 DE25CE1A
54Story Mode: Hi Score: Rooftop Raid24035BC6 DE25CE8A
55Story Mode: Hi Score: Total Training240359C6 DE25CEAA
56Story Mode: Hi Score: Volatile Venture24035BC6 DE25CEBA
57Story Mode: Unlock Missions: All Missions44151268 1224C70A
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
58Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Bullion Busting24101168 1634C798
59Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Cable Calling24101068 1634C7B8
60Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Dam Busters24101268 16B4C788
61Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Haul Out24101068 1634C728
62Story Mode: Unlock Missions: MINI mayhem24101068 1634C788
63Story Mode: Unlock Missions: MINI me24101268 1634C798
64Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Metro Madness24101268 16B4C728
65Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Midtown Meet24101268 1634C708
66Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Off The Rails24101268 16B4C7B8
67Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Payback24101068 16B4C718
68Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Rental Rampage24101268 1634C738
69Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Restaurant Rendezvous24101168 1634C708
70Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Rooftop Raid24101368 1634C718
71Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Total Training24101168 1634C738
72Story Mode: Unlock Missions: Volatile Venture24101368 1634C7A8
Stunt Driving Codes
73Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: All Courses44D13268 9224D538
3952D7E1 9BABB1E0
74Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Bonus Course One24403368 1634D538
75Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Bonus Course Three24403168 1634D538
76Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Bonus Course Two24403368 1634D5B8
77Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Course Four24403068 1634D5B8
78Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Course One24403268 1634D538
79Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Course Three24403068 1634D538
80Stunt Driving: 'A' Grade Obtained: Course Two24403268 1634D5B8
81Stunt Driving: High Score: All Courses44D13268 9224D588
1937C135 A72BB1E0
82Stunt Driving: High Score: Bonus Course One24437BC6 DE25DC8A
83Stunt Driving: High Score: Bonus Course Three244379C6 DE25DC8A
84Stunt Driving: High Score: Bonus Course Two244379C6 DE25DC0A
85Stunt Driving: High Score: Course Four24437BC6 DE25DC0A
86Stunt Driving: High Score: Course One24437AC6 DE25DC8A
87Stunt Driving: High Score: Course Three244378C6 DE25DC8A
88Stunt Driving: High Score: Course Two244378C6 DE25DC0A
89Stunt Driving: Unlock All Courses44D13268 9224D518
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
90Stunt Driving: Unlock Bonus Course One24503368 1634D518
91Stunt Driving: Unlock Bonus Course Three24503168 1634D518
92Stunt Driving: Unlock Bonus Course Two24503368 1634D598
93Stunt Driving: Unlock Course Four24503068 1634D598
94Stunt Driving: Unlock Course One24503268 1634D518
95Stunt Driving: Unlock Course Three24503068 1634D518
96Stunt Driving: Unlock Course Two24503268 1634D598
Unlock Cars Codes
97Unlock All Vehicles44513168 5624D598
3942D7E1 9BABB1E0
98Unlock Mini Cooper - S: Black24503268 16B4D538
99Unlock Mini Cooper - S: Red24503268 16B4D518
100Unlock Mini Cooper - S: Red Union Flag24503268 16B4D588
101Unlock Mini Coopers: Blue24503168 1634D5B8
102Unlock Mini Coopers: Blue Union Flag24503268 16B4D528
103Unlock Mini Coopers: Green24503268 16B4D508
104Unlock Mini Coopers: White24503168 1634D598
105Unlock Original Mini Coopers: Blue24503268 16B4D5B8
106Unlock Original Mini Coopers: Green Union Flag24503068 16B4D508
107Unlock Original Mini Coopers: Red24503268 16B4D5A8
108Unlock Original Mini Coopers: White24503268 16B4D598
109Unlock Other Cars: Armored Truck24503068 16B4D5A8
110Unlock Other Cars: Cable TV Van24503368 16B4D518
111Unlock Other Cars: Henchmen SUV24503068 16B4D5B8
112Unlock Other Cars: Muscle Car24503068 16B4D588
113Unlock Other Cars: Police Car24503068 16B4D598
114Unlock Other Cars: Rental Car24503068 16B4D528
115Unlock Other Cars: Saloon Car24503068 16B4D538
116Unlock Other Cars: Supercar24503368 16B4D508
117Unlock Other Cars: Surveilance Van24503368 16B4D528
118Unlock Other Cars: Truck24503068 16B4D518

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