Hulk, The

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1[M] Must Be OnF455B60A FE3CC51E
2Infinite Continues2510156A 16F0D30C
3Infinite Health (Hulk)24D8B6A8 8674C502
24D8B6A8 4664C52A
24C5BE22 976EC412
24DBBE9C 065DC539
24911068 123641CC
4Infinite Rage248106BA 3436826D
24991EBE B41EC35D
249816A8 A53483CE
5Infinite Time24901428 34B4518C
6Ingame Cheats Activated: Double All Enemies HP2590B368 16B45118
2510B368 16B45138
7Ingame Cheats Activated: Double Hulk's HP2590B068 16B45108
2510B068 16B45128
8Ingame Cheats Activated: Full Rage Meter2590B368 16345188
2510B368 163451A8
9Ingame Cheats Activated: Half All Enemies HP2590B168 16B45188
2510B168 16B451A8
10Ingame Cheats Activated: Infinite Continues2590B168 16345198
2510B168 163451B8
11Ingame Cheats Activated: Invulnerability2590B268 16345108
2510B268 16345128
12Ingame Cheats Activated: Regenerator2590B068 16345118
2510B068 16345138
13Ingame Cheats Activated: Reset High Score25D09168 16345118
25509168 16345138
14Ingame Cheats Activated: Unlock All Levels25D09168 16B45108
25509168 16B45128
15Ingame Cheats Activated: Wicked Punch25D09268 16345198
25509268 163451B8
16Max Score25035DC6 DEE1DA0E
17Unlock Challenge Modes: Endurance Mode 1 (Play A Game And Quit For Mode Unlock)25D0B068 16345198
18Unlock Challenge Modes: Endurance Mode 2 (Play A Game And Quit For Mode Unlock)25D0B168 16345108
19Unlock Challenge Modes: Hulk Smash! Mode (Play A Game Dnd Quit For Mode Unlock)25D0B368 16B45198
20Unlock Challenge Modes: Time Attack Mode 1 (Play A Game And Quit For Mode Unlock)25D0B268 16B45118
21Unlock Challenge Modes: Time Attack Mode 2 (Play A Game And Quit For Mode Unlock)25D0B068 16B45188

All by MadCatz1