Hot Shots Golf Fore! (With GS Media Player)

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1[M] Must Be On7607FDF0 00000000
2816ED40 01A77AF2
2816EDD8 0C31F80C
2816EDED 42567A65
2816EDD0 40347A71
2816ED0C 6F967A56
2816ED72 6D2D7A65
2816EDA1 F8AA7AF1
D842BF0A 0CA57AF1
2842BF0A A1426965
2Infinite Shop Points760DA690 00000000
284B9774 0C517867
3Unlock All Characters7604F0C0 00000000
484B312D 0CC97A56
6EA3527B 0CA57A65
Always Hole In One
4P1760AD600 00000000
0816CD40 0CA57A56
5P2760919C0 00000000
0816CD3D 0CA57A56
6P376085290 00000000
0816CDE8 0CA57A56
7P4760F7CF0 00000000
0816CDBF 0CA57A56
Have Items
8All Clubs760C04C0 00000000
284B31A1 0296AC56
284B3178 0296AC56
9All Balls76021100 00000000
284B3103 1CA3F944
284B31F7 1CA3F944
10All Courses76097D10 00000000
484B3154 0C427A56
2564F5DC 0CA57A65
084B316F 0CA57A44
084B978B 0CA57A44
11All Caddies76005890 00000000
284B3157 1CA3F944
284B31E6 1CA3F944
184B3193 0CA5F944
12All Costumes7609A890 00000000
484B97F6 0CD07A56
2564F5DC 0CA57A65
184B970B 0CA5F944
184B9722 0CA5F944
084B97EB 0CA57A44
13All Capsules7608EAE0 00000000
084B97DC 0CA57A44
184B97F5 0CA5F944
284B9776 1CA3F944
284B9764 1CA3F944
14All Other76041070 00000000
484B97E5 0CC97A56
2564F5DC 0CA57A65

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14