Haunted Mansion

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1[M] Must Be On949094EE B5E617E6
2Infinite: Bravery2492B498 844453AD
2493BC8C 9956139C
3Infinite: Lives245092AA 12F4455D
4Infinite: Souls (This Effects Game Difficulty)244038F8 9A74174F
5Have: Beacon Upgrades:2451B6AE DE74C10B
24D3B688 5656C129
24DAF60A 1675C118
2450B6A8 5274C139
249197A8 10F64364
6Have: Room Souls Collected24D03368 1A744124
24D233E8 9256411C
24D233E8 1256413D
24D133F4 9F7C418D
7One Hit Kill (With The Appropriate Spell)245910A8 24744510

MadCatz1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7