Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland

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1[M] Must Be OnF440B662 F7B4D95E
2Never Tired24C2B4C8 8C24D1CD
3Infinite Money2443FDC6 DC25D86E
4Infinite Fodder0440B468 1C34D1DE
5Infinite Potato Seeds05401329 1EF4E19E
6Infinite Tomato Seeds05401328 1EF4C1BE
7Infinite Corn Seeds05401328 1EF4E1BE
8Infinite Breadfruit Seeds05401329 1EF4C1BE
9Infinite Potato Seeds0550102E 1E74C1AE
10Infinite Tomato Seeds05D0102E 9E74E1AC
11Infinite Corn Seeds0550102F 9E74C1AC
12Have All Items0540102C 1674C18C
05C0102C 1674E18E
0540102D 1674C18E
05C0102D 9674E18C
05D0102F 9E74E1AE
0540102C 9674C19C
05C0102C 9674E19E
0540102D 9674C19E
05C0102F 1674E19C
0540102E 1674C1BC
05C0102E 1674E1BE
0540102F 1674C1BE
05C0102F 9674E1BC
05D01328 1674C10C
05501328 1674E10C
05D01329 1674C10E
05501329 1674E10E
05D01328 9674C12C
05501328 9674E12C
05D01329 9674C12E
05501329 9674E12E
05D0132A 1674C11C
0550132A 1674E11C
05D0132B 1674C11E
0550132B 1674E11E
05D0132A 9674C13C
0550132A 9674E13C
05D0132B 9674C13E
0550132B 9674E13E
05D0132C 1674C18C
0550132C 1674E18C
05D0132D 1674C18E
0550132D 1674E18E
05D0132C 9674C1AC
0550132C 9674E1AC
05D0132D 9674C1AE
0550132D 9674E1AE
05D0132E 1674C19C
0550132E 1674E19C
05D0132F 1674C19E
0550132F 1674E19E
05D0132E 9674C1BC
0550132E 9674E1BC
05D0132F 9674C1BE
0550132F 9674E1BE
05D01128 1E74C10C
05501128 1E74E10C
05D01129 1E74C10E
05501129 1E74E10E
05D01128 9E74C12C
05501128 9E74E12C
05D01129 9E74C12E
05501129 9E74E12E
05D0112A 1E74C11C
0550112A 1E74E11C
05D0112B 1E74C11E
0550112B 1E74E11E
05D0112A 9E74C13C
0550112A 9E74E13C
05D0112B 9E74C13E
0550112B 9E74E13E
05D0112C 1E74C18C
0550112C 1E74E18C
05D0112D 1E74C18E
0550112D 1E74E18E
05D0112C 9E74C1AC
0550112C 9E74E1AC
05D0112D 9E74C1AE
0550112D 9E74E1AE
05D0112E 1E74C19C
0550112E 1E74E19C
0550112F 9E74C19E
05C01129 1674E19C
05401128 1674C1BC
05C01128 1674E1BE
05401129 1674C1BE
05C01129 9674E1BC
05401228 96F4C10C
05C01228 96F4E10E
05401229 96F4C10E
05C0122B 16F4E10C
05D0122E 1EF4C12E
05C0122C 16F4E12C
0540122B 96F4C12E
0540122A 16F4C11C
05C0122A 16F4E11E
0540122B 16F4C11E
05C0122B 96F4E11C
0540122A 96F4C13C
05C0122A 96F4E13E
05C01229 1EF4C13E
13Aways Spring05D01129 16F4E1AC
14Aways Summer05501129 16F4E1AC
15Aways Autumn05D01129 16F4E1AE
16Aways Winter05501129 16F4E1AE
17Aways Noon15D01128 17F4C1A4
18Aways Midnight15D01128 16FCC1A4
19Date Is 1st05501129 16F4C1AC

Interact1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19