Grand Theft Auto 3

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1[M] Must Be OnF4013070 D43C9A0E
2Daily Timer Stopped24DAF10A 1435D50C
24D0B128 1434D52C
3Never Wanted249AD70A 34B5D188
24909728 34B4D1A8
4Better Car Handling04501768 3670D77C
5No Car Damage While Driving24DA540A 34F54148
24D01428 34F44168
6Weapons At Hideout04C03428 BE70478C
7No Radio24DA754A 14B5C1C8
24D03568 14B4C1E8
8Tons Of Money24437C86 FE614E1E
24437C86 FE614E3E
9Infinite Health15809E7B 143444CC
10Infinite Armor15809E7B 143444EC
11Infinite Mission Time24DA710A 34B5D588
24D03128 34B4D5A8
12Infinite Handgun Ammo15009568 1CB4457E
15009D78 9CB405CE
13Infinite Uzi Ammo1540B668 1C34474E
1540BE78 9C34076E
14Infinite Shotgun Ammo1540B668 1C3447DE
1540BE78 9C3407FE
15Infinite AK47 Ammo1540B468 1C34475E
1540BC78 9C34077E
16Infinite Heavy M Machine Gun Ammo1540B468 1C3447FE
1540BF78 9C34074E
17Infinite Flame Thrower1540B568 1C3447DE
1540B568 1C3447FE
18Infinite Molotov Cocktails1540B668 1CB447CE
1540B468 1CB4476E
19Infinite Rockets1540B568 1C34475E
20Medics Off (Stupid AI)249AF04A 16755508
2490B068 16745528
21Firemen Off (Stupid AI)24DAF10A 167551C8
24D0B128 167451E8
22Cops Walk Away (Stupid AI)24DAD20A 16F555C8
23Cops Walk Away (Stupid AI)24D09228 16F455E8
Car Color Codes
24Car Is White (Portland Garage)04D03768 9CB0C34E
25Stripe Or Top Is White (Portland Garage)04D03768 9CB0E34E
26Car Is Light Purple (Portland Garage)04503768 94B0C34C
27Stripe Or Top Is Light Purple (Portland Garage)04503768 94B0E34C
28Car Is Yellow (Portland Garage)04D03768 94B0C34E
29Stripe Or Top Is Yellow (Portland Garage)04D03768 94B0E34E
30Car Is Gold (Portland Garage)04503768 9CB0C34E
31Stripe Or Top Is Gold (Portland Garage)04503768 9CB0E34E
32Car Is Metal Yellow (Portland Garage)04503768 1CB0C34C
33Stripe Or Top Is Metal Yellow (Portland Garage)04503768 1CB0E34C
34Car Is Light Blue (Portland Garage)04503768 94B0C34E
35Stripe Or Top Is Light Blue (Portland Garage)04503768 94B0E34E
36Car Is Dark Blue (Portland Garage)04D0376C 9CB0C34C
37Stripe Or Top Is Dark Blue (Portland Garage)04D0376C 9CB0E34C
38Car Is Blue (Portland Garage)04D0376C 9CB0C34E
39Stripe Or Top Is Blue (Portland Garage)04D0376C 9CB0E34E
40Car Is Black (Portland Garage)04D03768 14B0C34C
41Stripe Or Top Is Black (Portland Garage)04D03768 14B0E34C
42Car Is Turquoise (Portland Garage)04D03768 14B0C34E
43Stripe Or Top Is Turquoise (Portland Garage)04D03768 14B0E34E
44Car Is Silver (Portland Garage)04D0376E 94B0C34E
45Stripe Or Top Is Silver (Portland Garage)04D0376E 94B0E34E
46Car Is Red (Portland Garage)0450376E 14B0C34E
47Stripe Or Top Is Red (Portland Garage)0450376E 14B0E34E
48Car Is Orange (Portland Garage)04D0376C 94B0C34E
49Stripe Or Top Is Orange (Portland Garage)04D0376C 94B0E34E
50Car Is Metal Green (Portland Garage)04D0376A 9CB0C34E
51Stripe Or Top Is Metal Green (Portland Garage)04D0376A 9CB0E34E
52Car Is Metal Purple (Portland Garage)0450376C 9CB0C34E
53Stripe Or Top Is Metal Purple (Portland Garage)0450376C 9CB0E34E
54Car Is White (Staunton Garage)04903468 9CB0C3CE
55Stripe Or Top Is White (Staunton Garage)04903468 9CB0E3CE
56Car Is Light Purple (Staunton Garage)04103468 94B0C3CC
57Stripe Or Top Is Light Purple (Staunton Garage)04103468 94B0E3CC
58Car Is Yellow (Staunton Garage)04903468 94B0C3CE
59Stripe Or Top Is Yellow (Staunton Garage)04903468 94B0E3CE
60Car Is Gold (Staunton Garage)04103468 9CB0C3CE
61Stripe Or Top Is Gold (Staunton Garage)04103468 9CB0E3CE
62Car Is Metal Yellow (Staunton Garage)04103468 1CB0C3CC
63Stripe Or Top Is Metal Yellow (Staunton Garage)04103468 1CB0E3CC
64Car Is Light Blue (Staunton Garage)04103468 94B0C3CE
65Stripe Or Top Is Light Blue (Staunton Garage)04103468 94B0E3CE
66Car Is Dark Blue (Staunton Garage)0490346C 9CB0C3CC
67Stripe Or Top Is Dark Blue (Staunton Garage)0490346C 9CB0E3CC
68Car Is Blue (Staunton Garage)0490346C 9CB0C3CE
69Stripe Or Top Is Blue (Staunton Garage)0490346C 9CB0E3CE
70Car Is Black (Staunton Garage)04903468 14B0C3CC
71Stripe Or Top Is Black (Staunton Garage)04903468 14B0E3CC
72Car Is Turquoise (Staunton Garage)04903468 14B0C3CE
73Stripe Or Top Is Turquoise (Staunton Garage)04903468 14B0E3CE
74Car Is Silver (Staunton Garage)0490346E 94B0C3CE
75Stripe Or Top Is Silver (Staunton Garage)0490346E 94B0E3CE
76Car Is Red (Staunton Garage)0410346E 14B0C3CE
77Stripe Or Top Is Red (Staunton Garage)0410346E 14B0E3CE
78Car Is Orange (Staunton Garage)0490346C 94B0C3CE
79Stripe Or Top Is Orange (Staunton Garage)0490346C 94B0E3CE
80Car Is Metal Green (Staunton Garage)0490346A 9CB0C3CE
81Stripe Or Top Is Metal Green (Staunton Garage)0490346A 9CB0E3CE
82Car Is Metal Purple (Staunton Garage)0410346C 9CB0C3CE
83Stripe Or Top Is Metal Purple (Staunton Garage)0410346C 9CB0E3CE
84Car Is White (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 9CB0C34E
85Stripe Or Top Is White (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 9CB0E34E
86Car Is Light Purple (Shoreside Garage)04501468 94B0C34C
87Stripe Or Top Is Light Purple (Shoreside Garage)04501468 94B0E34C
88Car Is Yellow (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 94B0C34E
89Stripe Or Top Is Yellow (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 94B0E34E
90Car Is Gold (Shoreside Garage)04501468 9CB0C34E
91Stripe Or Top Is Gold (Shoreside Garage)04501468 9CB0E34E
92Car Is Metal Yellow (Shoreside Garage)04501468 1CB0C34C
93Stripe Or Top Is Metal Yellow (Shoreside Garage)04501468 1CB0E34C
94Car Is Light Blue (Shoreside Garage)04501468 94B0C34E
95Stripe Or Top Is Light Blue (Shoreside Garage)04501468 94B0E34E
96Car Is Dark Blue (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 9CB0C34C
97Stripe Or Top Is Dark Blue (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 9CB0E34C
98Car Is Blue (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 9CB0C34E
99Stripe Or Top Is Blue (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 9CB0E34E
100Car Is Black (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 14B0C34C
101Stripe Or Top Is Black (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 14B0E34C
102Car Is Turquoise (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 14B0C34E
103Stripe Or Top Is Turquoise (Shoreside Garage)04D01468 14B0E34E
104Car Is Silver (Shoreside Garage)04D0146E 94B0C34E
105Stripe Or Top Is Silver (Shoreside Garage)04D0146E 94B0E34E
106Car Is Red (Shoreside Garage)0450146E 14B0C34E
107Stripe Or Top Is Red (Shoreside Garage)0450146E 14B0E34E
108Car Is Orange (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 94B0C34E
109Stripe Or Top Is Orange (Shoreside Garage)04D0146C 94B0E34E
110Car Is Metal Green (Shoreside Garage)04D0146A 9CB0C34E
111Stripe Or Top Is Metal Green (Shoreside Garage)04D0146A 9CB0E34E
112Car Is Metal Purple (Shoreside Garage)0450146C 9CB0C34E
113Stripe Or Top Is Metal Purple (Shoreside Garage)0450146C 9CB0E34E
Miscellaneous Codes
114Quick Fire - Rockets14501268 B470D1DC
115Gangs Ignore You249AF54A 167553C8
2490B568 167453E8
249AD64A 1435C348
24909668 1434C368
116Insane Drivers24DA524A 14F54188
24D01268 14F441A8
24DA704A 14755188
24D03068 147451A8
117Can't Be Busted24DAF20A 167547C8
24D0B228 167447E8
249AF30A 16F54748
2490B328 16F44768
118No Pedestrians04401D6A 3EF0D75E

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