Freaky Flyers

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1[M] Must Be OnF440BE34 F37C4D1E
24D0A6AA 9666C509
24D1B6AC 1647C529
24DAF60A 1675C518
2450B628 1E64C53B
24CFFC36 DF6D8C01
24DAF4A8 1647C529
24D0A4AA 9666C519
24D0B4AC 1647C538
2451B428 1674C589
249AF4A8 1647C588
249AF40A 1675C5A8
249FF428 D665C599
24D1B5E8 32F65318
2491B56A 32764148
2Infinite Health24C01EB8 0D5543FD
24DA540A 1475434C
245914AE 8474436C
3Infinite Bullets Meter24D01428 14F455BC
4Unlock Character: Atomic Andre24D1B4A8 1657C5A9
5Unlock Character: Pilot X24D1B4A8 9657C599
6Unlock Character: Atomic Johnny24D1B4AA 1657C5B9
7Unlock Character: Human Baron24D1B7AA 9657C509
8Unlock Character: Traci Torpedoes24D1B7AC 1657C529
9Unlock Character: Mick Bungadoo24D1B7AC 9657C519
10Unlock Character: Lt. Island Jack24D1B7AE 1657C539
11Unlock Character: La Diabla Chiquita24D1B7AE 9657C589
12Unlock Character: Pauli Atchi24D1B7A8 1E57C5A9
13Unlock Character: Johnny Turbine24D1B7A8 9E57C599
14Unlock Character: Myrna Bookbottom24D1B7AA 1E57C5B9
15Unlock Character: Chicken Hut Sheik24D1B5AA 9E57C509
16Unlock Character: Island Jack24D1B5AC 1E57C529
17Unlock Character: Andre Lat Oilette24D1B5AC 9E57C519
18Unlock Character: Prof. Gutent Aag24D1B5AE 1E57C539
19Unlock Character: Margaret Basher24D1B5AE 9E57C589
20Unlock Character: Chef Mick24C1B5A8 1657C5A9
21Unlock Character: Sammy Wasabi24C1B5A8 9657C599
22Unlock Character: Cactus Rose24C1B5AA 1657C5B9
23Unlock Character: Marcels Moreso24C1B6AA 96D7C509
24Unlock Character: S.V.E.N. With Monkey24C1B6AC 16D7C529
25Unlock Character: The Marcel Clowns24C1B6AC 96D7C519
26Unlock Character: Baron Von Slaughter24C1B6AE 16D7C539
27Unlock Character: Sheik Abdul24C1B6AE 96D7C589
28Unlock Character: Sambot 500024C1B6A8 1ED7C5A9
29Unlock Character: Monkey Pie24C1B6A8 9ED7C599
30Unlock Character: Stew Ardess Traci24C1B6AA 1ED7C5B9
31Unlock Character: Sanit Ation Pauli24C1B4AC 1ED7C509
32Unlock Character: Bigfoot24C1B4AC 9ED7C529
33Unlock Character: Andrew B. Pirate24C1B4AE 1ED7C519
34Unlock Character: Olga Von Slaughter24C1B4AE 9ED7C539
35Unlock Character: Harem Dogfighter24D1BCA8 16D7C589
36Unlock Character: Chester Money Maker24D1BCA8 96D7C5A9
37Unlock Character: Wally Gremlin24D1BCAA 16D7C599
38Unlock Race Levels: Bigfoot Mtn24D1BCAA 96D7C5B9
39Unlock Race Levels: Coyote Canyon24D1BFAC 16D7C509
40Unlock Race Levels: Thugsville24D1BFAC 96D7C529
41Unlock Race Levels: Cave Of Blunders24D1BFAE 16D7C519
42Unlock Race Levels: Danger Island24D1BFAE 96D7C539
43Unlock Race Levels: Monster Isle24D1BFA8 1ED7C589
44Unlock Race Levels: Bombsburg24D1BFA8 9ED7C5A9
45Unlock Race Levels: Grave Danger24D1BFAA 1ED7C599
46Unlock Mini Games: Bandito Attack24D1BFAA 9ED7C5B9
47Unlock Mini Games: Intestinal24D1BDAC 1ED7C509
48Unlock Mini Games: Torpedo Run24D1BDAC 9ED7C529
49Unlock Mini Games: X24D1BDAE 1ED7C519
50Unlock Movies: Closing Movie24C1BDAE 16D7C539
51Unlock Movies: Play All24C1BDAE 96D7C589
52Unlock Movies: Johnny Turbine24C1BDA8 1ED7C5A9
53Unlock Movies: Traci Torpedoes24D1B5AE 96D78599
54Unlock Movies: Myrna Bookbottom24C1B5AE 16D785B9
55Unlock Movies: Mick Bungadoo2491BEAC 96578509
56Unlock Movies: Pauli Atchi2481BEAC 16578529
57Unlock Movies: Andre Latoilette2491B6BA 9657C519
58Unlock Movies: Sheik Abdul2481B6BA 1657C539
59Unlock Movies: Prof. Gutentaag2491BEB8 9657C589
60Unlock Movies: Cactus Rose2481BEB8 1657C5A9
61Unlock Movies: Sammy Wasabi2481BEBE 9E57C599
62Unlock Movies: Baron Von Slaughter2491B6BE 1E5785B9
63Unlock Movies: Island Jack2481B4BC 9E578509
64Unlock Movies: Marcels Moreso2491BCBC 1E578529
65Unlock: All Adventure Levels2491B42A 1674C51B
2481B4AC 1F57C539

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